RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 3297
Extent359 folios
TitleCollins Papers
DescriptionCorrespondence and papers on African affairs:
Correspondence of Collins concerning the retraction of statements in an advertisement in The Observer by the Defence and Aid Fund appealing on behalf of victims of racialist legislation in Southern Rhodesia, 1960-2 (ff.1-114).
Papers concerning the following public meetings on African affairs arranged by Christian Action:
Central Hall, Westminster, 17 April 1950. Includes (ff.117-25) speech by the Revd. Guthrie Michael Scott (Hon. Director of the Africa Bureau) on `The power of Christ to resolve the colour problem' (ff.115-29).
Central Hall, Westminster, 30 October 1961, on `Colour prejudice must go'. Includes addresses by (ff.132-44) the Revd. Martin Luther King and Stuart Hall (ff.130-48).
Friends House, London, 10 June 1963, on `South Africa. Freedom or slavery?'. Includes addresses by (ff.154-63) Richard Ambrose Reeves, former Bishop of Johannesburg, Gerald Gardiner, (ff.188-203) John Lang, and (ff.183-7) Raymond Kunene (ff.149-203).
Central Hall, Westminster, 10 February 1964, on `This is South Africa'. Includes addresses by Joost de Blank, former Archbishop of Capetown (ff.207-14), and Tom Kellock, lawyer (ff.204-18).
Church House, Westminster, 13 December 1965. Includes extracts from a report by Diana Collins [wife of L.J. Collins] of a visit to South Africa (ff.219-35).
Miscellaneous papers about South Africa as follows, 1950-4:
Statement for general information issued by the Church Congress of the Dutch Reformed Federated and Mission Churches ... in connection with the native question, April 1950 (ff.236-237v).
`The Native Question. The conclusions of the Church Congress ...', April 1950 (ff.238-59).
Statement on race relations by the Roman Catholic Church in South Africa, 1952 (ff.260-263v).
`South African natives and apartheid. Evidence of support for the government's policy', issued by the Director of Information, South Africa House, London, September 1952 (ff.264-72).
Papers on `the campaign in defiance of unjust laws', [1952] (ff.273-89)
`Points of interest about this Christian Action campaign', no date (f.290).
`Statement by African National Congress and the South African Indian Congress', no date (ff.324-5).
`Services to South African natives by the state 1950-51 and 1952-53' (Information Section, Department of Native Affairs, Pretoria) (ff.326-32).
`Church and similar sites in urban locations' (Department of Native Affairs, Pretoria), 1954 (ff.333-4).
`Christian Action and the race question', no date (ff.340-6).
`Notes on the race question in South Africa', no date (ff.347-51).
Notes on civil disturbances in South Africa, c.1954 (ff.353-9).

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