RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 1162
Extent224 ff.
Date17th century-18th century
DescriptionA miscellany of papers bound up in Lambeth Palace Library in the late 18th century.

ff. 1-45. [item 1]. 'A copy of the parliamentary surveys of church lands (commonly called Olivers surveys) remaining in the manuscript library of his grace the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth so far as they relate to the county of Hereford. Taken by Doctor Ducarel [Andrew Coltee Ducarel] FRS & FSA, Lambeth Librarian, AD 1774'.
f. 1 is a paper cover, with shelf mark D10b and bookplate of Andrew Coltee Ducarel.
The original, a return of church livings in Herefordshire received by John Phelps 24 May 1658, written on vellum, is Comm XIIa/10, ff. 171-180.

ff. 46-97. [item 2]. Papers of Thomas Herring, Archbishop of Canterbury, as one of the arbitrators in a dispute at Gloucester Cathedral between the Dean (Daniel Newcombe) and the prebendaries. 1750-55. In 1750 two prebendaries, Joseph Atwell and Samuel Wolley, laid a complaint before Martin Benson, Bishop of Gloucester, concerning the Dean and the right to appoint lay clergy and minor canons. Newcombe refused to accept the Bishop's injunction in this matter and was suspended in December 1750. He then took his case to the Court of King's Bench. After Benson's death in 1752 the case was submitted to arbitration.
ff. 46-47. A list of contents in the hand of Andrew Coltee Ducarel, Lambeth Librarian, with annotations in the hand of Thomas Secker, Archishop of Canterbury 1758-68.
ff. 48r-51v. 'The case of the Dean of Gloucester'. The case submitted on behalf of Newcombe for arbitration.
ff. 52r-59v. 'Dispute between the Dean and Prebendaries of Gloucester, stated by the Prebendaries'.
ff. 60-85. Extracts from the charter and statutes of Gloucester Cathedral relevant to the dispute, 1617-1750. A booklet with marbled paper covers.
ff. 86-87. Extract from the statutes of Gloucester Cathedral on visitation of the Cathedral.
ff. 88r-89v. Letter from Daniel Newsome, son of the Dean, to Martin Benson, Bishop of Gloucester, explaining his father's refusal to obey the Bishop's injunction. 29 Jan 1751.
ff. 90r-93v. Letter to Thomas Herring, Archbishop of Canterbury, from Thomas Goostrey, enclosing a copy of a bond undertaken by Newcombe on 14 Oct 1754 to acccept an arbitration award. 4 June 1755.
f. 94r. Bond undertaken by Joseph Atwell and Samuel Wolley to acccept an arbitration award. 14 Oct. 1754.
f. 95r-v. Letter to Thomas Herring, Archbishop of Canterbury, from James Johnson, Bishop of Gloucester
ff. 96v-97r. Arbitration award made by Thomas Herring, Archbishop of Canterbury, [Sir Thomas Clarke], Master of the Rolls, and Sir George Lee. 16 Oct. 1755. A draft, endorsed: 'This copy was wrote by Sir George Lee himself'.

ff. 98r-182v. [item 3]. Papers relating to the case of the Archbishop of Canterbury [Frederick Corwallis] versus Suter in the Court of Common Pleas in 1776.
The question at issue in this case was whether Lambeth Palace was liable to pay rates for the poor of the parish of Lambeth. The verdict, in favour of the Archbishop, upheld the status of Lambeth Palace as extraparochial within the Diocese of Canterbury.
Further papers relating to the case are in MSS. 1161, 1361 and Cornwallis 1.
ff. 98r-99v. A list of papers in the suit.
ff. 100r-123v. Brief for William Bentinck, 2nd Duke of Portland, plaintiff, in a similar case (Duke of Portland versus John Hindes) in the Court of King's Bench in 1759.
ff. 124r-145v. Brief for the defendants and minutes of proceedings in a similar case (John Nicoll D.D. versus John Snow, David Lee, Richard Sayers, Alexander Lander and Henry Panton, tried before the Lord Chief Justice and a special jury in 1755.
ff. 146r-155v. 'A summary of the reasons and proofs on which the Archbishop of Canterbury grounds his opinion that the Palace at Lambeth is extra-parochial'.
ff. 156v-157v. Opinion of Andrew Coltee Ducarel. Doctors' Commons, 9 Sept. 1775.
ff. 158r-180v. Case for the Archbishop of Canterbury, plaintiff. 1776.
ff. 181r-182v. Newspaper cuttings relating to the case. 1775-76.

ff. 183r-199v. [item 4]. Congratulatory verses in honour of John Williams (1582-1650), Bishop of Lincoln and afterwards Archbishop of York.
The verses represent the work of 14 contributors, a joint project by the scholars of Stamford School, Lincolnshire, celebrating a visit to Stamford by Williams. Numerous headings refer to the coming (adventus, accessus) of the Bishop. The verses are written consecutively on a uniform paper stock and to a standard format; they are in the various hands of the contributors and are signed.
The verses are addressed to Williams as Bishop of Lincoln (1621-41) and the ages of the scholars indicate a date towards the end of his time as Bishop. This must have been after his release from the Tower of London in November 1640, and probably in 1641.
In Latin (other than one verse in Greek).
ff. 183-186. Four poems signed 'Michaell Armine Baron. fil.' [Sir Michael Armyne, Bt. (1625-1668)]. The verse at f. 186 is in Greek.
f. 187. Verse signed 'Jo. Sibthorpe Scho. Stamf. al[umnus]' [John Sibthorpe admitted to Cambridge University June 1642 aged 17].
f. 188. Verse signed 'Fran. Melton mil. fil. natu. maxi'. [Francis Melton, eldest son of a knight]
f. 189. Verse signed 'Gulielmus Anderson gen.' [William Anderson, gentleman].
f. 190. Verse signed 'Caro. Bunworth alumnus Stamfordiensis' [Charles Bunworth].
f. 191. Verse signed 'Timotheus Levinge gen.' [Timothy Levinge, gentleman].
f. 192. Verse signed 'Jacobus Newman gen.' [James Newman, gentleman].
f. 193. Verse signed 'Crumwellus Stanhope mil. fil. sec.' [Crumwell Stanhope, second son of a knight].
f. 194. Verse signed 'Jo. Kirkham Scho. Stamf. al[umnus]'. [John Kirkham, admitted to Cambridge University May 1642 aged 18].
f. 195. Verse signed 'Petrus Baldwer gen. alumnus Stamfordiensis'. [Peter Baldwer].
f. 196. Verse signed 'Franciscus Watson alumnus Stamfordiensis' [Francis Watson admitted to Cambridge University April 1642 aged 18].
f. 197. Verse signed 'Cliffordus Clifton mil. et baron. filius secundus' [Sir Clifford Clifton (1626-1670), M.P.].
f. 198. Verse signed 'Guilielmus Folkingham alumnus Stamfordiensis' [William Folkingham admitted to Cambridge University Michaelmas 1642 aged 16].
f. 199. Verse signed 'Johannes Beaverlay alumnus Stamfordiensis'. [John Beaverlay, possibly John Beverley].

ff. 200-209. 'A short Account of the government of the United Provinces and of several colleges which compose it'. September 1749. A copy.

ff. 210-214. 'Scheme for a Charter for a new College in the University of Cambridge, intended to be called Downing College'. With a copy of a petition to George III from Sir George Cornewall and his wife Catherine, Elizabeth Ewer, Mary Goate, Frances Barrell and Mary Annesley, as legal heirs of Sir George Downing, 3rd Bt. (d. 1749) for a royal charter founding the College. n.d. [late 18th cent.].
Probably from the papers of the Archbishop of Canterbury as one of the Trustees of the Downing estate.
A later petition to George III for a charter, dated 1798, from Sir George Cornewall and his wife Catherine, Mary Goate, Francis Annesley and William Henry Scourfield, the current heirs at law, is recited in the College's charter, which was eventually granted in 1800.

ff. 215-218. 'The names of such Persons who are by order of the House of Lords of the 18th May last, to be excepted out of the Act of Oblivion not extending to life, and have been purchasers of Bishops', Deans', and Chapters' lands, with the mannors, lands and tenements soe purchased, together with the values and considerations payd for the same'. Signed 'W. Benson, Reg. Accompt.' Records names of persons to be exempted from the Act of Oblivion, with details of their purchases and prices paid. The Act of Oblivion was finally passed on 29 August 1660.
A copy, seemingly taken from MS.951/1 ff. 48r-49v [item 11]. With a note in another hand [of Andrew Coltee Ducarel, Lambeth Librarian]: 'From a MS in the Lambeth Library No. 951...'

ff. 219-224. Papers relating to the enfranchisement of the impropriate rectory of Folkestone, Kent. The papers relate to a proposal by the Earl of Radnor for an Act of Parliament to enfranchise the impropriation, the rectory being currently leased by him from the Archbishop of Canterbury. 1780.
For papers relating to the leasing of the rectory of Folkestone 1585-1800, see TA 569
LanguageEnglish, Latin, Greek
FindingAidsNew description by Richard Palmer, 2013
PhysicalDescriptionBinding of dark blue cloth, 434 x 353 mm., 20th cent.
paper leaves
CustodialHistoryRecorded in H.J. Todd, 'A catalogue of the archiepiscopal manuscripts in the library at Lambeth Palace' (1812), when the papers , numbered 1-8, were preserved loose in a case.

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GB/109/9514Williams; John (1582-1650); Archbishop of York1582-1650
NA2381Ducarel; Andrew Coltée (1713-1785); Lambeth Librarian1713-1785
27Herring; Thomas (1693-1757); Archbishop of Canterbury1693-1757
GB/109/16458Newcombe; Daniel (fl. 1730-1758); Dean of Gloucesterfl. 1730-1758
GB/109/14700Benson; Martin (1689-1752); Bishop of Gloucester1689-1752
GB/109/16347Lee; Sir; George (1700?-1758); ecclesiastical lawyer and politician1700?-1758
24Cornwallis; Frederick (1713-1783); Archbishop of Canterbury1713-1783
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GB/109/21878Downing; George (d. 1749); Sir; 3rd Bt, founder of Downing Colleged. 1749
GB/109/21901Bentinck; William (1709-1762); 2nd Duke of Portland1709-1762
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