RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 1370
Extentff. 216 (+ 2 flyleaves)
Date9th century
Frontispiece to Matthew, and text i. 1-17 . . . . f. 2.
On f. 3b an inscription in capitals, to some extent monogrammatized: on which see Dean Armitage Robinson's 'Times of St Dunstan', pp. 55-59.
As Dr Savage, Dean of Lichfield, has pointed out, it is in verse, running thus:
Maeielbriðus Macdurnani
istum textum per triquadrum (sc. mundum)
deo digne dogmatizat
Ast *Aethelstanus Anglo Saexna
Rex et Rector Dorvernensi
Metropoli dat per aevum
*Ast is outside the rhythm.
Text of Matt. continued : XPI' autem generatio . . . 5
ff. 69, 70 charters (see Custodial History)
Text of Mark . . . . . . . 72
ff. 114, 115 charters.
Text of Luke . . . . . . . 117
Text of John . . . . . . . 172
There are no prologues, but the Ammonian sections are in the margin.
I do not think the MS. has been used for textual purposes.

The decoration, which is most minutely described by Dr Millar, consists of:
f. 1b. Cruciform page, frontispiece to St Matthew.
f. 2. Initial etc. to Liber generationis (i. 1).
f. 4b. Frontispiece to Christi autem generatio (i. 17): full-page picture of St Matthew with crosier and book.
f. 5a. Christi autem generatio sic erat: elaborate border and opening words in capitals.
f. 70a Full-page picture of St Mark seated, with book: his symbol, looking more like an ox than a lion, projects from the upper border.
f. 72. Beginning of the Gospel: border and initial.
f. 115b. Full page picture of St Luke with small crosier.
f. 117a. Beginning of the Gospel, as before.
f. 170b. Full-page picture of St John with pen and book.
f. 172. Beginning of the Gospel, as before.

On four leaves added (by Parker?) at the beginnings of the Gospels are four miniatures of French execution of about 1250, of moderate work, viz.:
f. 4. The Crucifixion.
f. 70. The Scourging.
f. 116. The Betrayal.
f. 171. The Entombment.
Perhaps from a Psalter. I think the insertions may be Parker's, because in MS. Corpus Christi College Cambridge 419, of Anglo-Saxon Homilies, he has added as a frontispiece a xiiith-cent. miniature of the Entry into Jerusalem, and has also prefixed a woodcut to MS. 162 from a Missal.
AccessConditionsFor preservation reasons, this manuscript should normally be consulted on microfilm unless special permission to view the original is obtained in advance.
LanguageIn pointed Irish minuscule, resembling that of the Book of Armagh.
FindingAidsCatalogue description based on M. R. James, 'Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of Lambeth Palace' (1932). His short account is mainly condensed from that of Dr Millar.
Also referred to in 'Lambeth Palace Library and its Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts: Exhibition mounted for the biennial conference of the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists 3 August 2007', ed. David Ganz and Jane Roberts with Richard Palmer (printed for the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists by Taderon Press, London, 2007)
Also referred to in P.R. Robinson, 'Catalogue of Dated and Datable Manuscripts c. 888-1600 in London Libraries' (2003)
Noted in Wilma Fitzgerald, 'Ocelli Nominum: names and shelf marks of famous/familiar manuscripts' (1992) [Lambeth Palace Library Z6602.F5(R)] - no information, just name and location

Number 177 in G. R. C. Davis, 'Medieval Cartularies of Great Britain and Ireland', rev. edn. by C. Breay, J. Harrison and D. M. Smith (London, 2010).

See also Teresa Lane, ‘Canterbury manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library’, available at:
PhysicalDescriptionThe MS. measures 158mm. x 111: 22 lines to a page.
Binding: a fine English one of cent. xvi, with elaborate gold tooling, done for Abp Parker: in the same style as other books of his, e.g. the Psalter Ff. 1. 23 in the University Library, Cambridge. Edges gilt and gauffred.
Collation impracticable in consequence of the tenderness of the back.
CustodialHistoryHistory. First owned by Maelbright MacDurnan, Abbot of Armagh and Raphoe (d. 927). Acquired, perhaps after his death, by King Aethelstan (925-40) and given by him to Christ Church, Canterbury. It does not appear in their Catalogues. While there, certain charters were written in it, viz.
After St Matthew's Gospel, ff. 69, 70:
(a) Charter of Abp Wulfstan. Anglo-Saxon. Kemble, 'Cod. Diplom.' no. 1314.
(b) Note of Cnut's gifts to Christ Church. Latin, l.c. 1328.
After St Mark, ff. 114, 115:
(c) Note on the boundaries of Hansfleot,Anglo-Saxon, l.c. 1363.
(d) Charter of Abp Eadsige, Anglo-Saxon, l.c. 1336.
(e) Charter of Cnut, Anglo-Saxon.
(f) Charter of Abp Aethelnoth, l.c. 321.
Kemble made use of transcripts by Lewis Morris: see below.
The next owner was Abp Parker († 1574) who bound it, paged it in red chalk, and added some notes and probably certain French miniatures. Why he did not bequeath it to his College does not appear. Like the Psalter referred to above, it may have been given by him to a friend in his lifetime.
We next hear of it in 1755 when it was owned by one Fr. Howel, mathematical instrument maker of London and a member of the Cymmrodorion Society. It was shown by him to Lewis Morris the antiquary: a letter of Morris describing it (in 1760) is printed in Y Cymmrodor II. (1878), p. 56. In British Library Add. MS. 14,907 Morris has copied a description of the MS. made by Dr A. C. Ducarel, who became Lambeth Librarian in 1757. It was most probably acquired for the Lambeth Library through Ducarel: but of this there is no record, nor did the MS. receive any number, nor was it entered in Todd's catalogue [an annotation to the archivists' copy of the Todd catalogue states that the missing MS 771 was in fact the Macdurnan Gospels, but this is incorrect as may be seen from Wilkins' earlier catalogue of the Lambeth manuscripts, LR/F /40, where MS 771 is described]. The manuscript was not numbered as MS. 1370 until after M. R. James's catalogue was published in 1932.
CopiesA digital copy is available via the online image management system:

Colour microfilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 29

Available from World Microfilms Publications:
"Lambeth Palace Library: The Mediaeval Manuscripts" Section III. Illuminated Manuscripts. Reel 8 (with MSS. 558, 563)

Colour images of selected folios available from Bridgeman Art Library: MS 1370 ff. 1v (Image ID: LAM 90494), 4-5 (Image ID: LAM 95197), 5 (Image ID: LAM 90495), 70v (Image ID: LAM 90496), 115v (Image ID: LAM 58195), 170v (Image ID: LAM 90497), 172 (Image ID: LAM 90498)

Negatives of illuminations and rubricated initials on selected folios are held by the Courtauld Institute. Prints for private research purposes may be purchased from the Conway Librarian, Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House, London, WC2R 0RN. Permission to purchase copies must first be given by Lambeth Palace Library. Colour prints from the Courtauld negatives are available to browse in Lambeth Palace Library reading room. See also the online image management system:
RelatedMaterialSee additional information on this manuscript in LR/L/13A
PublnNoteA very full description of this MS., with plates, has been issued by Dr E. G. Millar in the 'Bulletin de la Soc. Fr. de Reprod. des MSS. à Peintures' for 1924, pp. 7-15 and pl. 1.

Folios 3v-4r, 4v-5rand 72r appear in 'Lambeth Palace Library: Treasures from the Collections of the Archbishops of Canterbury', ed. Richard Palmer and Michelle P. Brown (2010), entry 1

Other accounts and reproductions are in:
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