RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 136
Extentff. 1 + 171
DateEarly 13th century
DescriptionTwo leaves have been cut out at the beginning: they had
writing. The first letter of the first is an H. Below this is an I. At
top (l. 2) of the 2nd is a P: about halfway down is VI. Very
probably there was something in the nature of a table.

Epistolae Thomae Becket.
Comitem fraudr' (l. flandrensem) non inueni (Ep. 36, Robertson) . . . . . f. i
Diu desideraui iustam (Ep. 213) . . . . . i b
Visis litteris istis consuluit colon' (ibid.) . . . . . ii a
f. ii b blank.
Alexandro pape Thomas Cant. Arch. (Ep. 74) . . . . . 1
Ad audientiam tuam pater
A handsome initial in blue and red.
pp. 117, 118 are an addition.
A fine large hand of early type appears on 317-322 and 333-338.
The letters are numbered in a modern hand up to 363.
They are not arranged with reference to their dates.
No. 363: Albert. et Theodin' (Theodinus) cardinal' conuentui
cant. (Ep. 788).
Letamur nos letatur et que audit
Ends: libenti animo faciemus.
FindingAidsCatalogue description based on M. R. James, 'A Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of Lambeth Palace: The Mediaeval Manuscripts' (Cambridge, 1932)
PhysicalDescriptionVellum, 12 1/2 x 8 1/4, double columns of 35 lines, very well written; by several scribes.
Calf binding, pr. 2s. 6d.
Collation: 1(4) flyleaf. 1(4) (wants 1, 2) | 2(8)-9(8) (+ 2*) 10(8)-22(8).
CustodialHistoryAt the bottom of f. 1 is Lumley.
There are occasional marginalia in a straggling xvith-cent. hand (? Cranmer's): 'minatur se velle a romano pontifice recedere,' etc. (cf. MS 59).
I do not think it can be shown that the book is from Canterbury.
[Annotation in the Librarian's copy of M.R. James: 'see Selwyn p. 186 on Cranmer provenance'].

Sheldon catalogue (Lambeth Palace Library LR/F/5, LR/F/6, MS 1047) shelfmark: C. 6
Former Cambridge shelfmark: G. [zeta]. 13 (see published catalogue by M. R. James and Concordance IV in N. R. Ker, 'Archbishop Sancroft's Rearrangement of the Manuscripts of Lambeth Palace', in E. G. W. Bill, 'A Catalogue of Manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library MSS. 1222-1860', Oxford, 1972).
Later shelfmark: fol. 108
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 1270

Available from World Microfilms Publications:
"Lambeth Palace Library: The Mediaeval Manuscripts" Section IV. Humanistic Studies. Reel 10 (with MS. 137)
RelatedMaterialSee Custodial History.
PublnNoteUsed by J. A. Giles and by Robertson, Materials V. (pp. xxiv, xxviii). It is his MS. A.
A.J. Duggan, ed. "The correspondence of Thomas Becket, archbishop of Canterbury 1162-1170" 2 vols. 2000 [Lambeth Palace Library H5198.B3D8]
D.G Selwyn, "The Library of Thomas Cranmer" (Oxford Bibliographical Society. 3rd Series. Vol. 1 1996) [Lambeth Palace Library H5198.C7S3]

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