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Alt Ref NoMS 251
Extentv + 415 ff.
Date16th-17th century
Description A miscellany, probably first bound together for William Sancroft, Archbishop of Canterbury 1678-91, who supplied a title to the item at f. 212r.
f. i. blank.
f. ii recto. List of contents.
ff. iii-v. blank.
ff. 1r-18v. Treatise entitled, 'The reasonablenesse of Christian Religion'. Begins 'Although it bee the proper work of ye Spirit to perswa[de] a childe of God of ye divine authoritie of Scripture...'. An author's draft, with various corrections. First half of the 17th century.
ff. 19r-30v. A contemporary copy of Sir Henry Spelman's treatise on sacrilege written in 1632, and subsequently published in his 'The history and fate of sacrilege', 1698. (ff. 19, 29-30 are blank).
ff. 31r-51v. Memorial by John Ferrar, elder brother of Nicholas Ferrar (1593-1637), of the Anglican community at Little Gidding, Hunts., including accounts of the presentation of the latter's theological works to Charles I and the King's visit to Little Gidding in 1642. Printed in Christopher Wordsworth ed, 'Ecclesiastical biography' 4th ed, 4 vols (London, 1853), vol 4, pp.218-50.
Cf. C.L. Craig, 'The Earliest Little Gidding Concordance' in "The Harvard Library Bulletin" vol. 1. no. 3 Autumn 1947 [Lambeth Palace Library Printed Refs. II/16] and L. R. Muir and J.A.White (eds.) 'Materials for the life of Nicholas Ferrar: a reconstruction of John Ferrar's account of his brother's life, based on all the surviving copies' (Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society, 1996).
ff. 52r-139v. A copy made in 1634 of John Selden's treatise entitled 'The privileges of the Baronage of England when they sitt in Parliament'. Printed in John Selden, 'Opera omnia' ed. David Wilkins, 3 vols (London, 1726), vol 3, pp.1473-1586). At f. 52r is a note written by Robert Washington, an early owner, dated 26 June 1639. f. 139 is blank.
ff. 140r-151v. List of knights and burgesses elected to Parliament, 19 March 1604. f. 151 is blank.
ff. 152r-155v. Arguments in Parliament on the naturalisation of the post-nati and ante-nati by Sir Edwin Sandys and others, [1606].
ff. 156r-167v. Memorandum (lacking page 1) by Sir Henry Savile on the union of states, written at the request of James I. A further copy is Bodl. MS. e.Mus.55, f. 93.
ff. 168r-203v. Proceedings in Parliament, 1610.
ff. 204r-211v. A single fascicule, in three separate hands.
ff. 204r-207v. 'The King's Third Speech to the Lower House, the 4th of May 1614'. The speech is not reported in Parliamentary history.
ff. 208r. 'Questions concerning the passages of this present Parliament', [1621].
ff. 209r-210r. Notes of proceedings in Parliament after the arrest of Sir Dudley Digges and Sir John Eliot, May [1626].
f. 211. A blank leaf with endorsement 'Parliament and privileges'.
ff. 212r-230v. Copies of two treatises by Sir Robert Cotton, 1st Bart., with a title supplied in the hand of Archbishop William Sancroft: 'Two discourses of Sir Robert Cotton, ye 2d not printed with his posthuma'. The treatises are: 'A relation of the proceedings against ambassadors who have miscarried themselves' (ff. 212-219) and 'That the Kings of England have beene pleased usually to consult with their Peares in ye great Councell & Commons in Parliament of Marriage, Peace & Warre' (ff. 220-230). Both are printed in James Howell ed, 'Cottoni posthuma' (London, 1672), pp. 1-39.
ff. 231r-236v. 'The reporte of the Earle of Essex his death' [Robert Devereux, 1st Earl of Essex, d. 1576]. It includes a copy of 'The songe the Earle of Essex songe the night before he dyed'. A copy is in MS. 250, ff.155-9.
ff. 237r-254v. Original draft treaty with France in 1610, including clauses omitted from the final version. Endorsed by George Carew, 1st Earl of Totnes, 'Articles of the league betwene James Kinge of Great Brittanye France and Ireland and Louis 13 the french Kinge anno 1610'. See Thomas Rymer, 'Foedera', 20 vols (London, 1704-1735), XVI, pp. 687-8, 693-703.
ff. 255r-268v. Notes from printed books concerning the United Provinces, beginning with 'The Politie of the United Provinces, 1615', and including William Lithgow's 'A true and experimentall discourse upon the last siege of Breda', 1637.
ff. 270r-280v. The first part of a treatise dedicated to Queen Elizabeth I concerning preparations for resisting a Spanish invasion, partly written in July 1592 but dated January 1595/6. Endorsed in the hand of an amanuensis used at this time by Sir Robert Cecil (c.f. MS.250, ff.198-246v) 'Discourse of Capen Henderd'. This is probably Captain Degory Hender. Cf. British Library, Lansdowne MS. 98, item 18: 'Degory Hender's observations on a war with Spain, with a method of repelling the invasion threatened, 1595'.
ff. 281r-304v. 'The Copie of a Letter sent out of ye Lowe Contries by a gentleman intertayned by ye King of Spaine in pention to a yonge gentleman his kinsman in England', [1590]. The author, who is a soldier in receipt of a Spanish pension, notes that he has 'laboured wth her Majesties most honourable previe counsell about my Returne, wch ... I am in Comfort and hope shortlie to obtaine'. f. 304 is blank.
ff. 305r-321v. Copies by Leonard Digges of documents concerning the embassy of Sir John Digby to Spain, entitled by Digges, 'A Register of buisinesses of Madrid in Spaine in the tyme of the right honble. Sr John Digbie Knighte. L: Embassador for his maiestie of Greate Brittaine with the Kinge of Spaine 1611 July the 30: stil: vet. Leonarde Digges'. Sir John Digby, later (1622) 1st Earl of Bristol, was employed on an embassy to negotiate a marriage between Prince Henry and Anne, the Spanish infanta.
ff. 322r-334v. An account in Spanish of the revenues of the kings of Spain and others, 1577. Endorsed by George Carew, 1st Earl of Totnes, 'A relation of all the rents and customes yearly payed to the K: of Spayne and allso the revenewes of all the Dukes, Marquesses and Ea[r]les in that kingdome as itt was in the yere of our Lord 1577'. Cf. MS. 271.
ff. 335r-357v. 'Relatione delle cose di Spagna l'anno 1577'. In Italian. Begins: 'Il Re Don Filippo d'Austria figliolo di Carlo Quinto Imperatore nacque l'anno 1527 ...'
f. 358r. A note: 'Sr Giacomo of the Glasshowse hath hangings to be sent him from Venice and with that commeth Mr. Chamberlains glasse sent by Mr. Luter to him but payd for by me three crownes. Mr Secretary hath also by him a pettinare of pearls', 16th cent.
ff. 359r-360v. List of anchorages in Spain, [1596]. Endorsed by George Carew,1st Earl of Totnes, 'Havens, Roades and Creakes in Spayne'.
ff. 361, 363. 'Los nombres de los reten[id]os por Cadiz', [1596]. In Carew's hand. Endorsed , 'Names of the Spaniards Brought hether from Cales'
ff. 362, 364r-365v. Names of Viceroys and Governors of Navarre, Portugal, Sicily, the Low Countries, Peru, and Mexico, in Carew's hand.
f. 364v. List in Carew's hand of 'The names of the principall gentlemen that came into England with the Constable of Castill in 1604'. Also (in another hand) a note concerning a lease for 61 years from the death of Sir Amyas Paulet, 'dyed in April 1533', which will be 63 years from his death in April [1596].
ff. 366r-389v. Statutes of the French Order of St. Michel, 1469-76. French, early 17th cent. copy.
ff. 390r-393v. Instructions by Pope Clement VIII for Count Girolamo Porzia, papal nuncio in Germany, in a dispute between William V, Duke of Bavaria, and the Archbishop of Salzburg concerning the Provostry of Berchtesgaden, 25 March 1594. Latin copy.
ff. 394r-395v. Letter from Robert Frampton, chaplain to the English factory at Aleppo, and (1680) Bishop of Gloucester, to 'Your Grace' [Archbishop William Juxon], Aleppo, 4 March [1662], seeking assistance for Eastern Christians, and mentioning the persecution of the Patriarch of Antioch by the Turks. Frampton was chaplain at Aleppo 1655-66; in this letter he says that he has toiled there for seven years.
ff. 396r-415v. Notes by George Carew,1st Earl of Totnes on duelling, mainly comprising a translation by Carew from Fabio Albergati, 'Trattato ... del modo di ridurre a pace l'inimicitie private', book 3, chapters 1-8 [various editions published from 1583 onwards], 1607. Together with questions by 'Mr. Bechers' with answers concerning duelling in France, early 17th cent, with endorsement by Carew. ff. 408r, 409r-415r are blank.
FindingAidsCatalogue description by E. G. W. Bill (typescript, 1981), revised by Richard Palmer, 2011.
CustodialHistorySome, but not all, of the sections of this volume are from the papers of George Carew, 1st Earl of Totnes.
ff. 322-334. Recorded [as item 74] in the 'Carew-Sheldon' catalogue dated 1664: 'A relation of all the rents and customs of the King of Spaine etc with the revenues of the nobility there 1577. Span[ish] MS, folio'. (Bodleian Library, Tanner MS. 275a, f. 6v).
Other sections derive from a volume on Parliamentary business in the reign of James I which is recorded [as item 35] in the 'Carew-Sheldon' catalogue dated 1664: 'Severall papers of Parliament businesse in the time of K. James, cased up in one parchment cover. MS, folio'. (Bodleian Library, Tanner MS. 275a, f. 4r). Item numbers on these sections of Parliamentary business suggest that they were once bound together in a different order (eg. no. 3 (f. 168r), no. 14 (f. 152r), no. 11 (f. 168r), no. 7 (f. 204r), no. 10 (f. 238v).
Further Carew items found here are not identifiable in the 'Carew-Sheldon' catalogue, but were probably amongst the three bundles of miscellanea which are not described in the list (Bodleian Library, Tanner MS. 275a, f. 11r).
The 'Carew-Sheldon' manuscripts were acquired by Gilbert Sheldon (1598-1677), Archbishop of Canterbury. All, or nearly all, were previously owned by George Carew, 1st Earl of Totnes (1555-1629). See M. R. James, 'The Carew manuscripts', English Historical Review, vol 42, 1927, pp. 261-267, and M. R. James, 'A Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of Lambeth Palace: The Mediaeval Manuscripts' (Cambridge, 1932), p. 401.
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library Box 516

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PublnNoteAndrew Lake, "The First Protestants in the Arab World: the contribution to Christian Mission of the English Aleppo Chaplains (1597-1782)" Folios 394r-395v (Ph.D. thesis, Melbourne School of Theology, 2015); available online:

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GB/109/14535Carew; George (1555-1629); Earl of Totnes; statesman1555-1629
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GB/109/18130Ferrar; John (c. 1588-1657); Merchant and politicianc. 1588-1657
GB/109/18131Ferrar; Nicholas (1593-1637)1593-1637
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NA2488Elizabeth I (1533-1603); Queen of England and Ireland1533-1603
NA2373Cecil; Lord; Robert (1563-1612); 1st Earl of Salisbury1563-1612
GB/109/17722Digby; John (1580-1653); 1st Earl of Bristol; diplomat and politician1580-1653
GB/109/17444Henry (c 1594-1612); Prince of Walesc 1594-1612
GB/109/15072Clement VIII (1536-1605); Pope (1592-1605)1536-1605
GB/109/18134William V (1548-1626); Duke of Bavaria; William the Pious1548-1626
NA2941Frampton; Robert (c.1622-1708); Bishop of Gloucester and nonjurorc.1622-1708
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GB/109/18135Michael III (fl. 1648-1672); Patriarch of Antioch (1648-1672)fl. 1648-1672
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