RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 113
Extenti, 260 ff.
Date16th century - early 17th century
DescriptionMiscellaneous papers bound together by Archbishop William Sancroft.

f. i verso. List of contents in the hand of Archbishop Sancroft

ff. 1-34 (ff. 23-34 blank). Forms of prayer on public occasions for the preservation of Queen Elizabeth I and her forces, with corrections, drafts and rough notes in the hand of Richard Bancroft, afterwards Archbishop of Canterbury (eg. f. 7v). At f. 11 is 'A prayer for the safty of her majesty's forces abroad 1597'.
Endorsed with the Cambridge shelfmark 'Bundle ye first #C', and the number '29' . Cf the catalogue description: bundle 1 no.29 'Formes of prayers MS sett forth on severall occasions' (Tanner MS. 274, f. 27v).

ff. 35-44. Sermon at St. Paul's Cross by John Jegon (1550-1618), afterwards Bishop of Norwich (1602), on 1 Timothy 5 vv.17-20, concerning the role of elders (presbyteri) in the Church. late 16th century.
At f. 43r Jegon condemns the attack on the chief elders of the Church by 'jybing Martin [Marprelate]' 'not long since' [the Marprelate tracts are dated 1588-89].
Not listed in M. Maclure, 'The Paul's Cross sermons 1534-1642', 1958.
Endorsed, 'Bundle ye first #C', and the number '24' .

ff. 45-52v. Anonymous sermon on 1 Timothy 6 v.20, on holding fast to apostolic doctrine. late 16th century.
This is an academic sermon, in Latin, addressed to fellow clergy or to students. It discusses contemporary controversial theology from an Anglican perspective, including the allure of the Roman Catholic theologian Thomas Stapleton (f. 51r)
References to Stapleton as living, to Clement VIII as Pope (f. 49v), and to William Whitaker, 'Adversus Tho. Stapleton' , printed in 1594 (f. 47v) date the sermon to c. 1594-98.
Endorsed, 'Bundle ye first #C', and the number '31' (ff. 45-52v).

ff. 53-62v (61-62 blank). Sermon by George Closse (fl. 1571-1621), minister of Black Torrington, Devon, on 1 Corinthians 6 v.7, 'it is utterly a faulte that you go to lawe one against another'. Preached at Exeter assizes, 8 August 1603.
f. 53v. 'A looking glasse for lawers & lawiers. A sermon preached before ye Judges of Assise for ye countie of Devon in ye Cathedrall Church of St Peter in Exon on ye 8th day of August 1603 by George Closse Maister of Artes and preacher of ye worde of God at Black-torrington'.
Endorsed, 'Bundle ye first #C', and the number '20'.

ff. 63-68v. Anonymous sermon on Hebrews 13 verses 10-13, 16th cent. In Latin.
f. 63r. Heading in Archbishop Sancroft's hand 'Anonymi concio de passione Domini in Hebr. XIII. 10-13'.
The sermon concerns the priestly role of Christ and dismisses any claim of the Roman pontiff to jurisdiction outside his diocese.
Endorsed, 'Bundle ye first #C', and the number '12'

ff. 69-78. Sermon [by John Salisbury, Dean of Norwich, and subsequently (1571) Bishop of Sodor and Man] on Psalm 94 vv.1-2. Preached in Norwich cathedral. The sermon attacked the ostentatiously godly and led to his suspension. On this sermon, preached on Advent Sunday 1569, see the article on Salisbury in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
f. 74r. Concludes: 'These are the wordes of the sermon which the Deane of Norwich did pronownce in his sermon in Christ Church ... and no other to our remembrance'.
ff. 74v-78r. blank.
f. 78v. Endorsement, 'Bundle ye first #C', and the number '16'.

ff. 79-86. A defence of his sermon (ff. 69-78) by John Salisbury in which he denies that it was seditious or defended the mass.
The defence takes the form of an address, referring to his sermon 'uppon Advent Sunday last' and includes details of Salisbury's earlier life..
ff. 83v-86r. blank.
f. 86v. Endorsement, 'Bundle ye first #C', and the number '17'.

f. 87 blank.

ff. 88-98v. Sermon by an unnamed preacher on Psalm 132 verses 11-18. Late 16th century [c.1590-98]
Endorsed (f. 98v) by Richard Bancroft, Bishop of London, and later Archbishop of Canterbury, 'Another of Dr Robinson's sermons'. This is Henry Robinson (1553?-1616), Provost of Queen's College, Oxford, from 1581 and Bishop of Carlisle from 1598. At f. 97v is a reference to 'wee in our governement of the universities'. The sermon appears to have been preached on the anniversary day of the accesion of Elizabeth I (f. 97v).
The sermon discusses the prosperity of England under Elizabeth, the inflation in prices and the economic problems of years of dearth and plenty. At f. 95v he cites [John Penry], 'An humble motion with submission unto the right honourable lords of hir Maiesties Privie Counsell...', printed in 1590, and engages with his argument for a reform of the Church to provide adequate livings to support a learned ministry. He also discussses abuses in the Colleges (f. 96r).
Endorsed (f. 98v) with the Cambridge shelfmark 'Bundle ye first #C', and the number '26'. This is one of three Robinson items once shelved together at Cambridge. The others (untraced) were 'Dr Robinsons sermon at St Maries 2 May 1591' (no. 25) and 'an other sermon of Dr Robinson' (no 27) (Cambridge University Library MS Oo. vii. 51, f. 71v).

ff. 99-100. Six Calvinistic theological propositions, 16th cent.
Endorsed with the number '13' (ff. 99r, 100v). This is item 13 in bundle 1as shelved at Cambridge during the Interregnum. Recorded as ' Sermon on Luke 24 verses 46-47, with a loose sheet of paper contayning 6 theses' (Cambridge University Library MS Oo. vii. 51, f. 71v). The sermon is untraced.

ff. 101-178 (original pagination 1-156). Puritan reasons against subscription to the Articles of religion and conformity with the Book of Common Prayer, written soon after the Hampton Court Conference of 1604.
Addressed to 'your Lordship' (f. 101r)
Begins (without title) at f. 101r: 'We may not consent to that subscription & conformitie which is required because we are perswaded that both in the book of common prayer & in the book of articles there are sundry things conteined which are repugnant to the word of God.'
Contains numerous references to sermons and publications in 1604, of which a reference to a sermon in October 1604 may be the last (f. 117r).
Probably the manuscript recorded in Archbishop Richard Bancroft's collection as 'against subscription. folio' (LR/F/1, f. 70r).
Cambridge shelfmark C eta 3 (Tanner Ms. 268, f. 166r) and subsequently folio vol. 229 (Tanner MS. 274 f.14r)

ff. 179-186 (f. 179 and 186v blank). Book of Discipline. 'Disciplina Ecclesiae sacra dei verbo descripta', [c.1587].
At f. 186r, in another hand, is a form of subscription or approval of the Discipline.
The author is Walter Travers (1548?-1635) though the MS. is not in his hand. The MS. was not published in his lifetime. This MS. is the most important of five surviving copies and is the copy referred to by Richard Bancroft in 'Dangerous positions', 1593, p. 98 etc. The chapter numbers are perhaps in Bancroft's hand.
Endorsed, 'A booke of discipline with the Classicall Orders').
Cambridge shelfmark C eta 11 (Tanner MS f. 166v) and subsequently folio vol 237 (Tanner MS 274, f. 14r).
Published from this manuscript in Francis Paget, ' An introduction to the fifth book of Hooker's ecclesiastical polity', 2nd edition (Oxford, 1907), pp. 296-312. The form of subscription is published separately at pp. 96-97.

ff. 187-202. 'A Reproofe of certeine schismatical persons [Henry Barrow and John Greenwood] and their doctrine touching the hearing and preaching of the word of God', [1588].
In the hand of the separatist Robert Browne (?1550-?1663) and including corrections which appear authorial, but attributed by A. Peel and L.H. Carlson to Thomas Cartwright ('Cartwrightiana', 1951, pp.197-201). Printed in 'Cartwrightiana', pp. 201-61. Previously published in Champlin Burrage, 'The "retraction" of Robert Browne father of Congregationalism' (Oxford, 1907), who accepted Browne's authorship.
Endorsed by Bancroft, 'Mr. Brownes Booke sent me' (f. 202). Cambridge shelf mark Bundle no D 20 class. A(f. 202v), catalogued as 'Rob. Browns reproofe of certayne schismaticall persons and their doctrines touching the hearing and preaching the word of God' (Tanner MS. 268, f. 168v). Archbishop Sancroft's list of contents (f. i verso) repeats this description, with the additional comment 'I think rather tis T.C.'s and that which follows [ie. ff. 203-222] Brown's'.

ff. 203-222v. 'An answere to Mr. Cartwright's Letter for Joyninge with the English Churches', by and in the hand of the separatist Robert Browne (?1550-?1633). [?1585]. A response to a letter of Thomas Cartwright.
Printed in 'The writings of Robert Harrison and Robert Browne', ed. A. Peel and L.H. Carlson, 1953, pp. 430-506.
Not traced in catalogues earlier than that of Archbishop William Sancroft (Tanner MS. 270 f. 6r). Neil Ker speculated that this may have been an addition by Sancroft (Ker, 'Archbishop Sancroft's rearrangement of the manuscripts of Lambeth Palace', p. 20); however it may have been assumed in earlier catalogues to have been part of the previous Browne item (ff. 187-222).

ff. 223-226. Latin verses [by the Scottish presbyterian Andrew Melville (1545-1622)] in defence of the Millenary petitioners entitled, 'Pro supplici ministrorum Evangeliorum in Anglia ad serenissimum Regem libello contra larvatam geminae academiae Gorgonem Apologia. Sive Anti-Cami-Tami-Categoria responsum', [1604].
Printed in 1620 and again in D. Calderwood, 'Altare Damascenum', 1623. Also printed in F.E. Hutchinson ed., 'The works of George Herbert' (Oxford, 1941), pp. 609-614.
The author is correctly identified in Sancroft's list of contents (f. i verso); Melville's name may have appeared on the lower portion of f. 226 which is cut away.
Not traced in catalogues earlier than that of Archbishop William Sancroft (Tanner MS. 270 f. 5r); Neil Ker speculated that this may have been an addition by Sancroft (Ker, 'Archbishop Sancroft's rearrangement of the manuscripts of Lambeth Palace', p. 20)

ff. 227-234. Synod of Middelburg (a national synod of the Reformed Church in the Netherlands). 'Ad nobiles equestris ordinis dominos et urbium legatos qui status comitatus Hollandiae referunt de actis concionatorum aestate praeterita in Synodo Middelburgi quam nationalem dicunt coacta editis, ceterisque quae inde sunt consecuta Leidanorum admonitio exhibita in mense ffebruario anno 1582'.
An inscription in the hand of Archbishop George Abbot reads 'Haec epistola scripta est et impressa in lingua Hollandica, ac a Do. D. Saravia in Latinam linguam conversa. Qui mihi dedit April. 27. 1612'. G Cant'.
Endorsed with the Cambridge shelfmark , '#C.2 ye first Bundle' and the number '41' (cf the catalogue description in Cambridge University Library MS Oo. vii. 51, f. 71v, 'Admonitio ad ordines Hollandiae de actis concionatorum in synodo nationali Midelburgi coacta editis 1582'

ff. 235-237 (ff. 236v-237v blank). Notes on an unidentified puritan book containing not less than 111 pages, early 17th cent.
For a possible Cambridge shelf mark, see the description of ff. 238-240.

ff. 238-240. Papers in a suit between Mary Whetenhall and her husband Thomas Whetenhall the younger, of East Peckham, Kent. The suit concerned financial matters, but also an accusation of Mary's adultery with her father-in-law Thomas Whetenall the elder. 1606.
ff. 238r-239v. 'Articles to be obiected by his majesties high commissioners for causes ecclesiasticall against Mary Whetenhall, the wyfe of Thomas Whetenhall, ye yonger son of Tho: Whetenhall of East Peckham in ye county of Kent esquire'.
f. 240r. 'The some of ye controversie and greevances on both sides'. At the foot is a note ' These with a peticion that they might be considered of in private offered in ye Consistory to ye whole bench Aprill 1606'.
f. 240v. blank.
Probably amongst Whetenall papers seized in a raid on the house of Thomas Whetenall the elder organised by Archbishop Bancroft in January 1607. For papers of Thomas Whetenall the elder, a puritan author, see MS 445, pp. vii, 1-312 and 313-390.
Cambridge shelf mark 'class A bundle H no 10, item 4, Three loose sheets of paper, one concerning reformation, the other two concerning a controversie betweene Tho Whetenhall and his wife' (Tanner MS. 268, f. 168v). The sheet 'concerning reformation' may be ff. 235-237 in this manuscript. Afterwards part of bundle 4, no 11 (Tanner MS. 274, f.29r)
For further documentation on this suit, see Tim Stretton ed., 'Marital litigation in the Court of Requests 1542-1642' (Camden 5th series vol 32), 2008, pp. 217-219.

f. 241r-v. 'A third [the second crossed out] humble supplication of many faithfull subjects in England falsly called Puritans directed to ye Kings majestie 1605', with corrections in another hand (f. 241r-v).
Possibly by Henry Jacob (1563-1624); the corrections appear to be in his hand. Identified by Neil Ker with the item catalogued at Cambridge as 'a peticion to King James by the non-conformistes which his Ma.ties notes in the margent', classis A bundle E no3 (Tanner MS 268, f.168v), subsequently given the new shelf mark bundle 4, no.5 (Tanner MS 274 f. 28v). The entry in Tanner 274 is annotated by Sancroft with his own new shelf mark, the current MS. 113. However the Cambridge catalogue description refers more directly to a copy of a printed work, Henry Jacob, 'To the right high and mightie prince Iames ... An humble supplication for tolerance' [Middelburg, 1609], with James I's own marginal notes (copy now at Lambeth shelfmark 1609.42). Possibly the printed work and f. 241were together, along with other Jacob papers now comprising ff. 242-253.

ff. 242-254. Papers of Henry Jacob (1563-1642), congregationalist, including:
f. 242r-v. Draft letter from Jacob, imprisoned in the Clink on account of a publication, to the Bishop of London, appealing for his release. n.d.
f. 243r. Signed undertaking by Jacob not to circulate his book entitled 'Reasons taken out of God's word ... proving a necessitie of reforming our churches in England', 1604, or to speak against church government, 4 April 1605. (A further draft is at f. 245v).
f. 244r. A further statement by Jacob of his position , begining 'A yeare now allmost past being in trouble for publishing my little treatise entitled 'Reasons taken out of God's word'.
f. 245r. A portion of a draft work by Jacob arguing that the visible Church should be neither national, provincial or diocesan but 'a particular ordinary congregation only'.
ff. 247r-248v. Draft work by Jacob arguing that kneeling at the communion is evil.
ff. 249r-252v. 'Principles and foundations of Christian religion' . A catechism by Jacob.
f. 253r. Draft letter from Jacob to fellow ministers asking them to sign a petition against ecclesiastical courts, idle ministers, non-residence superstitious ceremonies, subscription beyond law, the ex officio oath etc
f. 254v. Endorsed 'Mr Jacobs papers'.
Cambridge shelf mark 'class A bundle H no 14. Henry Jacobs 4 assertions concerning reformation printed 1604 with his papers MS in nine sheets' (Tanner MS. 268, f. 168v) and subsequently 'bundle 4, no.12' (Tanner MS. 270, f. 29r)

ff. 255-260. Copy (in Latin) of a decree of the Sacred Congregation of the Index condemning two works by Robert Preston (d.1640), published under the pseudonym Roger Widdrington. Rome, 16 March 1614.
The works are 'Apologia cardinalis Bellarmini pro jure principum', 1611, and 'Disputatio theologica de juramento fidelitatis', 1613.
Together with a defence of the Real Presence in the Eucharist by and possibly in the hand of Sir Julius Caesar, c.1600 (Latin).
Endorsed (f. 260v) with the Cambridge shelf mark '#C.2 the first bundle' and the number '42' (see Tanner MS. 268 f. 163v and Tanner MS. 274 f. 28r for catalogue description).
LanguageEnglish and Latin
FindingAidsCatalogue description based on revision to Todd catalogue (MSS. 113-283) by E. G. W. Bill (typescript, 1981). Revised by Richard Palmer, 2010.
PhysicalDescriptionModern quarter leather binding (late 20th cent.)
320 x 265 mm.
CustodialHistoryFormer Cambridge shelfmarks (see published catalogue by M. R. James and Concordances I and IV in N. R. Ker, 'Archbishop Sancroft's Rearrangement of the Manuscripts of Lambeth Palace', in E. G. W. Bill, 'A Catalogue of Manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library MSS. 1222-1860', Oxford, 1972):
ff. 1-34: Bundle 1, no. 29
ff. 35-44: Bundle 1, no. 24
ff. 45-52: Bundle 1, no. 31
ff. 53-62: Bundle 1, no. 20
ff. 63-8: Bundle 1, no. 12
ff. 69-78: Bundle 1, no. 16
ff. 79-86: Bundle 1, no. 17
ff. 87-98: Bundle 1, no. 26
ff. 99, 100: Bundle 1, no. 13
ff. 101-78: C. [eta]. 3
ff. 179-86: C. [eta]. 11
ff. 187-202: Classis D.20; afterwards Bundle 4, no 3
ff. 203-22: untraced
ff. 223-6: untraced
ff. 227-34: Bundle 1, no. 41
ff. 235-40: part of Classis H.10; afterwards part of Bundle 4, no11
f. 241: Classis E.3; afterwards Bundle 4, no 5
ff. 242-54: part of Classis H.14; afterwards part of Bundle 4, no 12
ff. 255-60: Bundle 1, no. 42
CopiesWhole MS
Microfilm: Lambeth Palace Library Box 889

MS 113 ff 53-61
Microfilm: Lambeth Palace Library Box 637

MS 113 ff 107-202
Microfilm: Lambeth Palace Library Box 46

See the online image management system,
PublnNoteArnold Hunt, 'The Art of Hearing: English Preachers and their Audiences' (Cambridge, 2010) [Lambeth Palace Library G4208.E6H8]

Mary Morrissey, 'Politics and the Paul's Cross sermons, 1558-1642', OUP 2011 [Lambeth Palace Library G4208.E6M6]

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