RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 285
Extenti, 134 ff.
Datelate 16th century-early 17th century
DescriptionA collection of miscellaneous texts and documents, primarily relating to English royal affairs and ceremonial, and particularly to the work of the heralds and officers of arms, 13-16th century.
The collection is written in a number of different hands, probably over a period during the late 16th century and in the first decade of the 17th century. Many of the documents reflect the interests of George Carew, 1st Earl of Totnes, who owned this book in the early 17th century. Inserted loose are two bifolia (foliated a-d), containing historical notes in his hand on burials and tombs, combats, forests, arms, parishes, castles etc.

f. i recto. 'Anno 1581. Jesus', written at the top of an otherwise blank page.

f. i verso. A note in the hand of George Carew, 1st Earl of Totnes, concerning the creation of John Talbot as Baron de Lisle in 1444. The note is stated to have been taken from a book written by Thomas Wriothesley, Garter King of Arms 1505-34, in the possession of 'Sir William Dethicke, Garter Kinge at Armes'. Sir William Dethick, knighted 1603, left office as Garter King of Arms in 1606.

ff. 1r-17r. Ordinances and memoranda concerning royal ceremonial, the ordering of the King's household and the work of the heralds. Written in a single hand. Folios 1-8 represent in large part a revised version of Henry VII's articles for the regulation of his household of December 1494, published in 'A collection of ordinances and regulations for the government of the Royal Household...', 2 vols (London,1790), vol 1, pp. 107-133.
f. 1r. 'Heareafter followeth many and dyvers things belonginge to an Usher of the King's Chamber to knowe and note. And first what they ought to doe at the coronation of a King'
ff. 1v-2r. 'Ffor the marriage of a Prince's daughter'
f. 2r-v. 'Ffor the receyvinge of a Quene out of a strange lande and the coronation of her'
ff. 2v-3r. 'The ordinance for the deliverance of a Quene'
f. 3r. 'Ffor the christninge of a King's childe'
f. 3v. 'The maner of the creation of a Prince'
ff. 3v-4r. 'The buriall of a Prince'
f. 4r-v. 'The ordringe of all estates in theire degres at a voyde'
f. 5r. 'Who shulde syt at the Kings boarde in the daye of estate ... Ffor layinge of the surnape'
f. 5r-v. 'The order of the settinge of the King's table'
f. 5v. 'Howe the Kings sonnes or brethren ought to be served'
f. 6r. 'The settinge of estates in minor at the table ... Ffor syttinge in the King's greate chamber ... The settinge of the Chaplens'
f. 6v. 'Ffor the Kings seawer'
ff. 6v-7r. 'Divers questions touchinge the Kings service' [a later title, in the hand of George Carew, 1st Earl of Totnes]
f. 7r. 'What the Kinge and Quene should doe on newe yeres daye'
f. 7r-v. 'Who ought to beare the Kings taper on the Candelmas daye'
f. 7v. 'What esquiers of the bodye ought for to doe'
ff. 7v-8r. 'Ffor the makinge of the Kings bed'
f. 8r. 'Things used by King Henryes the iiiith and vth'
f. 8r. 'Heare endeth the things apperteyninge unto the squiers for the bodye and sewardes and gentlemen ushers of the Kings chambers, which they ought to knowe and diligentlye note'
f. 8r. 'The trappours of King Henry the viith'.
f. 8r-v. 'The publicacion at the disgrading of a knight of the garter'. Records the wording of the degradation of Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham (1478-1521) in June 1521.
ff. 8v-9r. 'The fourme how that women should beare their armes'
f. 9r-v. Theis be the ordinances of the fielde in the warre that the High Marshall oughte for to doe'
ff. 9v-10v. 'Theis be the authorities and power that the Provost Marshall and his lyeuetenants have in the iurisdiction of the artillerye'
f. 10v. 'Le sommacion de la ville de Dorlans faict par Thomas Wall dit Rougecrois pursuyvant pour et au nom du Roy d'Angleter et du Duc de Suffolke estant son lieuetenante generall ... 1523 le 12 doctober'. Order for the submission of the town and castle [of Dourlens, Picardy] announced by Thomas Wall, Rouge Croix Pursuivant, on behalf of Henry VIII and Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk, during the campaign in France, 12 October 1523. Thomas Wall (d. 1536) was successively Rouge Croix Pursuivant, Windsor Herald and Garter King of Arms.
ff. 10v-11v. 'Commant ung herault se doit presenter quant il a legacion de son souverain ...'
ff. 11v-12r. 'The diets of embassadours when the Kings grace sendeth them into any voyage out of his realme...'
f. 12r-v. 'An ordinance of apparell for ladies and gentlewomen duringe the tyme of theire mourninge ...' An ordinance made by Margaret, Countess of Richmond, 18 Henry VII [1502-03].
ff. 12v-13v. 'A byll of peticion towchinge the rights anuyities and largesse apperteyning ... to the offices of Armes...' A petition to Henry VIII by Thomas Wall, Lancaster Herald, on behalf of the kings, heralds and heralds pursuivants of arms. See 'Letters and papers ... of the reign of Henry VIII', vol 1, part 1 , 2nd edition (London, 1920), no. 711, where it is assigned to March 1511. Thomas Wall (d. 1522) was successively Lancaster Herald and Norroy King of Arms; he was the father of Thomas Wall (d.1536), Garter King of Arms.
ff. 13v-14r. 'The remerciaments which weare wont to be given to the Kinge in his presence at his boarde by the office of Armes for their largesse which was obmytted and put downe by Sir Thomas Writhesley, Garter in the tyme of Kinge Henry the VIIIth'. Sir Thomas Wriothesly (d.1534) was Garter King of Arms 1504-34.
f. 14r. 'The remercyement to the Kinge for the princs gyfte'
f.14 r-v. 'La style due Roye Henrye le huitiesme le quel fuit ordonne en ce sorte alors que le tyltre de defenseur de la foye luy fut attribue par pape Leon Xme ... l'an 1520...'. The full title of Henry VIII as Defender of the Faith is given in Latin, French and English.
ff. 14v-15r. 'Justs holden at Westminster the xiith daye of ffebruarye...'. A record of the jousts held at Westminster in February 1511.
f. 15r-v. 'The ordre of funeralles for a great estate'
ff. 15v-16r. 'The order of goinge to the churche ... The order of the offeringe ... The order of going home from the churche'
f. 16r. 'Heare followeth the lyveryes for noblemen at th enterment of Kings or Quenes ...'
ff. 16r-17r. 'The order of christening of a Kings chylde'. The arrangements are for a specific christening, with named participants including 'the Lady Katherin the Quenes sister' [Catherine, Countess of Devon, sister of Elizabeth, Queen of Henry VII], possibly the christening of Edmund
(1499-1500), youngest son of Henry VII.
f. 17r. 'Ordynances for heraults at armes'. A record of an agreement by the kings of arms and heralds concerning their attendance on the King,
19 November 6 Henry VII [1490]. Followed by a memorandum by Thomas Wall, Windsor Herald and afterwards Garter King of Arms (d.1536): 'I T.W. alias Winsor herault hath sene and entred this said bill in this booke which byll was signed with henry as kinge henry the vii dyd use to signe, in the yeare of our lorde king Henry the viiith is raigne xxthe, the seconde daye of january A.o Domini 1528'

f. 17v. 'The manner of creation of a prince'. Written in another hand.

ff. 18r-19r. 'The appointment for the Kinge and the Quene to Cantorbery and so to Callais and Guisnes to the meting of the ffrenche Kinge 1520'. A list of the retinue accompanying Henry VIII to meet Francis I of France at the Field of the Cloth of Gold.

ff. 19v-20r. 'The names of Knights of the Garter and their succession in staules from the first foundation'. The succession in each stall continues only until the the 1520s (as in the case of Sir Henry Guildford, created a Knight of the Garter in 1526). In the monarch's stall however the succession continues in the same hand to Elizabeth I.

f. 20v. 'The manner how the price shalbe given at jousts'. Rules for determining the winner of the prize at jousts, with text for the proclamation of the winner.

f. 21r. 'The retynue of K. E. 3 in his host into France...'. A record of the troops with Edward III at the siege of Calais 1346-47. With a total of all the expenses of Edward III in France, Normandy and Calais 12 -14 Edward III [1338-1340] from the accounts of William Northwell, Keeper of the King's Wardrobe. The original account of William de Northwell for this period is now National Archives E36/203.

f. 21v. Names of the nobility, in the order of their seating in Parliament. The most recent of the peers is Henry Norris, 1st Baron Norris, created 1572. With a table of precedence for the nobility and for great offices of state according to the Act of 22 Henry VIII [sic. the Precedence Act of 1539, 31 Henry VIII c. 10, may be meant].

ff. 22r-23r. blank.

ff. 23v-26v. A survey of England, comprising a table of musters in England and Wales in 1585 (f. 23v); a list of ships with statistics of their companies of men and weaponry (f. 23v); the number of churches in each diocese; a valuation of bishoprics and their tenths; a valuation of deaneries; a list of forts, castles etc on the coast, with the names of their captains in 1585 (f. 24r); a list of offices in the Queen's service, with their fees (ff. 24v-26v), and a list of artillery and supplies in the office of the Ordnance in 1578 (f. 26v).
For a similar survey of c.1579 see MS. 289; for a survey of c.1610 see MS. 286.
A similar survey of c. 1578 was published with the title 'Queen Elizabeth's annual expence, civil and military' in Francis Peck, 'Desiderata curiosa' 2 vols (London 1732-35), vol 1, book 2. This was reprinted in 'A collection of ordinances and regulations for the government of the Royal Household...', 2 vols (London, 1790), vol 1, pp.241-275.

f. 27r. 'The meetinge of the Emperor and the Kinge of England at Dover' [title added by George Carew, 1st Earl of Totnes]. An account of the meeting of the Emperor Charles V and Henry VIII at Dover and Canterbury in 1520.

f. 27v. A pedigree showing the descent of Thomas Cotton, of Connington [Hunts.] from the ancient kings of Scotland. 1603.

ff. 28r-42r. Papers written in a single hand, mainly relating to the work of the heralds:
f. 28r-v. 'A determynacion of the debate betwene the offycers of Armes and the Kinge of Armes'. An English translation of an award by Thomas, Duke of Clarence at Caen in 1417, settling a controversy between the officers of Arms and the King of Arms. The text is printed in John Guillim, 'A display of heraldrie', 6th edition (London, 1724), App. p.54.
ff. 28v-29r. 'The oathe of a Kinge of Armes at the tyme of his coronation'
ff. 29r-v. 'The oathe of Portcullis Pursuivant at the chapter house anno 1570'. The oath of Richard Lee on his appointment as Portcullis Pursuivant on 30 March 1570 [the date of his appointment is usually cited as 1571].
ff. 29v-30r. The oath of a herald.
f. 30r-v. Duties of a King of Arms at a visitation of his province.
f. 31r. 'Orders and statuts for the offycers of Armes'. Copies of orders from 1 Richard III [1484] to 1 & 3 Philip and Mary [1555]
ff. 31v-32r. Fees and allowances payable to the officers of Arms.
ff. 32r-34r. Ceremonies for the creation of a Prince, Duke, Marquess etc, instancing ceremony at the creation of various peers by Edward VI on his accession in 1547, including Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset.
ff. 34v-35r. Text of the proclamation in London of peace between England and Scotland 29 August 1534 (date given incorrectly at f. 34v. as 5 August 1553), with the order of ceremony for its proclamation. For the text of the proclamation, see P.L. Hughes and J.F. Larkin, 'Tudor Royal proclamations' 3 vols (New Haven, 1964-69), vol 1, no. 147, pp. 217-218. This item is also noticed briefly from MS. 285 in 'Letters and papers ... of the reign of Henry VIII', vol 7 (London, 1883) no. 1042.
f. 35r. Lists of the lords and ladies appointed to attend the Duke of Suffolk [Henry Grey] in greeting the Scottish Queen in her lodging. Relates to the visit to England of Mary of Guise (1515-1560) in November 1551.
ff. 35v-36v. Documents relating to knighthood, and the sums paid by knights at their creation. With a note of unprecedented fees charged to knights created by Philip II on 18 January 1555.
ff. 36v-37r. 'The order of the Knights of the Bathe at the Coronation of Queene Marye'. Ceremonies associated with the coronation of Mary I from Friday 29 September to Sunday 1 October 1553.
ff. 37v-38r. List of fees payable to the officers of arms, ushers, musicians, cooks etc at the creation of a Duke, Marquess, Earl or Baron.
ff. 38v-39r. A description of the christening of the Princess Mary (afterwards Queen Mary) at Greenwich in February 1516.
ff. 39v-40r. A description of the marriage of Queen Mary and Philip of Spain (afterwards Philip II) at Winchester on 25 July 1554.
ff. 40v-41v. 'Questions in heraldrie' [an added title, in the hand of George Carew, 1st Earl of Totnes].
f. 42r. A description of the service and ceremony at which Francis I of France took a solemn oath to maintain the peace concluded with Henry VIII. Cognac, Ascension Day [10 May] 1526. Begins: 'At tenne of the clocke came to our lodginge....'
For the oath itself, see Thomas Rymer, 'Foedera' 20 vols (London, 1704-35), vol 14, p.175.

ff. 42v-43r. Writ summoning Roger le Bigot, Earl of Norfolk and Marshal of England, to Newcastle, on expedition against John, King of Scotland. With list of 203 others to whom similar writs were addressed. Anno 24 Edw. I [1295]. In Latin.
See 'Calendar of Close Rolls 1288-1296', p. 501.

f. 43v. blank.

ff. 44r-98r. 'Summons of Parliment' [added title, in the hand of George Carew, 1st Earl of Totnes]. Lists of the nobility summoned to Parliaments held between 1295 and 1483.
f. 98v. blank.
ff. 99r-102r. Lists of the nobility summoned to the Parliaments of 6 Henry VIII [1515], 33 Henry VIII [1542] and 3 Edward VI[1549] (ff. 99v, 100v-101v, 102v blank).

f. 103r-v. ' Ex rotulo Franciae de anno regni Regis Edwardi tertii quadragesimo tertio'. Renunciation by Edward III of his rights in the inheritance of the late Queen Philippa (1314?-1369). 13 June 1372. In French.
Subscribed 'Examinatur et convenit cum Recordo. T Heneage [Sir Thomas Heneage, Keeper of Tower records from c.1577]
For the text see Thomas Rymer, 'Foedera' 20 vols (London, 1704-35), vol VI, pp. 725-726, 'Potestas ad renunciandum juri regis in partibus Hollandiae'.

ff. 104r-105r. Documents relating to the finances of Queen consorts, their treasurers, receivers general and other officials, 13-16th cent. Included are petitions of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, and Anthony Cage, rival claimants at the coronation of James I to the office of Chamberlain to the Queen associated with the manor of Great Hormead, Herts. Also included is an extract from the chronicle of Jocelyn de Brakelond, copied from a manuscript in the possession of Sir Robert Cotton.

ff. 105v-108v. blank.

ff. 109r-123v. 'These notes of recordes followinge were collected out of the recordes of the Tower by Syr Robert Cotton knight' [added title, in the hand of George Carew, 1st Earl of Totnes]. Miscellaneous historical extracts, chiefly from Parliamentary records from 18 Edward I [1289-90] to 27 Elizabeth I [1584-85].

f. 124r-v. blank.

ff. 125r-129r. Further historical documents concerning the finances of Queen consorts, their treasurers etc (cf. ff. 104-105). At ff. 125r-v is 'A breif relation of such principall thinges as I have founde touchinge AURUM REGINAE since the writing of my discourse touching the nature thereof '. This is probably by Robert Hakewill (1574-1655), lawyer, MP and friend of Sir Robert Cotton, who in 1604-5 wrote a report entitled 'Aurum Reginae' or 'Queen gold', a levy payable to the Queen for certain royal favours. Hakewill was appointed Solicitor-General to the Queen (Anne of Denmark) in 1617. George Carew, Earl of Totnes, who owned this book, was Vice-Chamberlain and Receiver-General to the Queen's household from 1603.
A copy of Hakewill's treatise on Aurum Reginae (British Library Add. MS. 25255) has a note by him: 'The originall of the first part I delivered to the Queen's Maiestie and is in the keeping of my Lord Carew, her Maiesties Receiver-Generall'.

ff. 129r-131v. Privileges of peers of the realm and knights according to common law, with a note on the position of esquires and gentlemen. Including (f. 131r-v) an English translation of the indictment of Sir Ralph Grey of Warke for treason, 4 Edward IV [1464].

ff. 132r-133v. 'De l'auctorite et prerogative des Roynes de France'. An historical account of the privileges of the Queen consorts of France; with further documents concerning the finances of the Queen consorts of England (cf. ff. 104-105, 125-129).

f. 134. blank.
LanguageEngish, Latin, French
FindingAidsNew description by Richard Palmer, 2011
PhysicalDescriptionOriginal leather binding, 432 x 305 mm., with leather flap folding over the foredge and three straps (central strap with buckle to hold the flap closed). The work resembles that of the Blank-Book Binder. See J. Basil Oldham, 'English blind-stamped bindings (Cambridge, 1952), pp. 33-34 and plates xxx-xxi.
Covers are blind tooled with three different rolls, forming three rectangles, one within another. The broad outer roll, displaying Tudor royal emblems, was used by the Blank-Book binder and is Oldham plate xxx no. 455 and plate xlv no. 735. The intermediate size roll (gateway, fleur de lis, pomegranate, rose) was used on blank-books by the RB Binder and is Oldham plate xxx no. 449 and plate xlv no. 751. Oldham (pp. 49-50) cites instances of these rolls used in combination in ?1585 and 1592. The narrower third roll (greyhound pursuing a hind regardant) is not in Oldham.
Vellum pastedowns, comprising:
i. the greater part of a bifolium (13th century) concerning the beatitudes, from an abbreviated version of a commentary on St. Matthew by Hrabanus Maurus (page size c. 390 x 288mm, 23 lines to the page). For the relevant section of the text of the fuller version see Hrabanus Maurus, 'Expositio in Matthaeum', (Corpus Christianorum, continuatio mediaevalis vol. 174) ed. B. Lofstedt (Turnhout, 2000), pp.121-125.
ii. a fragment (13th century), probably from a breviary (not Sarum or York), with text on St. Lawrence and then St. Tiburtius (page size 390 x ? mm, 22 lines to the page).
The binding is strengthened by vellum guards around the paper text block.
CustodialHistoryOwned by George Carew, 1st Earl of Totnes (1555-1629). His signature appears on the vellum guard preceding f. i. Below is a further signature in green ink 'George Harvie Esq' with an added note 'non est verus possessor huius libri'. This perhaps refers to Carew's uncle George Harvey (1532-1605).
From the 'Carew-Sheldon' manuscripts. Recorded [as item 43] in the 'Carew-Sheldon' catalogue dated 1664: 'Rules, orders and instructions for severall the officers of the King's household at coronations, dinners, festivalls etc, heralds, Lord High Marshall etc, and bearing of armes. As also the writs of summons to severall Parliaments from ye 20 Ed I. As also Parliament notes collected out of the records of the Tower by Sir R Cotton. MS. large folio' (Tanner MS. 275a, f. 4v). These manuscripts were acquired by Gilbert Sheldon (1598-1677), Archbishop of Canterbury. All, or nearly all, were previously owned by George Carew, 1st Earl of Totnes. See M. R. James, 'The Carew manuscripts', English Historical Review, vol 42, 1927, pp. 261-267, and M. R. James, 'A Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of Lambeth Palace: The Mediaeval Manuscripts' (Cambridge, 1932), p. 401.
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 1446 (positive)

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