RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 326
Extentff. 2 + 145
Date15th century (pre 1427)
DescriptionContents by Sancroft.

A Latin prose version of the Pèlerinage de l'âme of Guill. de
Prohemium actoris in libro peregrinacionis anime . . . . . f. 1
Illustriss. et potenti principi ac domino precipuo Johanni filio
Patruoque Regis Regenti Regnum francie et duci bedfordie.
Johannes galopes dictus le galoys decanus eccl. collegiate b.
ludouici de salceya in dyoc. ebroicen. et comitatu haricurie ...
comprehendetis veram sapienciam in libro peregrinacionis
anime contentam per antea curiosissime a viro Religioso
bone memorie damno guill° priore tempore suo monasterii
karoli loci in francia ord. cisterc. verbis gallicis composito,
quem de vestri precepto stilo satis leui in latinum redegi.
- et in futuro possidere suam gloriam. Amen.
Prol. in libro peregrinacionis anime . . . . . 2b
Et si homini scientifico perstructatione sciencie patefacta sit
peregrinacio vite humane
- dura autem intra me predicta reuoluerem cogitaui ea in
scripto redigere in modum qui sequitur.
Inc. tract. libri peregr. anime . . . . . 4b
Expergefactus a sompno mirabili visionis quam videram
(Last rubric: Sequitur conclusio actoris: Per hoc presens
sompnium. In quo videre meo nullum est [est] men-
Ends 82a: Andream eciam exora cuius instanti festo experge-
factus fui a visione dicta et consimiliter totam curiam celestem
ut hic habeam graciam et in futuro gloriam. Amen.
Expl. lib. peregr. an. deo gr.
Picture on 82b and rubric: Et quoniam ociositas que est mater
nugarum hominem perducit ad finem peruersum. Neces-
sarium michi est ne me contingat sed a me effugiat quod que
cor meum ardeat et ad penitenciam recurrat. Opus operari
bonum. Quod ut fiat rite psalmos tangam psalmiste qui regat
meum stilum. Incipiens a primo. Assit in principio mater
dei cum eo . . . . . 82b
There follows a series of 12-line rhyming stanzas in double
columns, each of which begins with the words of a Psalm.
Beatus vir qui erigit
Mentis vultum et dirigit
Ad suum directorium
Qui videt et intelligit
Memorie que redigit
A quo suum principium etc.
The Nocturnes have larger initials.
The Cantica and Litany follow. The saints invoked are Mary,
Michael, John Baptist, Peter, Stephen, Martin, Magdalene
(one for each class).
Ends 98b: Per mariam et gracia Et salutis auxilium. Amen.
Expl. psalterium.
Sequitur de ego sum alpha et oo (twelve-line stanzas) . . . . . 99
Di (!) si umquam res valuit
Comparere vel debuit
Coram te sancta trinitas
Si vel accessum habuit
Ending 103b:
Es inseparabiliter
Cui sit trinus honor datus
In hac terra incolatus
Sine fine perhenniter. Amen.
Expl. alpha et oo.
Inc. Cantica, et primo prologus . . . . . 103b
Descendens per fenestrulam
Semel in montem patulam
In salomonis ortulum
De floribus coronulam
Feci ibi et zonulam
Volens dare munusculum
Virgini matri paruulum etc.
- Non quali artificio Volui sed quali scio Vt palpans carens
Inc. Cantica canticorum primum auctor ad angelos de virgine.
Osculetur me osculo
Oris suique flosculo.
A paraphrase of Canticles in the same metre.
Ending 133b :
hynuloque indomito
Ceruorum volenti stare
Super montes vel pausare
Aromatum expergito.
Followed by a series of stanzas of which the initial of every
line and almost every word makes up the words Ihesus Maria.
O iustus imperator
iurium iustificator etc.
At abesse abnegata
Actus agit adiutoris
Prose prologue. Sicut ad lamentaciones suas Jheremias . . . . . 134b
The author wishing to compose a crown of praise for the Virgin
and her Son summons the letters of the alphabet from
various places of Scripture. They say 'Omnes licet per te
alias fuerimus tam in alphabeto Aue bissus castitatis etc.
quod in alio gallice scripto A toy du monde Refuy etc.
Tamen iterato assumus ecce tibi.' They form an alphabet
beginning Aue benedictissima Caritate dulcissima etc. He
says 'This is well enough, but each of you must produce as
much as that, except & and con which are compound letters.'
Some were ready, others stupified, and a few despairing,
especially k, x, y, z, who said they were poor and only
accustomed to be at the head of Greek, Hebrew, or foreign
words. So the author allowed these four to contribute a
single stanza between them. The "poem" then begins:
Agios apex alterum
Athanathos angelorum
Artos alba vt animus
Agro agnographorum etc.
Ylen ydea ymnorum
Ydibus ydiotetur
Zabulus yronizetur
Yconiis ydolorum.
Another address to the Virgin . . . . . 137
Caue (O aue ?) exemptata
Et sancta priusquam nata
Ve tollens eue veteris
Pro salute mundi data.
Mordere tuum sepius
Cum ipsius sit solitum
Viuificare spiritum
Et firmare in melius.
A prose prayer forming an acrostic on the Ave Maria . . . . . 138
Aue virginum electa mater
- rigoris ius spectancium totis votis innouata.
Acrostic on Guillermus de Deguileuilla . . . . . 138b
Girans claustrum monasticum
Per circulum extrincecum
- Inimicum quasi titulo.
In pace quiescat. Amen.
To the guardian angel . . . . . 140b
Angele custos meus
Et dux mei itineris
Quem neglexi nimis reus
- Imperet michi supera
Et vitam eternam. Amen.
Acrostic on Guillermus de deguileuilla . . . . . 141b
Gregis pastor monachorum
Sancte pater forma morum
- Ut pro relictis omnibus
Gaudeam celitus. Amen.
Acrostic on Andreas Apostolus . . . . . 144
Ad aliquem me vergere
Sanctorum et conuertere.
Hortatur sacra lectio
- Tuo celi fastigio
Fine perhenniter. Amen. . . . . . 145b

The four pictures are of very good Paris work of the time.

1. f. 1a. Border of line and leaf-work with some conventional
Picture: ground chequer of blue, red and gold.
John Duke of Bedford in gold robe, green belt, black hat,
seated under a canopy of the arms of England and France
with a label. Round his neck is the collar of the Holy
Ghost. A courtier on L. a macer on R. Galopes in pink and
blue kneels and presents the book, bound in red. A clerk
(Thomas? - see Custodial History) behind him, in black over
white, holding a red hood over his shoulder. On the wall a
green hanging with the Bedford device, a tree stump and roots.
Floor of black and green tiles.
All the personages are beardless. Bull. pl. xlii.

2. f. 2b. Border as before. Picture: the author in brown habit
and black skull-cap, beardless, seated in a wooden chair with
canopy coming forwards, a board fitted between the arms.
An open book on it kept open by strings and weights. A
fine circular book-desk on R. with central spirelet, books
and ink-stand on it, and on the base of it, and in a cupboard
in the base; ground dark blue in squares with pink and
yellow patterns. Floor green and black. The figure is

3. f. 4b. Border. Picture: the author lying hand to face on a
bed with tester. Bed and tester are of a deep blue, pillow
pink with a white cover, fringe of tester white, red and
green. The seat of no. 2 (without the canopy) and the book-
desk are seen on R. The ground is rich red with a pattern
in silver. The floor, yellow tiles. A fine piece of colour.

4. f. 82b. Simpler border. Picture by a less skillful hand. The
author kneels in a landscape facing L. In air is a vision of
the Trinity; the Father seated on the rainbow holds the orb.
The Crucified Son. The dove between them. The trees are
of the form familiar in the Charles VI books. Starry sky.
AccessConditionsFor preservation reasons, this manuscript should normally be consulted on microfilm unless special permission to view the original is obtained in advance.
FindingAidsCatalogue description based on M. R. James, 'A Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of Lambeth Palace: The Mediaeval Manuscripts' (Cambridge, 1932)
PhysicalDescriptionVellum, 10 3/4 x 8 1/2, 32 lines to a page in a clear hand of the type which developed into lettre bâtarde, with some admirable pictures.
Calf binding, pr. 2s.
Collation: a(2) 1(8)-17(8) 18(10) (wants 10).
CustodialHistoryBelonged to John Duke of Bedford (d. 1435).
There is an appearance of an erased line on the flyleaf.
See Ward, Cat. of Romances, II. 558 sqq. and reff. On p. 565 it is said, "There seems also to have been a version in Latin prose. Brit. Mus. Addit. Charter 204 contains a claim for 12 livres Tournois made upon John Duke of Bedford, when Regent of France, by Jehan Thomas, a clerk of Paris, for making a copy of 'vng liure en latin. Intitule le pelerinaige de lame en prose. lequel contient xii cayers de parchemin.' In all likelihood this is the very book. It contains more than 12 'quires,' but consists of 145 leaves, which comes to the same thing."

Sheldon catalogue (Lambeth Palace Library LR/F/5, LR/F/6, MS 1047) shelfmark: F. 13
Former Cambridge shelfmark: L. [zeta]. 4 (see published catalogue by M. R. James and Concordance IV in N. R. Ker, 'Archbishop Sancroft's Rearrangement of the Manuscripts of Lambeth Palace', in E. G. W. Bill, 'A Catalogue of Manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library MSS. 1222-1860', Oxford, 1972).
Later shelfmark: quarto 39
CopiesSee the online image management system,

Colour microfilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 27 or MS Film 1439

Available from World Microfilms Publications:
"Lambeth Palace Library: The Mediaeval Manuscripts" Section III. Illuminated Manuscripts. Reel 6 (with MSS. 233, 368)

Colour images of selected folios available from Bridgeman Art Library: MS 326 f. 2v (Image ID: LAM 59147)

Negatives of illuminations and rubricated initials on selected folios are held by the Courtauld Institute. Prints for private research purposes may be purchased from the Conway Librarian, Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House, London, WC2R 0RN. Permission to purchase copies must first be given by Lambeth Palace Library. Colour prints from the Courtauld negatives are available to browse in Lambeth Palace Library reading room. See also the online image management system:
RelatedMaterialThere is a paper MS. (xvth-cent.) of this Latin version in the Chapter Library at Lincoln [MS 100]. No other copy is known to me. Galopes also made (in 1464) a version of the Pilgrimage of Man in French prose which was printed several times in the xvth and xvith centuries.
PublnNoteJulia Crispin, "Krieg und kunst : die Visualisierung englischer Herrschaftsanspruc̈he in Frankreich (1422-1453)" (De Gruyter Oldenbourg, 2018) f.1r and f.2v [Lambeth Palace Library KC96.C75]
Elisabeth Taburet, "Paris Musée du louvre 22 mars - 12 juillet 2004: Paris 1400: les arts sous Charles VI" (Exhibition Catalogue 2004) p. 355 [Lambeth Palace Library R6843.L6]

Dr. E. G. Millar has described this book in Bulletin Soc. Fr. pour reprod. des MSS. 1924, p. 13. He prints the full text of the receipt (see Custodial History) and gives a facsimile (pl. xliii).
Folios 1r and 4v-5r appear in "Lambeth Palace Library: Treasures from the Collections of the Archbishops of Canterbury", ed. Richard Palmer and Michelle P. Brown (2010), entry 13.

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DS/UK/4537John (1389-1435); 1st Duke of Bedford; Regent of France1389-1435
GB/109/18573Deguileville; Guillaume de (fl. 1294-1358); Cistercian monk and poetfl. 1294-1358
GB/109/18634Galopes; Jean de (-1435); chaplain to the duke of Bedford-1435
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