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Extent55 ff.
TitleLetters from the Privy Council to Archbishop Whitgift, unless otherwise stated, mainly about recusants
Date24 December 1589-24 June 1593
Description24 December 1589. Requires return of bond for £2,000 to John Talbot, of Grafton, Worcs., esq., a recusant confined to his house at Clerkenwell, a new bond having been taken on his confinement to within six miles of his house (f. 2).
13 March 1589/90. Requires recusants to be sent to the bishop's palace at Ely and to Banbury castle, Oxfordshire, or the house of Richard Fynes [Broughton, Oxfordshire] (f. 1).
4 June 1590. Requires the admission of Alexander Serle as Proctor exercent in the Court of Arches and other ecclesiastical courts (f. 6).
16 June 1590. Leave for Katherine Udall to visit her husband John Udall [Puritan], a close prisoner in the Gatehouse (f. 7).
28 June 1590. Order to examine John Caster committed to the Gatehouse by [Richard] Topclif for obstinacy in religion and keeping company with papists (f. 8).
17 August 1590. Order to examine charges made by William Werberton, of London, saddler, against Brian Lassels (f. 9).
29 September 1590. Order to release Thomas Calvert from the Marshalsea to pursue in the courts a dispute with Thomas Brackin of Gray's Inn concerning Elizabeth Hill of London, said to be 'entangled in matrimony' (f. 10).
4 October 1590. Order to release John Thimelby, a prisoner with Mr. Fynes, on payment of a bond, to settle the estate of his deceased father. Also Thomas Throckmarten, esq., a recusant and prisoner of Fynes, to be released for legal cases on payment of a bond (annotated by Whitgift) (f. 11).
11 October 1590. Recusants in charge of Fynes at Broughton and Richard Arkenstall at Ely Palace to be released to Whitgift and to give bonds for their places of residence. A return of the places to be made to the Council (f.12).
[25 October 1590]. Petition to the Privy Council by Erasmus Webb, B.D., Archdeacon of Buckingham, for the profits of the Archdeaconry of Buckingham previously in dispute between him and Dr. [Tertullian] Pine, Archdeacon of Sudbury (1591). See f. 15 (f. 13).
28 October 1590. Order that recusants removed from Ely and Broughton, and Thomas Gawen, of Wiltshire, a prisoner for religion in the Fleet, be allowed to give the same bonds as on their restraint the year before; Sir Thomas Fitzherbert to be confined to his house during pleasure (f. 14).
28 October 1590. Refers petition of Erasmus Webb to him. See f. 13 (f. 15).
11 November 1590. Order that Michaell Hare, of Suffolk, esq., recusant, have permission to go to the country to settle his affairs (f. 16).
30 November 1590. Order that John Draycott [Draicot], recusant, esq., have permission to attend to the sale of lands in Lincolnshire and Shropshire for the settlement of debts (f. 17).
20 December 1590. Order that John Talbott, of Grafton, William Tirwith, and Edward Sulyard [Syllyard] of Wetherden, Suffolk, recusant, esqs., have liberty on giving bonds to attend to business in the country (f. 18).
22 December 1590. Order that Rooke Greene, esq., of Littlesampford, Essex, a recusant confined for three years at Ely and elsewhere, have liberty on giving bond to go to the country on account of his age and affairs (f. 19).
1 February 1590/1. Order that William Tirwhit, gent., have liberty on giving bond to visit his estate in Lincolnshire where his mother had died intestate (f. 3).
2 February 1590/1. Licence for John Leeds, of Wappingthorn, Sussex, esq., a recusant confined in London, to return to his own house on giving bond (f. 4).
8 March 1590/1. Licence for William Tirwhitt to attend Lincoln assizes in connection with his inheritance (f. 5).
31 March 1591. Requires Whitgift to mediate in a dispute between Lawrence Odley [of Canterbury] and the Mayor of Canterbury and Samuel Parker [of Canterbury] concerning a bond given by Odley's father as executor 20 years previously (f. 21).
27 April 1591. Licence for William Browne, recusant, brother of Anthony Browne, 1st Viscount Montagu, to visit his family in Norfolk on giving bond to return to London (f. 22).
18 May 1591. Requires bond to be taken from John Thimblebie, esq., a recusant, to surrender to the charge of Edward Bilsbie, of Bilsby, Lincs., esq. (f. 23).
18 June 1591. Licence for William Browne, brother of Lord Montagu, to live with his children in Norfolk and elsewhere on giving bond (f. 24).
28 June 1591. Licence for Rooke Greene, of Littlesampford, Essex, long imprisoned for recusancy at Ely and elsewhere, to reside anywhere in the realm owing to his age on giving bond (f. 25).
30 June 1591. Licence to Thomas Throckmorton, esq., to reside freely in the realm on giving bond (f. 26).
20 July 1591. Order to the Attorney-General [John Popham, Kt. (1592)] and the Solicitor-General [Thomas Egerton] to examine Nicholas Fuller, of Gray's Inn, counsellor-at-law, now imprisoned in the Fleet (f. 27).
22 July 1591. Licence to John Talbott, of Grafton, esq., to attend Shropshire assizes for a dispute with his tenants on giving bond (f. 28).
24 July 1591. Order to the Attorney-General and the Solicitor-General to proceed with the trial of [William] Hacket for sedition (f. 29).
31 July 1591. Licence for Edward Syllyard, of Suffolk, esq., to go to the country on giving bond (f. 30).
28 August 1591. Further licence for John Talbot, of Grafton, esq., to attend Shropshire assizes on giving bond to return to his house at Islington (f. 31).
31 August 1591. Licence for John Leeds, of Wappingthorn, Sussex, esq., long imprisoned at Ely for recusancy, to go to the country on giving bond (f. 32).
19 September 1591. Further licence to Edward Sulyard, of Wetherden, Suffolk, a recusant, to enable him to sell land to pay debts, including a 'good some' to the Queen for his recusancy, on giving bond (f. 33).
30 September 1591. Licence for Ferdinando Parris, a recusant, to go to the country to sell woods for the payment of debts, including sums due by the Statute of Recusancy, on giving bond (f. 34).
3 October 1591. Licence for John Draicot and Thomas Gawen of Wilts. to provide for sums due to the Queen for recusancy, on giving bond (f. 35).
3 October 1591. Licence for John Towneley and [George] Cotton (f. 36).
10 October 1591. Requests a collection in all dioceses in the Province of Canterbury for the relief of the widow and children of Dr. [Ralph] Thomson, former Chaplain to Queen Elizabeth I (f. 37).
17 October 1591. Licence for Gilbert Welles and Michael Hare of Hants and Suffolk to go to the country to provide for sums due to the Queen for their recusancy, on giving bonds (f. 38).
2 November 1591. Licence for Samuel Loane, esq., recusant, to go to the country on giving bond (f. 39).
22 March 1591/2. Requires a table for payment of tithes to be sent to all parishes in the Province of Canterbury for avoidance of lawsuits (f. 20).
8 August 1592. Order for the release on bail of Henry Arthington (f. 42).
8 August 1592. List of recusants to remain at Broughton and Banbury castle in the charge of Richard Fenys and Anthony Cope, esqs., and at Ely in the charge of Thomas Medley (f. 43).
11 August 1592. Order for recusants listed at f. 43 to be returned to Broughton, Banbury, and Ely (f. 44).
3 September 1592. Directions to examine John Bell als. Burton, a seminary priest, who voluntarily surrendered to the Earl of Derby (f. 45).
18 September 1592. Order that John Talbot, of Grafton, esq., be not sent to Ely with other recusants (f. 46).
7 January 1592/3. Order for the restraint of obstinate female recusants, who have corrupted their families in religion, in Kent, Surrey, and elsewhere (f. 40).
23 February 1592/3. Order to commit Sir William Catesby, Thomas Throckmorton, [John] Talbot, of Grafton, John Leedes [Leeds], Thomas Gawin, and Sir Thomas Tresham to Ely until further notice (f. 41).
1 April 1593. Order for the release of Sir Thomas Tresham, a feoffee to certain uses in land for which William Vaux, 3rd Baron Vaux, has sought a Bill in Parliament to sell for the payment of debts (f. 47).
26 April 1593. Licence for John Talbott, of Grafton, esq., to be released from Ely to attend to a lawsuit (f. 48).
11 May 1593. Order for the release of Thomas Throckmorton from Banbury to attend to lawsuits, on giving bond (f. 49).
20 May 1593. Order to proceed against Richard Danvers, of Reading, Berkshire, for blasphemy etc. (f. 50).
5 June 1593. Order for the release of Edward Eccleston, of Eccleston, Lancs., recusant, imprisoned in the Gatehouse for religion, owing to plague, to the charge of his father Henry Eccleston, esq., on giving bond (f. 51).
[10 June 1593]. Petition to the Privy Council by William Pinder, Rector of Mottisfont, Hants, that Whitgift determine a dispute between him and Sir Walter Sandes concerning the living of Mottisfont (f. 52). Also a note on the case signed by Pinder (f. 52v).
22 June 1593. Refers the petition of William Pinder to him (f. 53).
11 June 1593. Order for the extension of liberty of John Talbott until the conclusion of a suit involving the Earl of Shrewsbury, on giving bond (f. 54).
24 June 1593. Licence for renewal of absence for Sir Thomas Tresham, on giving bond, to assist Lord Vaux, his brother-in-law, in the sale of lands for the payment of debts, permission for the sale having been given by Parliament (f. 55).
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 202
PublnNoteSee Lambeth Palace Library Z664.L2 5.24 [These consist of notes made by Simon Keynes regarding the dispersal of the Fairhurst Collection. (unpublished)]
Peter I. Kaufman, Religion around Shakespeare, Pennsylvania State University, 2013. [SR3011.K2]

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