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TitleMiscellaneous Papers
DescriptionLetter from Cardinal Lawrence Campeggio [to his brother Marc Antonio], 6 June 1536 (Latin copy). Cf. C.L.P. For. & Dom., 1887, ×, 1077 (f. 1).
Articles of religion. The articles are included with others in the Articles agreed by Convocation in 1562, and appear to have been compiled for that purpose. Cf. Sparrow, Collection of articles ..., 1661, 81 seq. (ff. 5-13v).
'Certen articles in substance desired to be granted by the Quene's maiestie', [1562]. Strype, Annals, 1824, i, pt. I, 522-5 (ff. 17-18v).
Arguments for the proposition that prayers and sacraments in a foreign tongue are against the word of God and the sacraments, drawn up by Protestant disputants for a proposed conference in Westminster Abbey between Protestants and Roman Catholics, 1559. Burnet, History of the Reformation, ed. N. Pocock, 1865, v, 507-13 (ff. 22-8).
Extract from an address by Bishops and divines to Queen Elizabeth I, [1559], against the use of images. Burnet, op. cit., v, 530-1 (f. 29).
Confession of faith of the Spanish congregation in London, [1563].
Endorsed, 'De causa Cassiodori [Spanish priest] Hispani. Confessio Hispanica' (Latin) (ff. 31v-47).
Rites of the Dutch congregation at Sandwich, Kent, entitled 'Ritus ministerii ecclesiastici in ecclesia belgica'. The rites are those prescribed in John a Lasco Forma ac ratio tota ecclesiastici ministerii in peregrinorum ..., [1555] (ff. 49-51v).
'An answer unto certayne petitions', [1584], consisting of a reply to sixteen petitions from the House of Commons to the House of Lords for Puritan church government. A further copy is at ff. 72-78v. Strype, Whitgift, 1822, iii, 124-30 (ff. 53-7).
Reasons against 'The Bill for swearing of Bishopps and Archbishopps', [1559], with some annotations possibly in the hand of Archbishop Parker (f. 61r-v).
'An aunswer to the 4 points reserved to our consideration', consisting of a statement by legal officers of the operation of ecclesiastical courts (f. 63r-v).
'Reasons why beneficed men living and doeing their duties in their benefices should not be counted Non Resident, though they dwell not in their parsonage or vicaredge howse', [1601] (f. 65).
'Touching pluralitie of benefices', [1601]. See below, f. 81 and MS. 2004, ff. 19-21 (f. 67r-v).
'Against the Bill propounded in Parliament Anno 1601 November 12o for disanullinge of dispensations for Pluralities of Benefices'. See also MS. 2004, ff. 24-5 (ff. 68-69v).
'The answeres to the Petitions of the Commons of the lower house of Parlement', [1584]. A copy of ff. 53-7 (ff. 72-78v).
'An act for the redressing of certayne Inconveniences in the statute 21 H: 8 Cap. 13 Intituled An Act against pluralities of benefices, for taking of farmes by spirituall men, and for residency', [1601] (ff. 79v-80).
A further copy of f. 67r-v (f. 81r-v).
Commission from Queen Elizabeth I to Archbishop Whitgift and others to survey and reform ecclesiastical courts, 10 June 1594 (copy) (ff. 84-92v).
'Responsiones ad argumenta Anabaptistarum et nouorum Pelagianorum quibus nittuntur necessariam doctrinam de aeterna Dei electione et praedestinatione ab ecclesia excludere et errores Pelagiani et Celestini jampridem ab ecclesia damnatos ab inferis suscitare' (ff. 94-106).
'Certeyne reasones to be offred to the Quene's Majestie's consideration why it is not convenient that the Communion shulde be mynystared at an Altere', [1559]. Strype, Annals, 1824, i, pt. I, 237-41 (ff. 107-9).
Tabulated brief of the information exhibited in the Star Chamber against Thomas Cartwright, Edmund Snape, Humphrey Fen [Fenn] and others, and of their answers, [1591]. A version is printed in Strype, Whitgift, 1822, iii, 242-60 (ff. 111-14).
Letter from John Hill, Canon of Canterbury, [to Archbishop Parker], 15 March 1567/8, informing him that the Dean and Chapter will grant him money 'as long as this quarell doth continue' (f. 117).
Letter from Edmund Grindal, Bishop of London, and (1576) Archbishop of Canterbury, [to Archbishop Parker], 10 July 1568, about the levy of an aid from the clergy (f. 118).
Letter from Andrew Perne, Master of Peterhouse, [to Archbishop Parker], 11 January 1565/6, about Cambridge affairs. Journal of ecclesiastical history, 1964, 198-200 (f. 119).
Extracts from letter from Archbishop Cranmer to Queen Mary, [September 1555]. Miscellaneous writings and letters of Thomas Cranmer, Parker Society, 1846, 447-52 (f. 121).
Letter from Archbishop Cranmer to the Privy Council, [23 April 1554] (copy). Parker Society, op. cit., 446-7 (f. 125).
Translation or copy of a life of Ignatius de Loyola (ff. 126-34).
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 200
PublnNoteSee Lambeth Palace Library Z664.L2 5.24 [These consist of notes made by Simon Keynes regarding the dispersal of the Fairhurst Collection. (unpublished)]

Bray, G. (ed.) "The Anglican Canons, 1529-1547" Church of England Record Society, vol. 6. 1998

Journal of Ecclesiastical History XV, pp. 198-200

Gunther, Karl., Reformation unbound: Protestant visions of reform in England, 1525-1590. (Cambridge, 2014) [Lambeth Palace Library D375.G8]

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NA1682University of Cambridge
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145Church of England; 1534-1534-
42Cranmer; Thomas (1489-1556); Archbishop of Canterbury1489-1556
NA2488Elizabeth I (1533-1603); Queen of England and Ireland1533-1603
GB/109/15191Fenn; Humphrey (1543-1634); clergyman1543-1634
DS/UK/5192England and Wales; Privy Council; 1536-17071536-1707
DS/UK/6296England and Wales; Parliament; 1536-17071536-1707
39Grindal; Edmund (1519-1583); Archbishop of Canterbury1519-1583
GB/109/6769England and Wales; Parliament; House of Lords; 1536-17071536-1707
NA2249Mary I (1516-1558); Queen of England and Ireland1516-1558
40Parker; Matthew (1504-1575); Archbishop of Canterbury1504-1575
GB/109/15609Perne; Andrew (1519?-1589); clergyman and college head1519?-1589
GB/109/15752Snape; Edmund (c. 1565-1608); clergyman, evangelical preacherc. 1565-1608
38Whitgift; John (?1530-1604); Archbishop of Canterbury?1530-1604
GB/109/14965Campeggi; Lorenzo (c.1471-1539); Cardinal; Bishop of Salisbury and diplomatc.1471-1539
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