RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 123
Extentx + 356 pp. (numbered 1-14, 17-358)
Datelate 16th century - early 17th century
DescriptionLectures on the Summa of St Thomas Aquinas by Robert Bellarmine (1542-1621) and Nicolas Ysambert (1565 or 1569-1642).
1570-1618 and n.d.
At p. x is a list of contents in the hand of Archbishop Sancroft.

pp. ix-x, 1-234. Notes on lectures by Robert Bellarmine on the Summa, Pars Prima, quaestiones 1-114. The lectures were given in Louvain, 1570-72. At p.1, partly cut away, is the heading 'Dictata P.R. Politiani Societatis Jesu Itali Data Lovanii'. At p. x are the Cambridge shelf marks 'I zeta 16' and 'fol. vol. 37'. Part of a series of lectures by Bellarmine, originally in five volumes, from the collection of Archbishop Richard Bancroft (d.1610). The other volumes are now bound as MS. 125, ff.1-198, 199-332, 333-522 and MS. 405. On their custodial history see the composite description of MSS. 123-126. MS. 125, ff.1-198 consists of lectures given by Bellarmine at Louvain in 1574 and copied at Douai in 1577. The whole series may have been copied from dictation at Douai from 1577 onwards.

The name 'William Morecotte' is scribbled on p.x (and cf. the initials 'WM' in MS.125, f. 333). William Morcott was a seminary priest sent to England in June 1581. See 'The first and second diaries of the English College Douay', ed. T.F. Knox, 1878, pp.28, 180, 293; and Godfrey Anstruther, 'The seminary priests', vol.1, ?1968, p. 233.

pp. 235-351. 'De iudice controversiarum fidei'. A disputation or tractate by Nicolas Ysambert concerning authority in determining controversial matters of doctrine, in the form of lectures related to the Summa (cf. MS. 125, ff. 14v-60v, where Bellarmine lectured on 'De iudice controversiarum' in connexion with the Secunda Secundae of the Summa, quaestio prima, de fide.). At p. 351 is the inscription 'Dictabat subtilissimus theologia scholastica et controversiarum doctor et professor regius D. Isambertus in alma academia Parisiensis anno 1618 die Martis 7°'. Previously bound in one volume with lectures on other parts of the Summa written in the same hand (now MS. 124, ff. 1-132 and MS. 126, ff. 246-287). All bear the former shelf mark S.8, and were formerly in the collection of Archbishop George Abbot. A further volume of lectures on the Summa in the same hand is now MS. 226.
FindingAidsNew description by Richard Palmer, 2010
PhysicalDescriptionBinding of light calf for Archbishop Sancroft with the gilt arms of the Archbishopric of Canterbury.
320 x 220 mm.
CustodialHistorySee the composite description of MSS.123-126.
RelatedMaterialSee the composite description of MSS.123-126.

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GB/109/14327Aquinas; Thomas (c.1225-1274); Saint; scholastic theologian and philosopherc.1225-1274
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