RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 1750
Extent196 ff.
DescriptionLetters to Benjamin Webb (1819-85), Prebendary of St. Paul's.

Among ecclesiastical subjects mentioned are ritualism (f. 11 seq.); communion wine (f. 59); the name 'Jehovah' (f. 78); hymnals (f. 118); reunion with eastern churches (f. 139). There are also references to the restoration of Chester (f. 54) and Salisbury (f. 153) cathedrals; the National Association for Freedom of Worship (f. 162 seq.); Oxford University reform (ff. 85-94, 105-7); St. Paul's cathedral (f. 155); W. H. Mill, his father-in-law (f. 38). Also letters to Mrs. Webb, mostly of condolence on the death of her husband, 1872-92 (ff. 182-l92v).

Includes correspondence with Edward Benson, Archbishop of Canterbury (f.1), William Henry BROOKFIELD, Chaplain to Queen Victoria (ff. 2-3), William BUTTERFIELD, architect (ff. 4-5); Robert Arthur Talbot GASCOYNE-CECIL, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury (ff. 6-10v); Richard William CHURCH, Dean of St Pauls (ff. 11-24, 193); Henry Pelham Alexander PELHAM-CLINTON, 6th Duke of Newcastle, 19th century (ff. 25-6); Sir John Taylor COLERIDGE, judge, (f. 28), John Llewellyn DAVIES, Rector of Christ Church, Marylebone, London (ff. 30-31), George Anthony DENISON, Archdeacon of Taunton (ff. 32-5); Francis Thomas McDOUGALL, Canon of Ely, formerly Bishop of Labuan (ff. 36-7); Mountstuart ELPHINSTONE, formerly Governor of Bombay (ff. 38-39v); Edward Augustus FREEMAN, historian (ff. 40-41v); James Anthony FROUDE, historian (ff. 42-4); Mary GLADSTONE, daughter of W.E. Gladstone (ff. 45-6); William Ewart GLADSTONE; Statesman (ff. 47-9); Sir Stepehn Richard GLYNNE, 9th Bt. (ff. 51-54v); Charles GORE, Bishop of Oxford (ff. 55-67); Edward Meyrick GOULBURN, Dean of Norwich (f. 68); Robert GRAY, Bishop of Capetown (ff. 69-70); Henry Scott HOLLAND, Regius Professor of Divinity, Oxford (f. 71); Walter Farquhar HOOK, Dean of Chichester (ff. 72-73v); John JACKSON, Bishop of London (ff. 74-75v); Edward KING, Bishop of Lincoln (ff. 76-77v); Alexander Francis KIRKPATRICK, Dean of Ely (ff. 78-82v); Henry Parry LIDDON, Canon of St. Paul's, 1880-1885 (ff. 84-108v, 186-7); Revd. William John LOFTIE, antiquary, 1884 (ff. 109v-110v); Malcolm MacCOLL, Rector of St. George, Botolph Lane, London, 1863, n.d. (ff. 111-13); Revd. John Mason NEALE, Warden of Sackville College, East Grinstead, 1850-1865 (ff. 114-43); Francis PAGET, Bishop of Oxford, 1882-5 (ff. 144-149v); George RICHMOND, artist, 1885 (ff. 151-2); Salisbury Cathedral (f. 153); George Augustus SELWYN, Bishop of Lichfield, 1873 (ff. 160-161v); George Edmund STREET, architect, 1869-1879 (ff. 162-170v); Archibald Campbell TAIT, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1877 (f. 171); Samuel WILBERFORCE, Bishop of Winchester, 1862-1869 (ff. 172-178v); James Russell WOODFORD, Bishop of Ely, [1873] (ff. 179-180v); Christopher WORDSWORTH, Bishop of Lincoln, 1882 (f. 181); Lucy Caroline CAVENDISH, wife of Lord F.C. Cavendish (ff. 182-185v); Francis PAGET, Bishop of Oxford, 1885 (ff. 188-189v); James Frank REDFERN, sculptor, 1872 (f. 190); William Richard Wood STEPHENS, Rector of Woolbeding; Dean of Winchester (1894), 1892 (ff. 191-192v); Miss WEBB, daughter of Revd. B. WEBB, 1885 (f. 193); Miss LESLIE (ff. 195-6).
CustodialHistoryRelevant sources relating to Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific were copied as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project, now available online:
AcquisitionPurchased, 1961. For more information see LR/L/11 ff. 269-274.
RelatedMaterialSee also MS. 1751, ff. 1-4.
PublnNoteAdelmann, Dale "The contribution of Cambridge Ecclesiologists to the revival of Anglican choral worship" 1997

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17Benson; Edward White (1829-1896); Archbishop of Canterbury1829-1896
GB/109/8190Brookfield; William Henry (1809-1874); clergyman1809-1874
NA1738Butterfield; William (1814-1900); Architect; Antiquary1814-1900
GB/109/10456Diocese of Chester; Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary
970Church; Richard William (1815-1890); Dean of St Paul's; Historian1815-1890
NA2512Coleridge; Sir; John Taylor (1790-1876); Judge1790-1876
1156Denison; George Anthony (1805-1896); Archdeacon of Taunton; controversialist1805-1896
DS/UK/5114Freeman; Edward Augustus (1823-1892); historian1823-1892
GB/109/8937Froude; James Anthony (1818-1894); historian and man of letters1818-1894
NA1862Gascoyne-Cecil; Lord; Robert Arthur Talbot (1830-1903); 3rd Marquess of Salisbury; Prime Minister1830-1903
353Gladstone; William Ewart (1809-1898); statesman1809-1898
355Gore; Charles (1853-1932); Bishop of Oxford1853-1932
NA1351Hook; Walter Farquhar (1798-1875); Dean of Chichester1798-1875
66Jackson; John (1811-1885); Bishop of London1811-1885
NA1314Maccoll; Malcolm (1838-1907); Canon of Ripon1838-1907
1022McDougall; Francis Thomas (1817-1886); Bishop of Labuan and Sarawak1817-1886
NA2515Paget; Francis (1851-1911); Bishop of Oxford1851-1911
GB/109/15631Pelham-Clinton; Henry Pelham Alexander (1834-1879); 6th Duke of Newcastle1834-1879
GB/109/15689Pugin; Edward Welby (1834-1875); architect1834-1875
586Webb; Benjamin (1819-1885); Prebendary of St Paul's; ecclesiologist1819-1885
869Woodford; James Russell (1820-1885); Bishop of Ely1820-1885
185Wordsworth; Christopher (1807-1885); Bishop of Lincoln1807-1885
NA2402Holland; Henry Scott- (1847-1918); theologian and social reformer1847-1918
971Diocese of London; Cathedral Church of St. Paul
18Tait; Archibald Campbell (1811-1882); Archbishop of Canterbury1811-1882
919Selwyn; George Augustus (1809-1878); Bishop of Lichfield1809-1878
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