RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 1751 ff. 49-142
TitleLetters and papers of Piers Calverley Claughton, Bishop of St. Helena (1859-62) and of Colombo (1862-70).
DescriptionIncluding: letters from his mother, Maria CLAUGHTON, 1860 (ff. 56-7); John William COLENSO, Bishop of Natal, 1861-2 (ff. 58-65v); Henry COTTERILL, Bishop of Edinburgh, 1861 (ff. 66-67v); Ashurst Turner GILBERT, Bishop of Chichester, 1859 (f. 1859); George Edward Lynch COTTON, Bishop of Calcutta, 1863 (f. 68); Reginald COURTENAY, Bishop of Kingston, Jamaica, 1860 (ff. 69-72v); Matthew Blagden HALE, Bishop of Perth, 1862 (ff. 77-78v); John JACKSON, Bishop of London (ff. 79-80); Charles Thomas LONGLEY, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1867 (f. 81); papers relating to Charles Frederick MACKENZIE, Bishop of Central Africa, 1860, 1862 (ff. 83, 85-8); letters from Sir Hercules George Robert ROBINSON, Governor of Ceylon, 1st Baron Rosmead (1896), 1871 (ff. 90-91); George Augustus SELWYN, Bishop of Lichfield, 1863 (ff. 92-3); John Bird SUMNER, Archbishop of Canterbury (f. 94); Archibald Campbell TAIT, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1860 (ff. 96-7); Edward Wyndham TUFNELL, Bishop of Brisbane, 1867 (ff. 98-99v); Thomas TURTON, Bishop of Ely, 1859 (f. 100); Thomas Earle WELBY, Bishop of St. Helena, 1861 (ff. 103-104v); Samuel WILBERFORCE, Bishop of Winchester (ff. 105-8); Charles Christopher WATTS, Bishop of St. Helena, 1932 (ff. 109-10); Claughton's letters of deacon's orders, 1837 (f. 111), and priest's orders, 1838 (f. 112); subscription by same to Thirty Nine Articles, 1842 (f. 113); institution of same to rectory of Elton, Hunts., 1845 (f. 114), and subscription and declaration of conformity (ff. 115-16); address from the clergy of the Deanery of Yaxley to John Bowen, Bishop of Sierra Leone, 1857 (f. 117); "Order of Ceremonial for the consecration of the Bishops of Bangor, St. Helena, and Brisbane," 1859 (f. 119); hymn for use at the College of St. Thomas in the diocese of Colombo, Ceylon, 1853. Begins: After long days of storm and showers. Printed (ff. 121-2); address to Claughton from N.C.O.s and men of the Royal Artillery and Bombay Engineers, 1862 (ff. 123-124v); form of licence for curate used by Claughton as Bishop of St. Helena. Printed (f. 125); address by the clergy of Ceylon to Claughton, with his reply, 1870 (ff. 126-128v); pass for Claughton to travel to England, issued by the Governor of Ceylon, 1871 (f. 130); collation of Claughton to archdeaconry of London, 1871 (f. 132), with account of fees (ff. 133-5); cutting of sermon by Claughton on Practical Sympathy, from "The Christian World Pulpit", 1873 (f. 136); appointment of Claughton as Chaplain-General, 1875 (ff. 137v-138); photograph of Claughton (f. 137); arms in colour of the family of Claughton (f. 140), diocese of St. Helena (f. 141), and diocese of Colombo (f. 142).
AcquisitionGiven by the Revd. B. J. Wigan, Rector of Edenbridge, 1962.

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1021Claughton; Piers Calverley (1814-1884); Bishop of Colombo1814-1884
NA1332Beckles; Edward Hyndman (1816-1902); Bishop of Sierra Leone1816-1902
DS/UK/6065Welby; Thomas Earle (1811-1899); bishop of St. Helena1811-1899
GB/109/14676Bowen; John (1815-1859); Bishop of Sierra Leone1815-1859
DS/UK/3666Chapman; James (1799-1879); bishop of Colombo1799-1879
992Colenso; John William (1814-1883); Bishop of Natal1814-1883
GB/109/6965Cotton; George Edward Lynch (1813-1866); Bishop of Calcutta1813-1866
1070Courtenay; Reginald (1813-1906); Bishop of Kingston, Jamaica1813-1906
66Jackson; John (1811-1885); Bishop of London1811-1885
GB/109/10717Mackenzie; Charles Frederick (1825-1862); Bishop of Central Africa1825-1862
GB/109/15717Robinson; Sir; Hercules George Robert (1824-1897); 1st Baron Rosmead; Colonial governor1824-1897
18Tait; Archibald Campbell (1811-1882); Archbishop of Canterbury1811-1882
919Selwyn; George Augustus (1809-1878); Bishop of Lichfield1809-1878
DS/UK/5705Turton; Thomas (1780-1864); Bishop of Ely1780-1864
DS/UK/5517Watts; Charles Christopher (-1958); Bishop of Damaraland-1958
95Wilberforce; Samuel (1805-1873); Bishop of Winchester1805-1873
GB/109/11778Church of England; Province of Cape Town: Diocese of St. Helena
GB/109/8556Church of England; Province of Calcutta: Diocese of Colombo
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