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Alt Ref NoMS 1153
Extentiii, 109 ff.
DescriptionPapers of William Wake (1657-1737), Archbishop of Canterbury, comprising:

ff. i-iii, 1-57. Papers relating to John Harris (1680-1738), Bishop of Llandaff and simultaneously Dean of Hereford. The papers relate mainly to a case arising from the failure of Harris to read the Morning and Evening Prayer within two months of taking possession of the Deanery of Hereford in 1729, as required by the Act of Uniformity. Harris claimed his illness as an impediment. A controversy then arose as to whether the Bishop of Hereford, as Ordinary, was empowered to judge the acceptability of the impediment, or whether this power lay with the Archbishop of Canterbury as Metropolitan. Many items have notes or endorsements in Wake's hand. 1729-30.
Further documents concerning the case are amongst the papers of Henry Egerton (d.1746), Bishop of Hereford, in the Hertfordshire Archives (ref. AH 1942-1987).
ff. i-iii. Title (in the hand of Andrew Coltee Ducarel, Lambeth Librarian 1757-85) and list of contents.
ff. 1-2. Petition from Harris to Archbishop Wake asking acceptance of his illness as a reasonable impediment to his reading the prayer. 9 March 1729/30. Signed by Harris.
ff. 3. Letter to Harris from Edward Greenly concerning appeals from the court of the Dean of Hereford to the Court of Arches. Doctors' Commons, 27 Feb. 1729/30.
ff. 4-5. Letter to Harris from Samuel Hords, concerning the jurisdiction of the Dean of Hereford in relation to that of the Bishop of Hereford. Hereford, 23 Feb. 1729/30. Copy.
ff. 6-7. Statement of the case of the Dean of Hereford, stating that the Dean as Ordinary is not subject to the Bishop as Ordinary. n.d.
f. 8. Certificate that Harris read the Morning and Evening Prayer on 28 Dec 1729 [within one month of the removal of the impediment of his illness]. 28 Dec 1729.
ff. 9-11. Medical certificates concerning Harris' illness. Dec. 1729-April 1730.
ff. 12-15. Drafts of a form of approbation by Archbishop Wake of Harris' illness as an impediment.
ff. 16-23. Four letters to Wake from Henry Egerton, Bishop of Hereford. March-April 1730.
ff. 24-25. Letter to Wake from Harris. 25 April 1730.
ff. 25a-26. Letter to Wake from Henry Egerton, Bishop of Hereford. 27 April 1730.
ff. 27-30. Two letters to Wake from Harris. April-May 1730.
ff. 31-32. Draft letter from Wake to Henry Egerton, Bishop of Hereford. n.d. In Wake's hand.
ff. 33-36. Copies of letters from Wake to Henry Egerton, Bishop of Hereford. March-April 1730. Partly in Wake's hand.
ff. 37-38. Opinion of John Andrew (d. 1747) that the Archbishop of Canterbury and not the Bishop of Hereford is the proper Ordinary to judge the impediment. Doctors' Commons, 2 Feb. 1729/30.
ff. 39-41. Letter from Thomas Parker, 1st Earl of Macclesfield, to Francis Lockier, Dean of Peterborough, giving his opinion that only the Archbishop's approbation of the impediment would be effectual. 27 Feb. 1729/30.
ff. 42-43. Opinion of Humphrey Henchman [of Doctors' Commons, d. 1739]. 19 March 1729/30.
ff. 44-47. Two letters to Wake from John Bettesworth (d. 1751), Dean of the Arches, and George Paul (d. 1755), Vicar-General, 26 March 1730 and n.d.
ff. 48-51. Two letters to Wake from John Andrew. Doctors' Commons, April and June 1730.
ff. 52-53. Questions relating to the case, in Wake's hand. n.d.
ff. 54-55. Opinion of George Paul [Vicar General] concerning Harris' wish to demolish the Deanery at Hereford and the question of who was the proper person to grant him a licence. Doctors' Commons, 21 Feb. 1729/30. Endorsement in the hand of Harris: 'original of the opinion of Dr. Paul about my house at Hereford'.
ff. 56-57. Petition from Harris to Wake for the demolition of the Deanery at Hereford. 11 March 1729/30. Signed by Harris.

ff. 58-109. Papers relating to a charity for poor vicars in the dioceses of Canterbury and Ely, founded by Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury, and Simon Patrick, Bishop of Ely. 1727-29. A number of the papers have endorsements in Wake's hand.
ff. 58-60. Title (in the hand of Andrew Coltee Ducarel, Lambeth Librarian 1757-85) and list of contents.
ff. 61-80. 'An Act for vesting several sums of money in the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of Ely, given for the augmentation of the maintenance of poor vicars...' [13 George I, 1726-27, c.27]. Printed. Two copies, the first undated, the second with the imprint London: Printed by John Baskett... 1728.
f. 81. List of the first ten poor vicars to receive £5 per annum, part of a private charity formerly entrusted to Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury, and Simon Patrick, Bishop of Ely, 1700-14.
ff. 82-84. Accounts of the charity 1727-28.
ff. 85-88. Assents by the Trustees to placing £2,400 in South Sea annuities. Signed by Elias Sydall, Dean of Canterbury, Edward Wake, Vice Dean, and others. February 1728/9.
ff. 88-89. A schedule of papers relating to the charity.
ff. 90-91. Appointment by the Trustees of John Lynch, afterwards Dean of Canterbury, as a Trustee. With the signatures and signet seals of Elias Sydall, Dean of Canterbury, Samuel Lisle, Archdeacon of Canterbury, David Wilkins, Vice Dean of Canterbury, George Paul, Vicar-General, Edward Knatchbull and T. Hales.
f. 92. Letter from Richard May to John Lynch. 10 Feb. 1728/9.
ff. 93-102. Five letters to Wake from Thomas Green (1658-1738), Bishop of Ely. Dec. 1728-Feb. 1729.
ff. 103-104. Letter to Wake from Charles Clarke. 15 Feb. 1728/9.
ff. 105-106. Letter to Samuel Lisle, Archdeacon of Canterbury, from Thomas Tyllott. 20 Aug [no year].
f. 107. List of 'the ten vicars'. 1729.
f. 108. Receipt signed by Samuel Lisle, Archdeacon of Canterbury, for £25 to be paid to ten poor vicars of the diocese of Canterbury.
f. 109. Note of the lease of a farm. n.d.
FindingAidsNew description by Richard Palmer, 2013
PhysicalDescriptionQuarter leather binding, with boards covered in cloth, 340 x 250 mm. 20th cent.
paper leaves.
CustodialHistoryThe papers have headings in the hand of A.C. Ducarel, Lambeth Librarian 1757-85, and lists of content in another hand, probably that of an assistant working with Ducarel. Similar lists of contents in the same hand are found in other manuscripts (eg. MSS. 1777, 1154). The list in MS. 1777 has a correction added in the hand of Thomas Secker, Archbishop of Canterbury 1758-68. This suggests that these manuscripts were at Lambeth and provided with lists of contents by 1768. However Ducarel did not include MS. 1153 in his catalogue (LR/F/42), which ends at MS. 1148. Possibly it was at Lambeth but not yet within the custody of the Library.
RelatedMaterialMS. 1153 was described in H.J. Todd, 'A catalogue of the archiepiscopal manuscripts in the library at Lambeth Palace' (1812). It then comprised three groups of papers, preserved loose in a case. The first two groups are as recorded above. The third group, relating to the Apparitor General of the Province of Canterbury appears to have strayed, and is now bound separately as MS. 1777.

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GB/109/21870Paul; George (d.1755); Advocate, Vicar General of the Archbishop of Canterburyd.1755
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