RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 142
Extentff. 204
Date12th century-early 14th century?
DescriptionList of contents by Sancroft.

1. Old title. Summa Magistri Petri Pictauensis . . . . . f. 1
Dictionum alie deo conueniunt ab eterno. alie ex tempore.
There are many marginal notes. Magister W. is often cited in
them. Also G. Porretanus, P. Manducator etc.
A section ends 95a: vermis eorum non moritur, and a column
was left blank (now filled with notes): but on 95b the text
continues with queritur omne quod est (?) siue sit peccatum
siue non.
The incipit does not agree with that in other copies of the
Summa (Inuisibilia dei) which was printed by Dom Mathoud.
On 110b, 111a a space seems to have been left in which has
been written (by several hands):
Opinio parisiensium de homine assumpto qui opinionem
illam que Christum esse duo asserit uehementer detes-
tantur et hominem illum seminestorianum quia (?) quidam
a filio dei assumptum asserebant cum ecclesia gallicana
summopere persecuntur.
The former hand resumes on 111b: (N)ecessitas est diuina dis-
Miscellaneous questions follow but there is no proper conclusion
and no other rubric. The work ends imperfectly with f. 119.

2. Three leaves of Biblical references to the words of the Psalms
(i-xv) . . . . . 120
Beatus ps. xxxix et lxxxiii.
vir. fer. ci. za. x et xxiii, ysa. clx etc.
Ending 122a: Mansueti. eze. lxxj. Another portion, on Jere-
miah, is in MS 122 (no. 10). That volume is from Lanthony.
122b-123 blank.

3. Rubric in margin. Inc. capitula sequentis opusculi in quo
agitur de lapsu et raparacione seu redempcione hominis. et
dicitur liber iste electuarium eo quod collectus et electus ex-
tractus et confectus sit de uariis libris tractatibus et sermoni-
bus tam autenticis quam magistralibus. Auctor huius libri
Rad. de London . . . . . 124
Rubric of text illegible. Inc. Consideranti diligentius quid sit
homo. nihil probabilius occurrit
There are large marginal additions. The book is in 57 chapters,
ending: ex hoc mundo ad patrem. Cui cum eodem p. et sp.
s. honor et virtus laus et gl. per infin. sec. sec. Amen.
Expl. liber librorum.
This MS. is noticed by Tanner, p. 614, "MS. in bibl. Lum-
leiana nunc in Bibl. Lambeth. MS. 142. Pits. App. p. 893."
Another copy in MS Corpus Christi College Cambridge 63.
Note that MS 221, of which this may have formed part, has
Lumley's name.

4. Inc. lib. florum collectus et continuatus de diuersis libris
summi et mirabilis doctoris augustini. Cap I. quid est deus.
in libro confessionum. da michi domine scire . . . . . 144b
Apparently capp. XXXVII, XXXVIII were omitted and supplied
on f. 151. Text ends: Te prestante qui uiuis per omnia s. s.
Amen. Expl. liber floriger collectus etc. ... et incomparabilis
doctoris aug.
[anonymous annotation: 'belongs to no. 3']

5. Beginning of Th. de Chabbam's Summa de Poenitentia, ill
Cum miserationes dei . . . . . 150b
One page only, f. 152, blank.

6. Glose super unum ex quatuor. Alexandri de Hospreng (this
being the donor's name) . . . . . 153
Dist. ii(a) gra. XII. It is no. 1184 in Eastry's Catalogue (with
other books of Alex. de Osprenge), Anc. Libr. pp. 105, 511.
(Q)uatuor facies uni erant. Sicut trinitas personarum
Ends unfinished (on the miracle of the withered hand)
- perdere dicitur quod non liberat.
FindingAidsCatalogue description based on M. R. James, 'A Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of Lambeth Palace: The Mediaeval Manuscripts' (Cambridge, 1932)
See also Teresa Lane, ‘Canterbury manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library’, available at:
PhysicalDescriptionVellum, 11 1/2 x 8 1/2, three volumes in double columns: (I) of 46 lines, (II) of 56, (III) of 50. Of cents. xiii, xiv early?, and xii. All the hands are good. Calf binding, pr. 2s. 6d.
Collation: 1(8)-13(8) (one canc.) 14(8) | gap | 15(4) || 16(12) 17(12) 18(8) (wants 5-7) | 19(8)-24(8) (+ 4 at end).
2nd folio of I. opens with the words: nec conueniet.
CustodialHistoryIn view of part. 2, which see, there is a probability that Vol. I may be from Lanthony: Vol. II, III belonged to Parker. At top of f. 124 is, in the familiar red chalk: Cant.: a pagination in red chalk runs through, beginning with 33. This fits with the numeration of the missing pages in MS 221.

Sheldon catalogue (Lambeth Palace Library LR/F/5, LR/F/6, MS 1047) shelfmarks:
ff. 1-123: S. 24
ff. 124-204: O. 12
Former Cambridge shelfmarks (see published catalogue by M. R. James and Concordance IV in N. R. Ker, 'Archbishop Sancroft's Rearrangement of the Manuscripts of Lambeth Palace', in E. G. W. Bill, 'A Catalogue of Manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library MSS. 1222-1860', Oxford, 1972):
ff. 1-123: I. [zeta]. 4
ff. 124-204: part of E. [eta]. 2
Later shelfmarks:
ff. 1-123: fol. 25
ff. 124-204: part of fol. 186
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 1342

Available from World Microfilms Publications:
"Lambeth Palace Library: The Mediaeval Manuscripts" Section VI. Biblical Studies. Reel 12 (with MSS. 147, 148)
RelatedMaterialMSS 122, 221, and Corpus Christi College Cambridge MS 63 (see Description field and Custodial History).
PublnNoteK. Bennett, "The Book Collections of Llanthony Priory from Foundation until Dissolution (c. 1100-1538)", Thesis submitted for the degree of Ph.D. in the School of History at the University of Kent (2007) [Lambeth Palace Library H5183.1L52].

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