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Extent299 ff.
TitleMiscellaneous letters and papers
DescriptionAs follows:
'Provinces subiected to the Infante of Spayne Isabella Clara Eugenia & the Archeduke Albert of Austria by vertue of a donation made unto them by the old King of Spayne, Philippe the 2nd, confirmed by the K[ing] that nowe is Philippe the 3d & accepted & ratiffied by the States & People of the particular Provinces', [1600] (ff.1-9v).
Endorsed, 'Recueil fait en nostre voyage de Flandres'.
Proposals for the government of Ireland, c.1600 (ff.11-12).
Letter from the Privy Council to -, from the Court at Whitehall, December 1601, directing that equitable assessments be made for the collection of four subsidies and eight fifteenths granted by Parliament (f.13).
Bottom half of second leaf torn off. Endorsed, '265'.
Letter from George Blackwell, Archpriest, to the secular priests, 13 April 1602, stating the Pope's determination of the dispute with the secular priests as approved by Cardinals Borghese and Arrigoni (Latin). Two copies (ff.15, 22).
Letter from Henry Percy, 13th Earl of Northumberland, to Sir Francis Vere, Governor of Brill, 24 April [1602], challenging him to a duel (copy). See C.S.P. Dom. 1601-1603, 203-5 (f.16).
Appellants. 'De modo procedendi sacerdotum qui Appellantes dicuntur quaedam a Jesuita quodam scripta et in Angliam missa'.
Rome, 27 April 1602 (Latin) (f.18r-v).
Endorsed, 'Ex literis spargis in Anglia contra Appellantes'.
Letter from Blackwell to the appellants, from London, 9 May 1602 (Latin). Five copies. One copy (f.20v) endorsed by Bancroft (ff.15, 19-21, 23).
Letter from B- to -, from London, 18 May 1602, reporting discussions in the Privy Council concerning recusancy and also the arrest of Catholic priests (f.24).
'Responsum ad considerationes quasdam a presbiteris appellantibus Smo. D.H. propositas pro pace stabilienda in Ecclesia Angicana', [1602] (ff.25-28v).
Endorsed, 'Responsiones patris Personii [Robert Parsons] ad considerationes appellantium'.
'Refutatio Responsi patris Personii ad considerationes a nobis Smo. D.H. propositas pro pace stabilienda in ecclesia Anglicana', [1602] (ff.29-30v).
'Certaine reasons why the English Marchants may trade into the East Indies, especially to such Rich Kingdomes & Dominions as are not subiecte to the K. of Spayne & Portugal; Together with the true limites of the Portugals Conquest & Jurisdiction in those oriental parts', c.1603. Amongst sources quoted are 'Sir Francis Drake's men yett living' (ff.31-32v).
'Orders agreed upon by the Court touching the King's Majesty's annexed Revenues of the Exchequer', signed by Robert Cecil, Earl of Salisbury [sic], and others, with directions to Sir Henry Fanshawe, Remembrancer of the Exchequer, to register them, 2 June 1604 (copy) (ff.33-5).
Petition by Dutch seamen to the Privy Council complaining of attacks on them in the river Thames by ships from Dunkirk, with a report by the court of admiralty, and a further memorandum by Sir Julius Caesar, judge of the court of admiralty, of seven ships concerned, 20 July 1604 (French copy). See C.S.P. Dom. 1603-1610, 118 (ff.38-39v).
Notes on the royal supremacy in church and state, [1604]. See C.S.P. Dom. 1603-1610, 73 (f.41r-v). Endorsed, '199'.
Draft in the hand of Archbishop Bancroft of articles 1-14 of the Thirty-nine Articles 'altered by the assemb. of Divines'. Against article 12 is written 'Hitherto passed the Assembly. The rest till 19 inclusively reported only', c.1604 (ff.43-4).
Memorial to James I urging him to give protection to the Low Countries, including the garrisoning of certain towns, in view of dangers from France and Spain, c.1604 (small section cut out) (ff.45-46v).
Endorsed, 'Protection to be graunted to the Hollanders'.
Extracts from a manuscript dedicated to Robert Catesby (ad ornatissimum et illustrem amicum suum Robertum Catisbeium) entitled 'Cyclopaedia aut Compendium omnium scientiarum expositis earum obiectis et partibus' by 'T.S.', 1604 (Latin) (ff.47-49v). Endorsed by Bancroft.
Proposals for regulating the rate of exchange and for increasing the value of the currency, temp. Jas.I (ff.51-2).
Narrative by William Squiers, captain of the Admiral, describing a voyage from London to the West Indies, during which he was captured by the Spanish, 1605. Also an account of exchange values of currency, 1577, on f.75 of which is the examination of Squiers by Luiz Fajardo, 'Captain General of ye Riall Armado and over ye sea and land forces', 25 November 1605. At f.53r-v an inventory of goods in his cabin and chest on the Mayflower, 26 June 1603 (ff.53-76).
Letter from James I to the King of Tedore [Tydore], East Indies, from the Palace at Westminster, February 1607, thanking him for welcoming merchants and sending a gift (copy) (f.77).
Petition to Parliament by merchants trading in the Spanish dominions, complaining of attacks on them by the Spaniards, and seeking letters of marque to enable them to recover damages, [25 February 1607]. See C.S.P. Dom. 1603-1610, 349 (ff.79-80).
Letter from Ireland to an unnamed member of the Privy Council, September 1607, with an account of the flight of the Earls of Tyrone and Tyrconnell (copy) (f.81).
Letter from Robert Browne, 'in Bantam', 16 January 1608, to -, describing trading in the East Indies, especially by the Dutch, and mentioning Sir Edward Michelborne (copy) (ff.85-86v). Endorsed, '154'.
Letter from Hadrian de Saravia to Archbishop Bancroft, from Canterbury, 16 June 1608, describing church matters in the Channel Islands (f.87).
Proposals by George Margitts to James I for the collection of fines on recusants, 1597-1608 (ff.90v-97v).
'Concerninge the Impost upon Clothe and how the same hathe been raysed from tyme to tyme synce the year 1577 when the said Impost was first ordayned' (ff.98-9).
Endorsed, 'rec. from Mydlebro. 15 May 1609. The manner of raisinge Imposts 3 severall tymes upon Engleshe wollen comodities in Holland and Frizland, but their owne clothes or Bayes payethe nothinge'; '185'.
Translation into English of an order for the expulsion of the Moors from Spain, 22 September 1609 (ff.100-101v).
Copies of letters and documents concerning trade in the Spanish dominions, 1607-9 (Spanish) (ff.102-12).
Account in Spanish of the value of cargoes 'brought home in the Indies fleet', 1610 (f.113).
'A Certificate of the names of all such persons & theire dwellinge places within the Countie of Bedford as I thinke to be able & fitt to lend money to his Majestie at this present upon priuie seales, and what summes I thinke they may spare for that service', 19 November 1611 (ff.114-115v).
Endorsed, 'Copie of your Lordship's Certificate to ye Lords of ye Councell touchinge Priuie Seales'.
Memorial stating reasons why France would prefer a Spanish marriage to alliance with England, and why Spain would prefer an English marriage to alliance with France but for religion, c.1611 (ff.116-21).
Endorsed, '150'.
Advice by James I that, for the sake of the peace of the Church, a dispute between Pierre du Moulin and Tilenus about justification should not be pursued, [10 August 1612] (French copy).
See C.S.P. Dom. 1611-1618, 142 (ff.122-3).
Endorsed, '264'.
Letter from the Privy Council to Henry Grey, 6th Earl of Kent, from Whitehall, 7 October 1612, ordering the levying of an aid for the marriage of the Princess Elizabeth (f.124).
Spanish passport for Sir James Sempill, 28 March 1613 (seal) (f.126).
Corrected draft of a commission to Sir Henry Wotton and others to treat in the Low Countries about the Greenland fisheries, [29 December 1614]. See Foedera, XVI, 7747 (ff.128-130v).
Survey of the diocese of Cork and Ross by William Lyon, Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, [1613]. Arranged by deaneries, stating the names of incumbents, degrees if any, whether preacher, and the state of the church and chancel (ff.132-55).
Inscribed, '34'.
'A Computation of the value of all Merchandizes exported and imported out and into the Realm of England showing the difference betwixt ye Value of ye exportation and the importation for two yeares successively', Christmas 1612 - Christmas 1614 (ff.157-60).
Inscribed, '368'.
Letter from Antonie Sergeans [to Sir Dudley Carleton, ambassador to Venice], from Paris, 15 August 1615, giving news of overtures to Spain by a friar named Thomas Stronge on behalf of most of the nobility of Munster (f.161).
Memorial from 35 merchants, probably trading in Holland or North Germany, to William Cockayne and the New Company of Merchant Adventurers complaining in answer to his letter of the 4th inst., which has been considered at a general assembly, of proposals for the regulation of trade, and especially the sale of cloth, 13 November 1615 (copy) (ff.163-167v).
Abstract of a remonstrance and of petitions from the New Company of Merchant Adventurers to the Privy Council, complaining of restraints by the Dutch on trade, especially of dressed and dyed cloth, 11 September 1616. See C.S.P. Dom. 1611-1618, 393 (ff.169-70).
Address by John Keymer to James I on the benefits to be derived from the export of dressed and dyed cloth, c.1616 (f.171r-v). Endorsed, '159'.
Speech by Sir Walter Raleigh at his execution, 29 October 1618 (French) (ff.173-174v).
Form of an oath in court, 21 March 1621 (f.175).
Endorsed, 'The forme of the oath yt is entred in ye Journall Booke to be administred to all Deponents by the Lord Chanc. as Speaker of our house and only to be given when the Court sitts'.
Declaration of the House of Commons concerning the recovery of the Palatinate, 4 June 1621. Also two translations into French. See Parliamentary history, I, 1294-5 (ff.177-180v).
Letter from James I to the Speaker of the House of Commons, 3 December 1621, with the Petition and Declaration to the King by the sub-committee of twelve members of the House of Commons, 6 December 1621. See Parliamentary history, I, 1326-7, 1333-6 (ff.181-4).
Protest of the House of Commons on their privileges, 18 December 1621. See Parliamentary history, I, 1361 (f.185r-v).
Judgement of the Earl Marshal on the precedence of former mayors of Gloucester, 25 February 1624 (f.187).
Endorsed, '273'.
Speech by James I at Theobalds to a deputation from Parliament concerning a resolution for breaking off the treaty with Spain, 5 March 1625. See Parliamentary history, I, 1388-91 (ff.189-90).
Grant by Parliament of three subsidies and three fifteenths in return for 'the dissolution and utter discharge of both the sd Treaties of the Mariage and of the Palatinate', 23 March 1625.
See Parliamentary history, I, 1398-9 (f.191r-v).
Form of prorogation of Parliament, 18 June 1625 (Latin) (f.193).
Fees payable on the creation of a baron, on admission to the House of Lords, and for letters patent, temp. Jas.I (f.195r-v).
Vellum cover inscribed by Sir Matthew Hale, '25 Proclamations Touchinge coyne in the Tymes of Queen Eliz and K. James' (f.197).
'A note of such Lords and Ladyes as are to attend his Majestie to Dover for the reception of the Queene appointed by himselfe', 11 May 1625 (f.198).
Endorsed, '348'.
Summary of a speech in Parliament by Sir Edward Coke, 4 [sic] August 1625. See Parliamentary history, II, 11-12 (ff.199-200).
Protestation of the House of Commons, 12 August 1625. See Parliamentary history, II, 37 (f.201).
Petition by the House of Commons for redress of grievances, March 1626. See Parliamentary history, II, 49 (f.203).
Letters patent allowing John Pisauri, Venetian ambassador, to assume insignia from the royal coat of arms, 2 May 1626 (Latin copy) (f.204r-v).
Endorsed, 'second lawfull Brother to ye E[arl] of Cra[w]ford. Alexander Lindsey, Lodovick Lindsey, William Spauldinge'.
'The resolutions of all the Judges upon severall Questions against popish Recusants in Trinity terme ... 1626' (ff.206-207v).
Order from Charles I to Sir Thomas Coventry and others extending the protection granted for a year to Mary Gargrave, servant to the late Queen Anne (d.1619), to enable her to pay her debts, for a further year, 14 February 1627. See C.S.P. Dom. 1625, 1626, 561 (ff.208-9).
Order from Edward Conway, Viscount Killultagh and (1627) 1st Viscount Conway, Secretary of State, to J.P.s and others to provide horses for a messenger from London to Bristol and back, from Whitehall, 5 June 1627 (f.210).
Letter from Charles I to the University of Cambridge, from Portsmouth, 28 August 1628, recommending the election of Henry Rich, 1st Earl of Holland, as Chancellor (copy) (f.211).
Titles and honours of George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham, 1628 (f.212).
Privy seal for payment of an allowance of £6 a day to Sir Thomas Edmondes, ambassador extraordinary to France, 27 May 1629 (f.213).
Account of the baptism of the future Charles II, 27 June 1630 (ff.216-18).
Endorsed, '337'.
Order by the Privy Council to Robert Devereux, 3rd Earl of Essex, to attend the council chamber for omitting to compound for knighthood at the coronation, from Whitehall, 22 December 1631 (f.219).
Endorsed, '274'.
Draft lease for buildings in Covent Garden, with eleven articles containing specifications, 1631. Rents payable to Bedford House (ff.222-6).
Endorsed, '344'.
Prohibitions. 'Propositions presented to ye considerations of ye Reverend Judges by direction of his Majestie sitting in Councell 18o Feb. 1632'. See C.S.P. Dom. 1631-1633, 539-40 (ff.228-9).
Privy Council order authorising the Court of Admiralty to issue letters of marque, c.1632 (copy) (f.230r-v).
Letter from Archbishop Laud to Cambridge University, 11 May 1635, announcing his intention to undertake a metropolitical visitation (copy) (f.232).
Endorsed by Laud.
Letter from Henry Rich, 1st Earl of Holland, Chancellor of Cambridge University, to Archbishop Laud, from Somerset House, 21 August 1635, interceding for the university which is preparing documents in defence of its liberties and is about to consult counsel (seal) (f.233).
Endorsed by Laud.
Letter from Archbishop Laud to the Vice-Chancellor and Heads of Houses of Cambridge University, 18 December 1635, asking whether the university submits to his metropolitical visitation (draft) (f.235).
Endorsed by Laud.
Abstract of marriage articles of Philip Herbert, 4th Earl of Pembroke, and Anne, widow of Richard Sackville, Earl of Dorset, suo jure Baroness Clifford, 20 May 1630, with notes of subsequent arrangements for the lease of lands in Yorkshire and Westmorland in 1635 (f.236r-v).
Letter from Archbishop Laud to the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, 6 May 1636, announcing his intention to petition the king to hear the case unless the universities submit to his right of visitation (draft) (f.238).
Endorsed by Laud.
Petition from Archbishop Laud to Charles I to decide between him and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, which oppose his metropolitical visitation (f.239).
Inscribed by Sir John Coke, from Hampton Court, 22 May 1636, that the king has appointed June 14th to hear the dispute.
Orders for the payment of ship-money to William Raylton, agent of the Lord Deputy, by Irish noblemen sent out of Ireland to reside in England, for two ships to guard the coast of Ireland, 12 February 1636 and 25 May 1636 (f.241r-v).
Petition from the Vice-Chancellor and eight Heads of Houses in Cambridge University to Archbishop Laud requesting further time to support their claim to exemption from visitation, 27 May 1636 (f.243).
Endorsed by Laud, '... wch was denyed by the Kinge'.
Address by the Provost and Scholars of King's College, Cambridge, to Archbishop Laud, claiming exemption from visitation by Laud, 9 June 1636 (f.245).
Endorsed by Laud; in another hand 'Papers Relating to ye Archbps Visitation of both Universitys'.
Vellum cover inscribed, 'Statuta Universitatis Oxon', and subsequently 'Ex Hale Collections. James Fairhurst. 1942' (f.241).
A list of annual grants of monopolies, 1625-38 (ff.247-253v). Endorsed, '333'.
Anonymous legal opinion that prohibitions are pleas of the crown and should issue from the King's Bench or Chancery and not from the Court of Common Pleas, n.d. (f.254).
Statement in the same hand as the previous item that 23 prohibitions were brought to the Court of High Commission while Sir Thomas Richardson was Chief Justice of Common Pleas [1626-35], and Sir Nicholas Hyde (d. 1631) was Chief Justice of the King's Bench, n.d. (f.256).
Petition by Sir Henry Martin, Dean of the Arches (1624), to Charles I, complaining of prohibitions, n.d. (f.258r-v).
Speech by George Gordon, 2nd Marquess of Huntly, refusing to subscribe to the Covenant, 20 April 1639. Printed The Marquess of Huntly's reply to certain noblemen, 1640 (f.260r-v).
Anonymous opinion submitted to Charles I for increasing revenues by granting Roman Catholics an absolute toleration or by relaxing the laws against recusancy, n.d. (f.262r-v).
Incomplete copy of the Confession of Faith agreed by the Westminster Assembly, 1647 (ff.264-7).
List of 139 nominees of Cromwell's first Parliament, with a declaration by Cromwell investing them with 'the supreame authority of this Common wealth', 4 July 1653 (copy) (f.268r-v).
Copy of Sir Dudley Digges, The compleat ambassador, 1655, 146-63 (ff.270-295v).
Sermon on Psalm CXI v.10, n.d. (Latin) (ff.296-7).
Letter from Boguslaus Hylinski, perhaps a Polish evangelical minister, addressed 'illustris magnifice et generose domine', from Oxford, 8 March 1660 (Latin) (ff.298-9).
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library Box 887
PublnNoteSee Lambeth Palace Library Z664.L2 5.24 [These consist of notes made by Simon Keynes regarding the dispersal of the Fairhurst Collection. (unpublished)]

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