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Extent287 ff.
TitleNotes on church government
DescriptionConsisting of regulations by James VI, King of Scotland, for the Scottish Church made at Holyrood House, 19 and 27 February 1585/6 (ff. 2-5); statement of points in dispute between Richard Hooker, divine, and Walter Travers, Puritan, in sermons delivered at The Temple, 1585 (ff. 6-8v); copy of an account by Hooker of his sermon on 28 March 1585, inscribed in Archbishop Whitgift's hand 'Notes of Mr. Hooker's sermon'. Differs from the text in Works of Hooker, ed. J. Keble, 1836, i, 77-81 (ff. 9-13); copy of a further paper by Hooker on the same subject (ff. 13v-15v 'Assertions of T.C. [Thomas Cartwright, puritan]', [1585] in the hand of Whitgift (f. 16v).
Cardinal Pole's address to Parliament. 'Pro instauratione reipublicae Anglorum proque reditu reverendissimi simul et nobilissimi viri Reginaldi Poli . . . Oratio ad prudentissimum senatum Anglorum. Authore Jodoco Harchio Montensi',[Judocus Harchius] [1554]. A summary in English is printed by Strype, Ecclesiastical memorials, 1822, iii, pt. II, app. XX (ff. 32-58v).
Institution of a Christian Man. A translation into Latin of the prefatory epistle of the Bishops to Henry VIII, of the interpretation of the Ninth Article, and of the section on the Sacrament of Orders in The Institution of a Christian Man published in 1537 (ff. 60-83v).
'Quaestio cujus examen ad rationis trutinam mihi imposuit, et ex cujus solutionis lance de causae Arminianae fatis aestimandum voluit ornatissimus Academiae Oxon. Orator Rob[Robertus, Robert] South', 17th cent. (ff. 84-86v).
Archpriest controversy. 'Refutatio responsi P. Personii ad considerationes a nobis sanctissimo domino nostro propositas pro pace stabilienda in ecclesia Anglicana', 22 May [1602]. T. G. Law, Archpriest controversy, Camden Society, 1898, ii, 127-46 (ff. 88-97).
Treatise in Latin on the reformation of the Church, 16th cent. (ff. 98-105).
Treatise entitled 'De potestate ecclesiastica', including a section entitled 'Quod non liceat episcopis, iure diuino, onerare ecclesiam nouis legibus' (ff. 108-110 v).
Account in Latin of the jurisdiction of ecclesiastical courts, divided into the following sections: (a) De Archiepiscopo Cantuariensis; (b) De episcopis et eorum officiariis; (c) De commissionariis regiis; (d) De curia delegatorum regiorum; (e) De Archiepiscopo Eboracensi; (f) De episcopis suffraganeis Archiepiscopi Eborum (ff. 112-14).
Two letters from Stephen Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester, to Archbishop Cranmer, [after 12 June and after 1 July 1547] (Latin copies). Letters of Stephen Gardiner, ed. J. A. Muller, 1933, 299-360 (ff. 127-150v).
Account by Nicholas Kempe, Registrar of Faculties, of the grant of licences to eat meat and of other faculties, 25 December 1618-25 March 1619. See also MS. 2004, ff. 109-31 (ff. 153-167v).
Papers about the Archpriest controversy, many badly damaged by damp (ff. 171-247, 254-86), as follows: 'Considerationes quaedam Sanctissimo proponendae pro pace stabilienda in Ecclesia Anglicana', 21 April [1602]. T. G. Law, op. cit., 118-22 (ff. 171-2).
Letter containing an account of the proceedings of the Appellants in Rome, 27 April 1602 (copy; torn) (f. 173).
News from Italy, [2]7 April 1602 (torn) (f. 175r-v).
Letter from Matthew Kellison, President of Douai College (1613), to Dr. John Cecil, 5 April 1603 (copy) (f. 176).
Letter from Francis Foster, R.C. priest, to Dr. John Cecil, 1 May 1603 (f. 178).
Letter from Ch. B. [Christopher Bagshaw] 'to the pryestes of England Appellantes and theyre associates', September 1603 (f. 179).
Letter from Thomas Bluet, R.C. secular priest, to Nicolas de Neufville, Seigneur de Villeroi, Secretary to Henri IV, 5 January [1602/3] (Latin copy) (f. 180).
Submission of John Colleton, Robert Tempest, John Mush, and John Roberts, R.C. priests, to George Blackwell, the Archpriest, 13 May 1603 (copy). A further copy is at f. 183 (f. 181).
Letter from C. B. [Christopher Bagshaw] to John Mushe 'as angry as a waspe', [1603] (f. 182).
Letter to Dr. John Cecil, 24 April 1603 (French) (f. 186).
'Certaine poyntes tirées des letters [sic] envoies a monsieur de Angleterre le 28 de febrer 1603', containing extracts from letters by John Mush to Cecil (ff. 187-188v).
Letter from Dr. John Cecil to Villeroi, [1603] (French copy) (f. 189).
Letter from Dr. John Cecil to Villeroi, [1603] (French copy) (f. 190).
Oaths by Francis Barnbye [Barnaby], R.C. secular priest, not to perform priestly office without licence from commissioners for causes ecclesiastical, and undertaking to reveal plots against the crown, 3 March 1603/4 (f. 191). Also a further oath by the same too badly damaged to be legible (f. 192).
Leaf from a medieval MS. (f. 193).
Letter from Dr. John Cecil to Christophe de Harlay, Comte de Beaumont, French ambassador in England, January 1603 (Latin copy) (f. 194).
Memorial by secular priests to James I protesting their loyalty. 'To that ende we have deliuered and browght not only al our papers, letters, relations, memorials and informations but our very particuler notes made from tyme to tyme for our memoryes that his Majestie may see he hath to doe with lovinge, loyal, playne, honest and real men his most faythfull and affectionate subiectes and servants', [1603] (f. 195). Also the substance of a letter from Robert Parsons to [Henry] Constable, recusant poet, 24 February 1603/4 (f. 195v).
Memorandum by Dr. John Cecil of a conversation with Villeroi, 7 January 1603 (Latin copy) (f. 196).
Letter from Dr. John Cecil to John Mush, 1 February 1603 (Latin copy) (f. 197).
Letter from Ludovicus Ystella Valentinus, Vicar-General of the Order of Preachers, to John Starky, R.C. priest, 30 March 1603 (Latin) (f. 198).
Letter from Ludovicus Ystella Valentinus, Vicar-General of the Order of Preachers to Elis Nutters, R.C. priest, 30 March 1603 (Latin) (f. 200).
'A succincte relation of such remercable poyntes as may concerne his Majestie's services and affayres in the late negotiation of the pryests Appellantes in Rome and Fraunce, the pregnant proves and evidences of which theyre endoveurs and services are for the present in my L. of London's handes', [by Dr. John Cecil] (ff. 202-3).
Letter from priests imprisoned at Framlingham, Suffolk, to Pope Clement VIII, 2 March 1603 (Latin copy) (f. 204).
'The most remerkable poyntes of a letter sent from Parsons to Possivine of the 4th of Januarye 1603'. The letter was sent by the French ambassador in Venice 'a greater faverer of the Jesuites to induce the King his master thereby to Persons' designes', [by Dr. John Cecil, letter to Antonio Possevino, the elder - summary] (ff. 206-207v).
Letter from Robert Parsons to John Cecil and three other priests with him in Rome, 1 January 1603. A copy is f. 228 (f. 208).
Letter from R. B. [Robert Barwis], R.C. priest, to William Watson, 10 January [1603] (copy) (f. 210).
Letter from Dr. John Cecil to Villeroi, 13 April 1603 (French copy) (f. 212).
Six letters from Philippe de Bethune, Comte de Selles, French ambassador in Rome, to Dr. John Cecil, February-May 1603 (French) (ff. 213-223v).
Letter from Dr. John Cecil to Villeroi, 6 March 1603 (French) (f. 224).
Three letters from Philippe de Bethune to Dr. John Cecil, November 1602-February 1603 (French) (ff. 226-31).
Petition from the secular priests, [1603] (Latin copy) (f. 232).
Passport from Henri IV, King of France, to Cecil, Bluet, Mush, and Champney, 6 January 1602. Signed, 'Henry' (f. 233).
Letters from Philippe de Bethune to Dr. John Cecil, 14 January and 27 January 1603 (French) (ff. 235-237v).
A discourse in Italian concerning liberty of conscience of English priests in England. Endorsed, 'A discourse of theire affayres in Italian of Tho: Fitzharbert against ye priests'. T. G. Law, op. cit., ii, 81-6 (ff. 239-47).
Puritanism. 'Certayne particulars conteyned in [John] Penrie [Penry]'s Supplication unto the highe Court of Parlement', 1588 (f. 248r-v).
Anabaptists. Notes on the beliefs of Anabaptists, 16th cent. (ff. 250-253v).
Letter from George Blackwell to the secular priests, December 1601 (Latin) (f. 254).
Letter from the secular priests to George Blackwell, 7 December 1601 (Latin copy) (f. 255).
Letter from the secular priests to Thomas Worthington, President of Douai College, 9 December 1601 (Latin copy) (f. 256).
Letter from Thomas Bluet to Richard Bancroft, Bishop of London, and (1604) Archbishop of Canterbury, [1601] (f. 257).
Letter from Pope Clement VIII to George Blackwell, the English secular priests, and the Catholic laity, [15 December 1601]. Endorsed, 'Per mrm [Thomas] Leake sacerdotem' (Latin copy) (f. 261).
Statement by the secular priests for Pope Clement VIII, [1601]. Endorsed, 'Summe of ye booke to ye Pope' (copy) (f. 263).
Letter from C.B. [Christopher Bagshaw] to Thomas Bluet, [1601] (f. 267).
Testimonials in favour of John Mush, 1601 (Latin) (ff. 268-75).
Testimonial by recusants imprisoned in York castle in favour of John Mush, [1601] (f. 276).
Letter from Christopher Bagshaw, R. C. secular priest, and Thomas Bluet to the Bishop of London, c. 1601 (f. 277).
Letter from George Blackwell to his fellow priests and Catholics in England, [1601] (Latin) (f. 279).
Letter from Thomas Bluet to the Bishop of London, 6 November 1601 (f. 280).
Letter from Christopher Bagshaw to the Bishop of London, 7 November [1601] (f. 281).
Letter from John Mush to one Smithe, 7 November [1601] (f. 283).
Letter from Octavius Mirtus, Bishop of Tricarico, Papal Nuncio in Belgium, to Christopher Bagshaw, 23 November 1601 (Latin copy) (f. 285).
Letter from Octavius Mirtus, Bishop of Tricarico, Papal Nuncio in Belgium, to Christopher Bagshaw, 26 November 1601 (Latin copy) (f. 286).
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 201
PublnNoteSee Lambeth Palace Library Z664.L2 5.24 [These consist of notes made by Simon Keynes regarding the dispersal of the Fairhurst Collection. (unpublished)]

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