RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 3408 (ff. 1-18)
TitleLetters to Matthew Hutton (1529-1606), successively Bishop of Durham and (1596) Archbishop of York
DescriptionLetter from Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, from the court, 7 June 1565, informing him that, as a result of Leicester's prompt intercession, the Queen allows Hutton the recently vacant prebend of Westminster. Seal. Surtees Society no.I (f.1).
Letter from Henry Hastings, 3rd Earl of Huntingdon, 26 May 1578, giving news of Archbishop Grindal and stating that sects and puritans in the dioceses of Durham and York have delayed lifting his sequestration. Surtees Society no.VIII (f.3).
Letter from Archbishop John Whitgift, from Lambeth, 17 September 1583, on his own appointment as Archbishop of Canterbury, and promising to find preferment for Hutton. Surtees Society no.XIX (f.4).
Letter from the same, from Croydon, 28 August 1586, seeking to reconcile Hutton and the Archbishop of York. Surtees Society no.XX (f.6).
Letter from Sir Robert Cecil, later (1605) 1st Earl of Salisbury, from the Strand, 13 October 1594, inquiring for particulars of the wardship of one Buckle given to him by Hutton. Surtees Society no.XXXII (f.8).
Letter from Archbishop Whitgift, from Lambeth, 2 December 1594, informing Hutton of his nomination by the Queen in Council to the archbishopric of York, and listing various other episcopal appointments. Surtees Society no. XXXIV (f.10).
Letter from Sir Robert Cecil and Sir John Wolley, Secretary to Queen Elizabeth I, from Greenwich, 17 January 1594/5, assuring Hutton that the late Archbishop of York's days were not shortened by being pressed `in the lease off Martin Pryorie', and that simony is not involved where a prince, who gives all, requires some consideration. Surtees Society no.XL (f.12).
Letter from Sir Robert Cecil, from the court, 18 March 1596/7, thanking him for a favour bestowed on his brother-in-law [George Brooke]. Surtees Society no.LVII (f.14).
Letter from the same, from the court at Richmond, 26 December 1599, requiring performance of his promise to confer the next vacant prebend on his brother-in-law George Brooke. Seal. Surtees Society no.XCI (f.16).
Letter from the same, from the court at Oatlands, 1 September 1600, seeking a lease or financial recompense for his cousin Stanhope in dispute with Mr. Fant. Seal. Surtees Society no.XXVII (f.18).
AcquisitionPurchased, 1986.
RelatedMaterialPrinted in Surtees Society, xvii (1843)

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