RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 200
Extentff. 2 + 64, 1 + 46, 3 + 113
Date10th century-15th century
DescriptionContents by Sancroft.

The flyleaves are late. On the second, numbered f. 1, is:
The vse of thastronomicall quadraunt
two pages in English, of cent. xvi.

I. In a very neat hand of cent. xv (Brewer says xiv): at first
52 lines to the page.

1. Inc. liber Rogeri Bacon de comendacione artis mathamatice.
Manifesto (l. -ato: the same mistake is in Royal MS. 7. F. vii
and Tib. c. v) quod multe preclare radices sapiencie . . . . . f. 2
- requirat principalem scripturam. Opus Maj. pt. IV. (ed.
Bridges i. 97). Little, Essays on R. B., p. 381.
Added colophon: Expl. lib. johannis bacon de comm. art.
math. Ex consequenti sequitur alius lib. eiusd. de laude
scripture sancte ad clementem papam prout sequitur. et
primo breuis epistola ad eundem (added: vocaturque totus
liber epistola ad Clementem). Catchword: Hucusque [first
word of De laude Scripture sancte (omitted or lost)].

2. Inc. ep. Rogeri Bacon ad Clementem papam . . . . . 38
Sanctissimo domino patri domino clementi
There are several changes of hand for the worse (f. 41, 43).
Ends imperfect with the heading:
Cap. 53 de mobilitate substantie separate
Opus tertium. cc. 1-45, Little, p. 391, Brewer (Rolls), pp. xl
and 3-167.

3. Epistola d(ni) Roberti Grostet Lincoln. ep. directa pape Inno-
centio 4(to) et Cardinalibus . . . . . 60
Dominus noster I. C. eterni patris filius
In double columns in another hand
- a me peccatore extremo est attemptatum etc. [Amen.]
The Sermon at Lyons, Browne, Fasc. II. 250 etc.

4. In another hand, single leaves.
Letter of Zano of Castiglione, Bp of Bayeux 1432-59, to Duke
Humphrey, on the lamentable state of Normandy . . . . . 64
Humfredo duci Gloucestr. Non sum nescius - in annalibus
nostris legitis.
Printed from MS. 211 in Bekynton's Correspondence (Rolls,
ed. Williams), II. 289.
On 65b are only scribbles.

II. Cent. x, in a very beautiful black minuscule, 32 lines to a
f. 66a blank: on 66b (xiv): cxxx al(marioli) ca(nonicorum),
the Waltham Abbey pressmark. Also some scribbled music.
On 67 (xiv): Aldelmus de virginitate dor(mitorii) pri(oris) and
scribbles of words (gaballus, etc.): 67b, 68a blank.
On 68b at top (xi): liber de conceptu uirginali.

5. Aldhelmus de virginitate: the prose treatise.
The prologue has a beautiful outline initial with convolutions
and heads of beasts: first line in green capitals, second
in red.
Reuerentissimis Christi virginibus
- prosperitatis salutem.
The prologue is followed by the well-known drawing of
Aldhelm seated, offering his book to the foremost of a group
of nine nuns, the last of whom (on R.) holds another book.
This is his prose treatise, which they already have: he now
gives them the book in verse. Such is Ehwald's interpreta-
tion; if it is correct, this picture, as he says, must have been
designed for a copy of the versified treatise. There is another,
showing our book in MS. Bodl. 577.
The drawing is reproduced as a frontispiece to Todd's Catalogue
and also by Ehwald. See also Pal. Soc. ser. II. pl. 191. The
MS. Bodl. 577 (27645) containing De Virginitate and De
Octo Vitiis might possibly be a sister volume or first part of
this. It contains two drawings of similar character but is a
smaller book (8 5/8 x 6).
f. 69a. Title page with broad square frame consisting of four
angle panels and four side panels divided by strong black
lines and filled with ornament in outline. The angle panels
have conventional foliage, the others plaited work. The
initial is in admirable outline. The text in alternate lines of
green and red capitals.
Iamdudum /ad pontificale / ... - allata.
The first line of each section of text is in green capitals and the
initial in fine black outline. These form a most remarkable
Text ends 111a: et caelestis patriae participes.
111b-113 (formerly stuck to the binding) blank.
Last examined by Ehwald for his edition in M. G. H. auct.
antiquiss. XV. 1 (p. 216).

III. From Lanthony: composed of many portions.
f. 114a was originally stuck to the binding.
On 114b at top: Iste liber est d . . . . . . prioris Lanth. prime.
Below this (xv): Morganus.
In isto vol. cont. distinctiones super psalterium.
Probably no. 69 in the catalogue: Glose super psalterium in
uno quaterno simplici modici valoris.
On 115a (xiii) is a note:
Anna Rex Oriental: pr'.
Sexburga filia huius nupsit Erconberto Regi Cantuariorum.
hic patrem habuit Eadbaldum auum sanctum Adelbertum
(Soror eius Edeldreda between lines), qui recepit S. Augus-
tinum et eius consortium. Soror Sexburge Adeldreda duos
habuit maritos Earum soror Adelberga que nauem ascendens
mare pertransiit. Iter peregrinationis arripiens in b[ri]gensi
monasterio abatisse functa est officio et plena uirtutibus
requieuit in domino. Rex anna peremptus est a quodam
gentili duce merciorum. Sexburga duos habuit filios Reges.
Egbertum et Lotarium et duas filias Ermenildam et Erken-
godam. Ermenilda nupsit Wulfero Regi merciorum. De eo
suscepit filiam sanctam Wereburgam. Erkengoda peregrin-
ando circuiuit (?) loca sancta.
115b blank: on 116a pencil notes: on 116b note on the Holy
Land: Gessemane ... in radice montis oliueti. Torens cedron
est inferius etc. - a nazareth distat cana galilee quasi VI. mil.
ad aquilonem.
Pencil lists of Biblical Books.

6. Inc. distinctiones super Spalterium . . . . . 117
In hoc prologo cont. commendacio persone prophete dauid
causa nominis
This volume is in a very neat small hand (xiii), in tabular form;
headings of psalms in margin.
Ends 160a: et sic medio tutus ibis.
On 160b three notes in other hands.
161 in double columns has miscellaneous paragraphs on Biblical
matter (O.T.) in another hand.

7. Exposition of the Lord's Prayer and Creed: double columns
(xiv) . . . . . 162
Pater noster. Tantum enim ut qui digni serui non fueramus
Cimbolum interpretatur collacio - securitas usque in sempi-
163b blank.

8. One leaf (xii), well written. Extracts from Augustine . . . . . 164
A few lines only on the verso, the rest covered with close
pencil writing (xiii) continued on to 165.

9. Litany (xiii) . . . . . 165
Martyrs: Dionisi c. soc., Maurici c. soc., Cyriace c. soc.,
Ypolite c. soc., Thoma Albane Oswalde Edmunde (end).
Conf.: Marcialis (4th) ... Augustine ii ... Audoene, Aug. c. soc.,
Dunstane Swithune Cuthberte Dauid Benedicte Maure Egidi
Leonarde (end).
Virg. etc.: Scolastica Katerina Margarita Kyneburga (end).
Doubtless this is St Kyneburga of Gloucester.
On 167a are memoriae in other hands (xiii), five Joys of the
Virgin, de Corpore Christi etc.: 167b blank.

10. Cent. xii, double columns.
Inc. prephatio cuiusdam doctoris de latrone qui crucifixus fuit
cum domino in dextera parte . . . . . 168
Quoniam instat dies magnifici sacrata misterii in qua de hoste
- proclamauit in ligno Memento mei - regnum tuum.
Inc. sermo . . . . . 169
Que nimirum uerba tota mentis effectione pensanda reor
- insaciabilis esuries et concupita sacietas. Quo nos perducere
dignetur ... gloria per omn. sec. sec. Amen.

11. Inc. passio D. N. I. C. secundum Nichodemum . . . . . 173
Factum est in anno nonodecimo
Ends imperfectly: et opera eius manifestauerant ei. omnibus
autem se occultantibus (cap. XII. ed. Tischendorf, p. 365).

12. Cent. xiii, double columns, 48 etc. lines, very good hand.
Collection of sermons beginning imperfectly . . . . . 176
The first complete sermons are on:
Surge qui dormis.
Sta in portu domus.
Simile est ... homini qui seminauit bonum semen.
Arborem fici habebat.
Change of hand at 184: quire 11 (ff. 192-199) is in yet another
hand, and not continuous: ff. 200 sqq. revert to the former
type. The collection ends unfinished 217b.

13. Cent. xiii, a minute and much abbreviated hand.
Cum homo uniuersam excellat creaturam . . . . . 218
It is, I think, a comment on a philosophical text.
Ends imperfect 225b.

14. The last four leaves, of somewhat smaller size, are from a law
book (xiii) : 226-228 in double columns: 229a in single lines
has formulae, beginning:
Libellus accusationis: anno d(ni) m. cc. xxvij temporibus d. pape
Honorii tercii pontif. eius anno ix ydus Nou. Indict. ij ego
petrus diaconus accuso presbiterum A. etc.
229, in double columns, is in another hand, and also has legal
FindingAidsCatalogue description based on M. R. James, 'A Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of Lambeth Palace: The Mediaeval Manuscripts' (Cambridge, 1932)

Also referred to in 'Lambeth Palace Library and its Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts; Exhibition mounted for the biennial conference of the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists 3 August 2007', ed. David Ganz and Jane Roberts with Richard Palmer (printed for the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists by Taderon Press, London, 2007); O.S. Pickering & V.M. O'Mara, 'The Index of Middle English Prose: handlist 13. Manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library including those formerly in Sion College Library' (1999); and L. E. Voigts and P. D. Kurtz, eds., 'Scientific and Medical Writings in Old and Middle English: An Electronic Reference' (University of Michigan Press, 2001), 2nd edn. US National Library of Medicine website:
PhysicalDescriptionVellum and paper, 10 3/4 x 7 3/4, three main volumes of cents. xv, x, and xiii-xiv respectively.
Calf binding, rebacked.
Collation: 2 flyleaves, 1(12)-3(12) 4(10) 5(12) 6(10) (1-6 left) || 1 flyleaf, 1(8)-6(8) (6-7 cut out) || a(4) (wants 4) 1(8)-5(8) 6 (seven: 5-7 additions) | 7 (four: not regular) | 8(8) | 9(8)-12(8) 13(10) | 14(8) | 15(4).
CustodialHistoryVol. I is of uncertain provenance, II is from Waltham Abbey, III from Lanthony. See Description field. Richard Gameson in 'Lambeth Palace Library: Treasures from the Collections of the Archbishops of Canterbury', ed. Richard Palmer and Michelle P. Brown (2010), entry 2, states that II was written at St Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury.

Sheldon catalogue (Lambeth Palace Library LR/F/5, LR/F/6, MS 1047) shelfmarks:
ff. i, 1-65: U. 7
ff. 66-113: J. 19
ff. 114-229: O. 3
Former Cambridge shelfmarks (see published catalogue by M. R. James and Concordance IV in N. R. Ker, 'Archbishop Sancroft's Rearrangement of the Manuscripts of Lambeth Palace', in E. G. W. Bill, 'A Catalogue of Manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library MSS. 1222-1860', Oxford, 1972):
ff. i, 1-65: L. [zeta]. 2
ff. 66-113: E. [eta]. 4
ff. 114-63: G. [eta]. 11
ff. 164-7: part of N. [eta]. 23
ff. 168-75: part of G. [eta]. 20
ff. 176-229: part of L. [zeta]. 11
Later shelfmarks:
ff. i, 1-65: quarto 37
ff. 66-113: fol. 188
ff. 114-63: fol. 126
ff. 164-7: part of quarto 24
ff. 168-75: part of fol. 135
ff. 176-229: part of quarto 46
CopiesSee the online image management system,

Microfilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 1277

Available from World Microfilms Publications:
"Lambeth Palace Library: The Mediaeval Manuscripts" Section IV. Humanistic Studies. Reel 17 (with MS. 211)

Colour images of selected folios available from Bridgeman Art Library: MS 200 f. 68v (Image ID: LAM 60855)

Negatives of illuminations and rubricated initials on selected folios are held by the Courtauld Institute. Prints for private research purposes may be purchased from the Conway Librarian, Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House, London, WC2R 0RN. Permission to purchase copies must first be given by Lambeth Palace Library. Colour prints from the Courtauld negatives are available to browse in Lambeth Palace Library reading room. See also the online image management system:
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Edited in large part from this manuscript by Henry Wharton in 'Bedae venerabilis opera quaedam theologica ... : accesserunt Egberti archiepiscopi Eboracensis dialogus de ecclesiastica institutione, et Aldhelmi episcopi Scireburnensis liber de virginitate ...' (London, 1693).

K. Bennett, "The Book Collections of Llanthony Priory from Foundation until Dissolution (c. 1100-1538)", Thesis submitted for the degree of Ph.D. in the School of History at the University of Kent (2007) [Lambeth Palace Library H5183.1L52]
Virginia Blanton, Veronica O'Mara, and Patricia Stoop ed., "'Nuns’ literacies in medieval Europe: the Kansas City dialogue" (Turnhout, 2015) [Lambeth Palace Library H4210.5N8]
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Richard Gameson. "The role of art in the late Anglo-Saxon Church" (Clarendon Press, 1995) [Lambeth Palace Library H5063.G2]
Richard Gameson ed. "The Cambridge history of the book in Britain. Volume I, c.400-1100", p. 252. [Lambeth Palace Library Z4.C4]
S Gwara. "Aldhelmi Malmesbiriensis prosa de virginitate cum glosa latina atque anglosaxonica" (Corpus Christianorum. Series Latina, 2001). 124-124A [Lambeth Palace Library D160.A1]
Barbara Mitchell, "Anglo-Saxon Double Monasteries" (History Today October 1995) [Lambeth Palace Library Z664.L2 6.06]
Ian N. Wood and G. A. Loud ed. "Church and chronicle in the Middle Ages; essays presented to John Taylor" (London: Hambledon Press, 1991). xxvi, 271p.; plates; port. [Lambeth Palace Library K116.W6]
J. D. Billet. "The divine office in Anglo-Saxon England, 597-c.1000" (London: Published by Henry Bradshaw Society by the Boydell Press, 2019) [Lambeth Palace Library D749.B49B2]

Folios 68v-69r, 94v and 97v appear in 'Lambeth Palace Library: Treasures from the Collections of the Archbishops of Canterbury', ed. Richard Palmer and Michelle P. Brown (2010), entry 2

Facsimile of folio 68b (including drawing) in H.J. Todd, 'A catalogue of the archiepiscopal manuscripts in the library at Lambeth Palace' (1812).

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