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Alt Ref NoMS 3471
Extent141 ff.
TitleLetters and papers on Scottish affairs
DescriptionAs follows:
'Certaine acts agreed upon by our soveraigne Lord his highnes Regent the Erle of Mar with advise of the Lords of secret counsell, and the generall assembly of the Church of Scotland convened at Leith the 15th day of January 1571: registred in the books of secret counsel and extracted forth of the same', 16 January - 1 February 1572 (ff.2-10).
Endorsed, '156'.
Letter from Patrick Adamson, Archbishop of St. Andrews, to Archbishop Whitgift, [1584], concerning certain articles sent to him (Latin; seal) (f.11).
Letter from Archbishop Whitgift to Archbishop Adamson, from Lambeth, 4 January 1584, informing him that he has forwarded certain articles he has received to the Lord Treasurer (Latin draft) (f.13).
'The proceedings of the ministers of Scotland for theyr new discipline verbatim owt of the Acts of Parlayment in Scotland 1584' (f.15r-v).
Endorsed and some marginalia in the hand of Richard Bancroft.
Examination of John Hewson, of [] ambustayinge, for refusing obedience to Robert Montgomery, Bishop of Glasgow, and for other offences, by the King and Privy Council at Falkland, 12 July 1584 (f.17r-v).
Letter without signature to Archbishop Whitgift, from Holyrood House, 10 January 1585, complaining about acts of the General Assembly, and asking for advice which he will impart to the king (f.19).
Endorsed by Whitgift, 'ye originall hereof delivered to ye L. Trea. in ye parlament tyme to sho to her matie'. Number '152'.
Letter from Andrew Hunter to [James] Caermichael, from Leith, 16 January 1586, on the set-back to the Kirk since Stirling. Reports that mass is said at Dumfries; hopes the 'brethren of England' are not discouraged; mentions Field, Andrew Melville and others (copy) (f.21).
Endorsed, '9'.
News from Scotland on ecclesiastical affairs by Mr. [Richard] Woods after the excommunication of the Archbishop of St. Andrews, [1586] (f.23r-v).
Endorsed by Bancroft (f. 24).
Matters agreed at a conference between representatives of the Privy Council and the Scottish ministers, 17-19 February 1586. See D. Calderwood, True history of the Church of Scotland, 1678, 197-8 (ff.25-26v).
Endorsed by Whitgift, 'The platforme of the Church in Scotland'. Number '10'.
Submission by David Black promising to conform to the Church of England during his residence in England and apologising for remarks about the Archbishop of Canterbury in a letter to Robert Dillon, from Lambeth, 13 May 1587 (f.27).
Letter from Richard Bancroft, later (1604) Archbishop of Canterbury, to the Scottish clergy, [1589], defending his sermon at St. Paul's Cross in February 1589 (f.29).
Endorsed by Bancroft, 'The copie of my letter to ye ministers of Scotlande'.
An account of church history in Scotland hostile to Presbyterianism from the accession of James VI, by Patrick Blair, Edinburgh, 31 March 1589. Some passages underlined probably by Blair (ff.31-52).
Endorsed, '124'.
Letter from Archbishop Adamson to Archbishop Whitgift, from Edinburgh, 13 January n.y., recommending the bearer Patrick Blair who will give a verbal report on Scottish affairs (copy) (f.53).
Endorsed by Whitgift, 'Ye originall of this delivered to the L. Trea. in parlament tyme'.
Letter from Richard Woods, 'your grace's humble servant and chaplain', to L. Trea. in parlament tyme, from Westminster, 3 June 1590, reporting that Penry and Waldegrave were in Scotland, and that Waldegrave was printing an answer to Bancroft by 'Baal, Bell, or Beale he knew not which' [probably J. Penry, A briefe discovery of the untruthes and slanders ... contained in a sermon ... by D. Bancroft, 1590] (f.55).
Endorsed by Bancroft.
Letter from John Tawle to Richard Bancroft, chaplain to the Lord Chancellor, from Berwick, 25 August 1590, reporting the persecution of the Bishop of St. Andrews, and the intention of the ministers to impose church discipline. Has sent Penry's pamphlet and will bring Patrick Galloway's book on discipline. Has seen the queen's letter of rebuke to James, which is suspected to be Bancroft's work (f.57).
'A Letter towchinge the late Archbishopp of St. Androse and ye Reformation of the Churche of Scotlande', by David Anderson, 20 November 1590 (ff.59-66v).
Endorsed, '221'.
Subscription by David Anderson and Robert Woode to the government and doctrine of the Church of England, and repudiation of Presbyterian government, 30 January 1591 (f.69r-v).
Endorsed by Bancroft (f.70).
Recantation by Archbishop Adamson, 8 April 1591. Two copies of which one is endorsed by Bancroft. They differ from the text printed by Calderwood, op.cit., 260-2 (ff.71-4).
Resolutions of commissioners of the Estates at Edinburgh, 21 [sic] November 1593. See J. Spottiswoode, History of the Church of Scotland, ed. M. Russell, 1851, II, 443-5 (ff.75-76v).
Letter from Patrick Galloway and seven other named commissioners of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland to their brethren, 12 June 1594, outlining measures against Bothwell and the popish rebels (copy) (ff.77-8).
Declaration by David Black, minister at St. Andrews, to the king and council, on behalf of himself and the Kirk, refusing the king's jurisdiction in spiritual matters, 22 November 1596. Printed Calderwood, op.cit., 337-8, where dated 18 November (f.79r-v).
Eye-witness accounts of Scottish affairs, 15 and 26 December 1596 (ff.81-83v).
Letter from Francis Michell to Archbishop Whitgift, from Newcastle, 22 January 1597, reporting a quarrel between the king and the Kirk and the discontent of the nobility (seal) (f.85).
'The questions to be resolved at the convention of the estates and generall assemblye appointed to be at the burough of Perth the last day of February next to come 1596', issued by James VI. Printed with the answers of the Synod of Fife in Calderwood, op.cit., 381-90 (ff.87-89v).
'Articles to be observed by all the preachers of the worde and officebearers in the Kirke within this Realme', n.d. (f.91r-v).
Endorsed by Bancroft.
Thirteen articles proposed by James VI at an extraordinary General Assembly with the answers of the clergy, [1597]. Printed Calderwood, op.cit., 395-8 (ff.93-4).
Endorsed, '147'.
'The copie of his majestie's letter against ye unlawfull assembling of ye ministers of Scotland', n.d. (ff.95-7).
The statements that the king may nominate bishops without election, n.d. (ff.98-100).
'Politiae et ordinis Ecclesiae Dei reformatae in Scotia Relatio', c.1597. The chapters are headed: De presbyterio minore quod sessionem vulgo vocatur; De presbyterio maiore; De Synodo Provinciali; De Synodo Generali seu nationale (ff.104-120v).
Extracts from the register of the General Assembly held at Holyrood, 10 November 1602 (ff.122-125v).
Endorsed, 'Platt of Scotland for reformation of Religion &c'.
Number '170'.
'A short treatise of an well established Eldership collected out of the Scriptures of God and practise of the kirk', 10 December 1602 (ff.128-33).
Endorsed, 'The S. general assembly'.
'The Commission of the Realme of Scotland to treate with the Commissioners of England about the Union', [1604] (ff.134-5).
Confession by George Sprott of his complicity in the Ruthven conspiracy, [1608] (f.136r-v).
'The office-bearers and forme of governement establisched in the church of Scotland before the late Hierarchie of prelates', after 1612 (ff.138-41).
Endorsed, '153'.
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library Box 887
PublnNoteDoubtful and Dangerous, eds. Doran, Susan and Kewes, Paulina (Manchester University Press, 2014) [KA356.D6]
See Lambeth Palace Library Z664.L2 5.24 [These consist of notes made by Simon Keynes regarding the dispersal of the Fairhurst Collection. (unpublished)]

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