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TitlePapers of George Hickes
Date18th century
DescriptionTranscript of papers of George Hickes (1642-1715), Nonjuror, by Thomas Bedford (d. 1773), second son of Hilkiah Bedford to whom Hickes bequeathed his papers. Prepared for an edition of the works of Hickes, but never published, and entitled `The Genuine Remains of the late Pious and Learned George Hickes D.D. and Suffragan Bishop of Thetford. Consisting of Controversial Letters and other Discourses'. The contents are as follows:
List of contents (p.i).
Declaration and profession of faith by Hickes, 8 September 1696 (pp. 1-6).
'A Reply to a Pamphlet entituled The Bishop of Sarum's Vindication, Or, Reflections upon a Pamphlet entituled Some Discourses upon Dr. Burnet and Dr. Tillotson etc. By the Authour of those Discourses', [1696]. The autograph manuscript of this work by Hickes is in the Bodleian Library ( (pp. 7-91). At pp. 89-91 are notes for a sixth chapter annotated `This Chapter is wanting in the Original but may indifferently well be supply'd from a sheet and half in Mr. Ralph Lowndes's handwriting, which seems to have been drawn up for that purpose'. The following Appendices (omitted from the original MS.) are added:
1. `An Advertisement by Al[exander] Monro D.D. [former Principal of Edinburgh University]', denying that he was the author of The charge of Socinianism against Dr. Tillotson [1695]. The author of this work was Charles Leslie (pp. 92-3).
2. Report of a statement by Bishop Burnet [Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury (1689)] at the Bar of the House of Lords of a conversation between him and the Duke of Lauderdale concerning the suspension of the penal laws in Scotland, 23 April 1675 (p. 93).
3. `The Preface to the MS Memoirs of the Dukes of Hamilton' [1677]. This preface, which is described in the list of contents of this volume as `not yet printed', was omitted from Burnet's Memoirs of the Dukes of Hamilton and Castleherald, 1677 (pp. 94-8).
4. `A Letter from a Scotch Clergyman'. A note states that it was printed in George Smith's Remarks upon the life of Tillotson by Thomas Birch, 1753, 96-108. The Lambeth copy of this pamphlet is inscribed by Archbishop Secker `By Mr. [John] Lindsey, a non-juring clergyman. Translator of Mason's Vind. Ecc. Angl.' (pp. 98-102).
Letter from the Revd. John Scandret, Nonjuror, to Hickes, [1697], concerning the sacrificial nature of the Eucharist (pp. 103-4), with an answer by Hickes dated 11 August 1697 (pp. 103a-17).
Correspondence between Hickes and Revd. Robert Jenkin, subsequently (1711) Master of St. John's College, Cambridge, 1701-2, concerning the Old Pretender (pp. 118-48).
Correspondence between Hickes and Thomas Ken, deprived Bishop of Bath and Wells, 1699-1701, on healing the Nonjuror Schism. Some of the letters are printed in E.H. Plumptre, Life of Ken, 2nd ed., 1890, II, 108-11 (pp. 148-59).
Letter from Hickes to an unnamed lady, [1698], concerning Reflexions on a pamphlet [by Thomas Milles] and vindicating the deprived bishops (pp. 159-64).
`A Letter [from Hickes] to a Clergyman on occasion of the New-Separation', no date (pp. 164-70).
Correspondence between Hickes and Mary Astell, authoress, concerning the Non-juror Schism and attendance at state prayers, 1705 (pp. 171-205).
Letter from Hickes to Revd. White Kennett, subsequently (1718) Bishop of Peterborough, [1702], concerning the preface to the latter's History of Convocation, 1702 (pp. 206-9).
Letter from the same `to Mr. C. Lyttelton in Arlington Street', 12 March 1705/6, concerning St. Cyprian (pp. 209-10).
`Dr. Hickes's Letter to Dr. [John] Sharp, Archbishop of York. Sent without name and in another hand', 18 April 1702, concerning the Oath of Abjuration (pp. 211-12).
Letter from Hickes to Archibald Campbell, subsequently (1721) elected Bishop of Aberdeen, 27 August 1709, giving an account of conversations with Henri Justel [Librarian] (pp. 212-14).
Letter from the same to the same, 4 July 1710, giving an account of a conversation with George Morley, Bishop of Winchester, concerning the death of Arthur Capel, Lord Capel, in 1649, and of the suicide of Arthur Capel, Earl of Essex, in 1683 (pp. 215-17).
Letter from the same to an unnamed clergyman, 25 May 1714, concerning the precedence of the clergy in receiving the Eucharist (pp. 217-19).
Fragment of a letter [from the same] to an unnamed correspondent, 1 January 1714 NS, apparently concerning secret negotiations among the Nonjurors. A note by William Bedford states `Ive wrote the rest in another book' (p. 219).
Letter from the same to [Mrs. Susanna] Hopton [devotional writer] at her house in Kington, Herefordshire, 3 October 1704, criticising Joshua Basset's Essay towards a proposal for Catholic Communion (pp. 220-3).
Opinion by the same concerning keeping an unlawful oath, 9 June 1705 (pp. 223-4). Also an opinion on marriage to a woman after having two children by her, no date (pp. 224-5).
Case concerning the validity of an uncanonical marriage, with (p. 226) an opinion by George Smalridge, subsequently (1714) Bishop of Bristol, 11 December 1710 (pp. 225-6).
Letter from Sir John Holland, 2nd Bart., `to the Lady S.', c.1708, concerning the right of Parliament to deprive bishops, with (pp. 230-6) a reply by Hickes (pp. 226-30).
Letter `wrote by Dr. Hickes' from the Revd. [Robert] Orme (Vicar of Wouldham) to John Robinson, Bishop of London, 1715, protesting at the persecution of Nonjurors (pp. 236-7).
Letter from Hickes to an unnamed lady, 13 November 1710, concerning the state after death (pp. 237-8).
Correspondence between Hickes and Hannah Lloyd, widow of William Lloyd, Bishop of Norwich, 1710, concerning non-attendance at state prayers (p. 238).
Letter perhaps from Hickes to William Hopkins, Prebendary of Worcester, [1689], concerning the preface to Sir Robert Howard's Historical observations (p. 238).
Correspondence between Hickes and Susannah Wesley, wife of the Revd. Samuel Wesley and mother of John Wesley, 1702, concerning her refusal to say Amen to prayers for William III, and Samuel Wesley's consequent separation from her. Printed, except for a letter by Hickes dated 29 April 1702, in Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society, 1953, 50-7 (pp. 238-41).
Correspondence between the same and John Chamberlayne (of Petty France, Westminster), 1715, concerning the Thesaurus and other works (pp. 241-2).
Correspondence between the same and Henry Dodwell [nonjuror], 1709, concerning John Pitts' Character of a primitive bishop (pp. 242-3).
Correspondence between the same and Revd. Charles Leslie [nonjuror], 1706-7, concerning measures involving the latter for healing the Nonjuror Schism, with (pp. 245-6) three letters from William Lloyd, deprived Bishop of Norwich, to Hickes on the same subject (pp. 244-6).
`The proceedings of Mr. [Shadrach] Cooke [nonjuror] etc. about closing the Schism: in a Letter to Mr. Stamp [i.e. the Revd. Thomas Stamp]', 17 June 1708. It includes `The Resolution of some Nonjuring Clergymen relating to the conclusion of the late Schism in the Church of England, 28 November 1706' (pp. 246-8).
`Remarks on the True character of a churchman [by Richard West], which by the style seem to have been Dr. Hickes's', [1705] (pp. 248-9).
Letter from Hickes to [Mrs. Susanna] Hopton [devotional writer], 5 April 1705, criticising the MS. of John Scandret's Sacrifice the divine service [published 1707] (pp. 249-50).
Correspondence between Hickes and Sarah [? Susanna] Hopton, 1708, concerning the possibility of her conversion to Roman Catholicism (pp. 250-1).
Letters from Hickes to Samuel Parker (son of Samuel Parker, Bishop of Oxford), 1706, concerning the consecration of Archbishop Parker (pp. 251-2).
`Some letters relating to Dean [Simon] Lowth's book The subject of church power, [1685]. They concern an attempt to persuade the nonjuror Lowth to moderate criticisms in the MS. of this work of a sermon preached at Court by John Tillotson on 2 April 1680, and comprise a letter (p. 252) from Simon Patrick, Dean of Peterborough (later Bishop of Ely, 1691), to Samuel Parker, Archdeacon of Canterbury (Bishop of Oxford, 1686), 16 November 1682, and three letters (pp. 253-4) from Robert Grove, Prebendary of St. Paul's (later Bishop of Chichester, 1691), to Lowth, 1682-3 (pp. 252-4).
`A Journal of what passed between the King [James II, King of England] and some of the Bishops concerning an abhorrence of the Prince of Orange's designs, 1688';
`The Bishop of Rochester's Relation' [1688];
a letter from Thomas Sprat, Bishop of Rochester, to Archbishop William Sancroft, 12 November [1688];
`The Earl of Rochester's Paper';
`The Bishop of London's Reasons against giving any Paper of Abhorrence'. All printed in J. Gutch, Collectanea curiosa, 1781, I, 422-40;
II, 365. Also two letters from Sprat to Sancroft, 1689. Printed S.W. Singer, Correspondence of Henry Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, 1828, II, 510-11 (pp. 254-7).
AcquisitionPurchased, 1981. For more information see LR/L/13 ff26-29
PublnNoteTranscriptions of the letters between Mary Astell and George Hickes (MS 3171 ff. 171–205) published in 'Women Philosophers of Eighteenth-Century England: Selected Correspondence', ed. Jacqueline Broad (2020).

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