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Alt Ref NoMS 2014
Extent224 ff.
TitleMiscellaneous Papers
Date15th century - 16th century
DescriptionContemporary transcript of part of Hooker's 'Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity', Book VIII. The order of the text differs in places from that printed by Keble, Works of Richard Hooker, divine, 1836 (ff. 1-50v). On this manuscript see P.G. Stanwood, ed., 'Richard Hooker, Of the laws of ecclesiastical polity books VI, VII, VIII' (London 1981, ie. the Folger Library Edition of the Works of Richard Hooker vol. 3), pp. lxvi-lxix.
Bull of Pope Paul III excommunicating Henry VIII, 17 January 1538 (copy). Wilkins, Concilia, 1737, iii, 840-1 (ff. 51-60v).
Reply by Richard Cox, Bishop of Ely (d. 1581), to the question whether Prophesyings 'commode institutum' are useful to the Church. Entitled, 'De sacris coetibus de nouo instituendis questiones'. Signed, 'Richarde Ely' (Latin) (f. 65r-v).
Letter from Archbishop Grindal to Queen Elizabeth I, [20 December 1576] (copy). Strype, Grindal, ed. 1821, app. IX (f. 67).
Notes by Archbishop Grindal perhaps made for a treatise in defence of Prophesyings, consisting of texts from biblical, patristic, medieval, and modern sources. It was proposed to be divided into the following sections: (a) De horum nominum (scil. Propheta, Prophetia, Prophetare) significatione; (b) De forma seu modo prophetandi; (c) Praxis huius exercitii; (d) Quod prophetia sit retinenda. Only the first section is present, but see also MS. 2007, ff. 126-44v (Latin). Endorsed, Bundle CC. See also MS. 2872, ff. 10-11v (ff. 72-80).
Letter from John Elvin, Puritan minister of Westwell, Kent, to Archbishop Whitgift, 22 January 1589/90, complaining of treatment by [Stephen] Lakes, [Canon of Canterbury and Whitgift's Commissary], and defending himself against charges (f. 81).
Submission by George Hall, Bishop of Chester (1662), and Edward Campion to the Chief Baron of the Exchequer of a dispute concerning a lease dated 18 January 17 Chas. I by William Kingsley, Archdeacon of Canterbury, to George Kingsley. Signed, 'Geo. Cestriens Edward Campion' (f. 83).
Account of the death of Pope Gregory XIV, 1591. Endorsed by Whitgift, 'The manner of ye Popes cariage in his death bead, of wch there were diuerse copies inclosed in ye Ires intercepted' (f. 85r-v).
Letter from Cardinal Silvio Antoniano to Marsilio Landriano, Papal Nuncio in France, 16 October 1591, informing him of the death of Pope Gregory XIV (Latin copy endorsed by Whitgift) (f. 86).
Letter from Cardinal Silvio Antoniano to the City of Paris, 16 October 1591, announcing the Pope's death (Latin copy endorsed by Whitgift) (f. 87).
Papers concerning the dispute between English Roman Catholic secular priests (the Appellants) and the Archpriest George Blackwell, 1601-2 (ff. 91-139), as follows:
Leaf of a medieval MS. used as a wrapper (f. 88).
Unsigned letter from English Roman Catholic priests [to the Archpriest George Blackwell, 1601], denying charges of schism and proposing a conference (damaged) (f. 91).
Account by Anthony Rous, recusant, of sums advanced by him and his mother to Jhon Gerratt [John Gerard, the Jesuit] for rent of a house in London and other purposes, n.d. (f. 95).
'Discursus de eo quod proponendum est.(tear) sanctitudini suae a sacerdotibus anglis nomine reg[ni] Angliae de clauda libertate conscientiae catholici[s] eiusdem regni'. Endorsed as shown by Thomas Fitzherbert, S.J., to Robert Parsons, 20 March 1602 [N.S.] (Latin; much damaged) (ff. 96-98v).
'Oratio exhibita Ssmo pro rebus catholicorum in Anglia'. An account of an audience with Pope Clement VIII. Endorsed, 'Audientia quam habuit D.C. [?Anthony Champney or John Cecil] a Smo 19 June [1602] (Latin). T. G. Law, Archpriest controversy, Camden Society, 1898, ii, 110-13 (ff. 99-100).
Letter from English Roman Catholics addressed 'Beatissime Pater', concerning the lack of notaries and the admission of students to seminaries, n.d. (Latin draft) (f. 101).
Proceedings on appeal by English secular priests to the Pope, entitled, 'In Congregatione [Sancti Officii] habita die XX July 1602 super rebus Anglicanis' (Latin) (ff. 102-3).
A copy of the previous item inscribed 'Card Burgessins [Camillus Borghese] delivered us this as it standeth worde for word, as his Ho[liness'] deede and the Inquisition's, 9 August 1602' (f. 104).
Letter [from Robert] Barrois [Barwis], R.C. secular priest, to George Blackwell, 20 April 1601, defending himself against charges that he supported the Appellants (copy) (f. 105).
Letter from J[John] Colleton [to George Blackwell], 31 October 1601, forwarding an appeal and declining to continue to convey 'your disgracefull letters'. Protests at and questions legality of the removal of his faculties a year previously (f. 106).
Incomplete letter concerning the dispute between Blackwell and the Appellants, [1601] (much damaged draft) (f. 107).
Letter from Christopher Bagshaw, R. C. secular priest, James Taylor, Christopher Thules, Robert Thules, Robert Benson, R.C. secular priest, Edmund Calverley, Anthony Champney, prisoners at Framlingham, to Blackwell, 19 April 1601, complaining of persecution and listing seven propositions-'Propositiones nobis affingis quae tuae sunt palpabiles corruptelae' (Latin copy) (f. 111).
Letter from Blackwell to Christopher Bagshaw, Thomas Bluet, Christopher Thules, Edmund Calverley, and Anthony Champney, 16 May 1601, replying to the previous item (Latin copy) (f. 113).
Letter from Blackwell to the English secular priests, Cal. September [1601], prohibiting certain books (Latin copy) (f. 116).
Letter from Blackwell to Robert Berrais [Barwis], 27 April 1601, complaining of 'ouerflowings of yor mouth against me' (f. 117).
Letter from John Bennett, R.C. secular priest, to a correspondent in Naples, [1601], describing the dispute with Blackwell (f. 119).
Letter from Edward Coffin, S.J., to [Alban] Newton, R.C. secular priest, or Dolman, 12 February 1601/2. Endorsed, 'about Gerard's purloyning of £200' [John Gerard, S.J.](f. 122).
Letter from John Cecil to Robert Parsons, 22 March 1601/2, reporting that Scottish peers desire explanation of reported subscription by seminarists to the Infanta of Spain's title to the English throne (f. 123).
Letter from John Green, R.C. secular priest, to -, 14 January 1601/2, describing his imprisonment prior to removal to Framlingham, and the presence of 'false brethren' among the prisoners (copy) (f. 124).
Letter from Edmund Calverley to his cousin Anthony Copley, recusant poet, [January 1601/2], complaining that Catholics accuse him of being a friend of the State and an enemy of the Jesuits. If to have a true heart for his native land and to detest matters of state is a crime, he is guilty. Mentions the cost of maintenance of prisoners, and asks for certain books (f. 125).
Letter from Edmund Calverley to his cousin Anthony Copley, recusant poet, 19 January [1601/2], on his lack of maintenance and news. Fr. [Laurence] Collyer, a Franciscan, who opposed the Jesuits, has died and is buried at Framlingham castle. The Jesuits refused him unction (f. 126).
Letter from Edmund Calverley to Richard Bancroft, Bishop of London, and (1604) Archbishop of Canterbury, 8 February [1601/2], praying for relief for himself and six companions (f. 127).
Letter from Edmund Calverley to Robert Barwis at the Clink or elsewhere, or in his absence to [William] Clark in the Clink, 31 January [1601/2], understanding his banishment could be procured for £10, but he has not ten pence, and he and six companions must pay their keeper for diet. Asks for books, and for Dr. Carter of the Charterhouse to obtain funds from his nephew Walter Calverley. Desires intercession of the Bishop of London because of poverty. Has received tobacco from John Benson, R.C. secular priest, and a letter from Mr. Taylor. Asks for news of appeal to Pope (f. 129, 129v).
Letter from William Clark [to George Blackwell], 10 March 1601/2, complaining of persecution by Jesuits and citing letter from John Green. See f. 124 (f. 131).
Letter from A. R. [Anthony Rous] to [William] Wad [Waad], Clerk of the Privy Council, 1 August 1601, offering in return for his release intelligence at home and abroad, including information about the dispute between the secular priests and the Jesuits (f. 133).
Subscription by Anthony Rous to articles of allegiance and conformity to the Book of Common Prayer and Articles of Religion, 6 October 1601, and renunciation of Roman Catholic doctrine, 30 March 1602 (f. 134).
Letter from George Blackwell [to John Colleton], 2 March [1601/2], asserting his jurisdiction and demanding obedience (copy) (f. 136).
Letter from William Clark [to Blackwell], 4 March 1601/2, protesting against a commission issued by Blackwell for his examination (f. 139).
Letter protesting against proposed marriage between a son or daughter of James I and of Charles Emmanuel, Duke of Savoy. From Geneva, [1603] (French) (f. 140).
Clause from an Act of Parliament concerning the leasing of lands of Bishops, Deans, and Deans and Chapters, 17th cent. (f. 142).
Defence [by William Somner, Registrar of Canterbury, antiquary] of the right of the Commissary of Canterbury to prove prerogative wills and administrations, [1635]. A copy is at ff. 160-I (ff. 146-7).
'An abstract of prerogative wills and administrations at Canterbury out of the bookes in the registrie there', with a memorandum on the rights of the Commissary by William Somner, [1635] (ff. 148-149v)
Memorandum concerning conflicting jurisdiction of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury over wills of testators of goods in more than one diocese, and of the Commissary of the diocese of Canterbury who has claimed jurisdiction in cases of persons dying in the see of Canterbury having goods in other dioceses, [1635]. Endorsed as written for William Somner. A further copy is at f. 154 (f. 150).
'Conseil infernaux ou horrible practique que les Jesuites usent en la consultation qu'ils tiennent lorsqu'ils font meutrir quelque Roy.' Extract from a book printed in 1610 (ff. 152-3). [Practice of regicide by the Society of Jesus in 1610.]
Extract from Archbishop Courtenay's register and other notes concerning the prerogative jurisdiction, [1635] (ff. 158-9).
'Propositiones ministrorum Scottiae serenissimi regi oblatae', with reply, temp. Jas. VI (Latin) (ff. 162-5).
'Certaine other things very considerable in the prerogative buisinesse', [1635] (ff. 166-167v).
Letter from Sir Robert Naunton, politician, to -, 12 November 1589, describing religious unrest in Scotland aroused by a sermon by Richard Bancroft (copy) (f. 168).
Letter from André Small to James I, 19 June 1613, offering information about Jesuits in return for employment (French) (f. 170).
'Regiae Maiestatis Declaratio', [1585]. A declaration by James VI of Scotland, composed by Patrick Adamson, Archbishop of St. Andrews, concerning religion. English version printed as A declaration of the King's maiesties intention and meaning toward the lait actis of Parliament, 1585. See also f. 186 (ff. 174v-177v).
Acknowledgement of the Abbot of Bruern, Oxfordshire, made before the King in Chancery, concerning falsification of a charter, [1368]. Copy compared by William Colet deputy of Sir John Borough (d. 1643). Cal. Close Rolls, xii, 492-3 (ff. 178v-183v).
Copy of letters patent of Elizabeth I accepting a benevolence granted by York Convocation, [1586/7], with extracts from a commission by Charles I to the Convocation of York and from his signet letters (ff. 184-5).
Recantation of Patrick Adamson, Archbishop of St. Andrews, and refutation by him of the King's Declaration, 1591. See also f. 174 (copy) (ff. 186-192v).
Treatise in Latin on the power of the king and the pope in temporal matters, 16th cent. (ff. 194-222).
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 203

Colour images of selected folios available from Bridgeman Art Library: MS 2014 ff. 67 (Image ID: LAM 310387), 68 (Image ID: LAM 310384), 68v (Imgae ID: LAM 310392), 69 (Image ID: LAM 31085), 69v, (Image ID: LAM 310391), 70 (Image ID: LAM 310386), 71 (Image ID: LAM 310388), 71v (Image ID: LAM 310390)
PublnNoteSee Lambeth Palace Library Z664.L25.24 [These consist of notes made by Simon Keynes regarding the dispersal of the Fairhurst Collection. (unpublished)]

"Historical Magazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church" vol. XXXIV (1965) pp. 128-41

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GB/109/15590Paul III (1468-1549); pope1468-1549
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38Whitgift; John (?1530-1604); Archbishop of Canterbury?1530-1604
NA2159Province of York; Convocation
GB/109/16216Society of Jesus; 1540-1540-
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