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Alt Ref NoMS 1112
Extent107 ff.
Description'A discourse of the five laste Popes of Rome and of the first originall and beginninge of that famous pilgrimage of our Ladie of Loreto. Whereunto is added a drawghte of the lives of all suche Romane Cardinalls, as are livinge nowe at this daye, in theire livelie cullers, with theire names, surnames, and countries and livinges, there vertues and vices, there manners and behaviours, or whatsoever els not impertinent unto the same matter. Gathered and collected through the travell and industrie of Robert Tofte gentleman' (f. 3r).

Robert Tofte (1562-1620), poet and translator, collected the material for this work during his travels in Italy from 1591 to 1594. It was probably written in London between 1596 and 1597. This is the original manuscript, probably unique and certainly including a unique item (an original health pass issued to Tofte in Italy in 1594). It was prepared for presentation to Richard Bancroft, Bishop of London and afterwards Archbishop of Canterbury, at Christmas 1597. It is signed by Tofte (f. 5r) and may be autograph throughout.

Bound into the volume are an engraved, hand-coloured broadside portrait of Pope Sixtus V (f.6); four engraved portraits of Popes Urban VII (f. 12), Gregory XIV (f. 17), Innocent IX (f. 20) and Clement VIII (f. 23), alike in character and each mounted on leaves from a printed book; and a health pass issued to Tofte in 1594 (f. 30). Sixty-one small hand-coloured engravings of Cardinals (head and shoulder portraits, with coats of arms, each approximately 75 x 65 mm, are pasted in at relevant points of the text of ff. 32-104. These appear to be cut from a printed work.

On Tofte, see:
'Oxford Dictionary of National Biography'.
F.B. Williams, "Robert Tofte", 'Review of English Studies', vol XIII, 1937, pp. 282-296, 405-424.

f. 1v. Table of contents, in the hand of Archbishop William Sancroft.

f. 2. blank

f. 3r. title page.

ff. 4r-5r. [Melzi pagination 5-7]. Dedicatory letter addressed to Richard Bancroft, Bishop of London. Signed by Robert Tofte and dated 1 January 1598.
S.W. May & W.A. Ringler, 'Elizabethan poetry: a bibliography and first line index of English verse, 1559-1603', 3 vols, 2004, vol 1, p. 513 (EV 5654) assume this date to be old style, ie. 1599 by modern reckoning, but F.B. Williams (p. 412) shows from internal evidence that Tofte's date is new style.

ff. 6r-26r. [Melzi pagination 8-38] 'Of the lives of the last five Popes'

f. 6. Engraved hand-coloured portrait of Pope Sixtus V (1520-1590), seated, surrounded by 18 images of buildings in Rome and other public works reflecting his achievements. By Battista Pensieri Parmensis (or, da Parma). Caption: 'Sixtus V Pont Max creatus an.o 1585 die 24 Aprilis aetatis sue anni LXVI. Battista parmen. for. Romae 1589'. 510 x 370 mm.
ff. 7r-11r. [Melzi pagination 8-16]. Life of Sixtus V

f. 12. Engraved hand-coloured portrait of Urban VII (1521-1590). Caption: 'Urbanus VII Romanus Pon Opt Max'. 295 x 205 mm.
ff. 13r-16r. [Melzi pagination 18-24]. Life of Urban VII.

f. 17. Engraved hand-coloured portrait of Gregory XIV (1535-1591). Caption: 'Gregorius XIIII Pont Opt Max'. 285 x 190 mm.
ff. 18r-19v. [Melzi pagination 26-29]. Life of Gregory XIV.

f. 20. Engraved hand-coloured portrait of Innocent IX (1519-1591). Caption: 'Innocentius IX Pont Max'. 285 x 190 mm.
ff. 20r-22v. [Melzi pagination 30-33] Life of Innocent IX.

f. 23. Engraved hand-coloured portrait of Clement VIII (1536-1605). Caption: 'Clemens VIII Pont Max'. 285 x 190 mm.
ff. 24r-26r. [Melzi pagination 34-38]. Life of Clement VIII, 'the Pope that nowe livethe'.

ff. 27r-30r. [Melzi pagination 40-45]. 'Of the originall and beginning of the pilgrimage to our Ladye of Loreto'. Bound in at f. 30r. is an original health pass issued to Robert Tofte and two others on their departure from Loreto, 27 February 1594, certifying that the town was free from any suspicion of plague.

f. 31 . blank.

ff. 32r-104v. [Melzi pagination 48-193]. 'A drawghte of the lives of all suche Roman Cardinalls as are att this daye livinge, everie one sett in his righte cullers by R.T. gentleman'. Lives of 61 Cardinals, with engraved hand-coloured portraits.
f. 34r-v. [Melzi pagination 52-53]. Alfonso Gesualdo (1540-1603), Bishop of Ostia.
f. 35r-v. [Melzi pagination 54-55]. Innico d'Avalos d'Aragona (1536-1600), Bishop of Porto and Santa Rufina.
f. 36r-v. [Melzi pagination 56-57]. Marc'Antonio Colonna (d.1597), Bishop of Palestrina.
f. 37r-v. [Melzi pagination 58-59]. Tolomeo Gallio (1527-1607), Bishop of Frascati.
f. 38r-v. [Melzi pagination 60-61]. Gabriele Paleotti (1522-597), Bishop of Sabina.
f. 39r-v. [Melzi pagination 62-63]. Carlo Michele Bonelli (1541-1598), Cardinal Alessandrino.
f. 40r-v. [Melzi pagination 64-65]. Markus Sitticus von Hohenems Altemps (1533-1595), Cardinal Altemps.
f. 41r-v. [Melzi pagination 67]. Ludovico Madruzzo (1532-1600), Prince-Bishop of Trent.
f. 42r-v. [Melzi pagination 68-69]. Nicolas de Pellevé (1518-1594), Archbishop of Sens, Protector of Ireland.
f. 43r-v. [Melzi pagination 70-71]. Giulio Antonio Santorio (1532-1602), Archbishop of Santa Severina.
f. 44r-v. [Melzi pagination 72-73]. Girolamo Rusticucci (1537-1603), Vicar General of Rome.
f. 45r-v. [Melzi pagination 74-75]. Girolamo Simoncelli (1522-1605), Bishop of Orvieto.
f. 46r-v. [Melzi pagination 76-77]. Pedro de Deza (1520-1600), Inquisitor General of the Holy Office.
f. 47r-v. [Melzi pagination 78-79]. Gaspar de Quiroga y Vela (1512-1595), Archbishop of Toledo.
f. 48r-v. [Melzi pagination 80-81]. Albrecht, Archduke of Austria (1559-1621), afterwards co-sovereign of the Habsburg Netherlands.
f. 49r-v. [Melzi pagination 82-83]. Alessandro Ottaviano de' Medici (1535-1605), Archbishop of Florence.
f. 50r-v. [Melzi pagination 84-85]. Rodrigo de Castro Osorio (1523-1600), Archbishop of Seville.
f. 51r-v. [Melzi pagination 86-87]. Charles de Bourbon (1562-1594), Archbishop of Rouen.
f. 52r-v. [Melzi pagination 88-89]. François de Joyeuse (1562-1615), Archbishop of Toulouse.
f. 53r-v. [Melzi pagination 90-91]. Antonmaria Salviati (1537-1602), papal diplomat and administrator.
f. 54r-v. [Melzi pagination 92]. Agostino Valier (1531-1606), Bishop of Verona.
f. 55r-v. [Melzi pagination 94-95]. Filippo Spinola (1535-1593), Bishop of Nola.
f. 56r-v. [Melzi pagination 96-97]. Jerzy Radziwill (1556-1600), Bishop of Vilnius.
f. 57r-v. [Melzi pagination 98-99]. Simeone Tagliavia d'Aragonia (1550-1604), afterwards Bishop of Sabina.
f. 58r-v. [Melzi pagination 100-101]. Scipione Lancellotti (1527-1598), papal lawyer and diplomat.
ff. 59r-60v. [Melzi pagination 102-105]. Enrico Caetani (1550-1599), Camerlengo of the Roman Church.
f. 61r-v. [Melzi pagination 106-107]. Giovanni Battista Castrucci (1541-1595), Archbishop of Chieti.
f. 62r-v. [Melzi pagination 108-109]. Domenico Pinelli (1541-1611), papal legate and administrator.
f. 63r-64v. [Melzi pagination 110-112]. Girolamo Bernerio (1540-1611), Bishop of Ascoli-Piceno.
f. 65r-v. [Melzi pagination 114-115]. Antonio Maria Galli (1553-1620), Bishop of Osimo.
f. 66r-v. [Melzi pagination 116-117]. Costanzo da Sarnano (1531-1595), theologian.
f. 67r-68r. [Melzi pagination 118-120]. William Allen (1532-1594), Cardinal of England.
f. 69r-v. [Melzi pagination 122-123]. Antonmaria Sauli (1541-1623), papal diplomat and administrator.
f. 70r-v. [Melzi pagination 124-125]. Giovanni Evangelista Pallotta (1548-1620), Archpriest of the Vatican basilica.
f. 71r-v. [Melzi pagination 126-127]. Pierre de Gondi (1532-1616), Archbishop of Paris.
f. 72r-v. [Melzi pagination 128-129]. Gianfrancesco Morosini (1537-1596), Bishop of Brescia.
f. 73r-74v. [Melzi pagination 130-133]. Mariano Pierbenedetti (1538-1611), afterwards Bishop of Frascati.
f. 75r-v. [Melzi pagination 134-135]. Gregorio Petrocchini (1535-1612), afterwards Bishop of Palestrina.
ff. 76r-77v. [Melzi pagination 136-139]. Paolo Emilio Sfondrati, also recorded as Paolo Camillo Sfondrati (1560-1618), afterwards Bishop of Albano.
f. 78. blank.
f. 79r-v. [Melzi pagination 142-143]. Benedetto Giustiniani (1554-1621), afterwards Bishop of Porto and Santa Rufina.
f. 80r-v. [Melzi pagination 144-145]. Agostino Cusani (1542-1598).
f. 81r-v. [Melzi pagination 146-147]. Francesco Maria Bourbon del Monte Santa Maria (1549-1627), afterwards Bishop of Ostia and Velletri.
f. 82r-v. [Melzi pagination 148-149]. Ottavio Paravicini (1552-1611), Bishop of Alessandria.
f. 83r-v. [Melzi pagination 150-151]. Andreas of Austria (1558-1600), son of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria.
f. 84rv. [Melzi pagination 152-153]. Girolamo Mattei (1547-1603). The engraving, pasted here, in error, is that of Ascanio Colonna. The engraving of Mattei is placed in error at f.88r.
f. 85r-v. [Melzi pagination 154-155]. Francesco Sforza (1562-1624), afterwards Bishop of Porto and Santa Rufina.
ff. 86r-87v. [Melzi pagination 156-159]. Alessandro Damasceni Peretti (1571-1623), afterwards Bishop of Albano.
f. 88r-v. [Melzi pagination 160-161]. Ascanio Colonna (1560-1608), afterwards Bishop of Palestrina. The engraving pasted here in error is that of Ascanio Colonna. The engraving of Colonna is pasted in error at f. 84r.
f. 89r-v. [Melzi pagination 162-163]. Hughes de Loubenx de Verdalle (1531-1595), Grand Master of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.
f. 90r-v. [Melzi pagination 164-165]. Federico Borromeo (1564-1631), Archbishop of Milan.
f. 91r-v. [Melzi pagination 166-167]. Charles de Lorraine-Vaudémont (1567-1607), Bishop of Strasbourg.
ff. 92r-93r. [Melzi pagination 168-170]. Ottavio Acquaviva d'Aragona (1560-1612), afterwards Archbishop of Naples. Includes (f. 93r) a pasquinade, noted from this manuscript in S.W. May & W.A. Ringler, 'Elizabethan poetry: a bibliography and first line index of English verse, 1559-1603', 3 vols, 2004, vol 1, p. 513 (EV 5654). [copy at Z2014.P7R5].
f. 94r-v. [Melzi pagination 172-173]. Guido Pepoli (1560-1599).
ff. 95r-97v. [Melzi pagination 174-179]. Odoardo Farnese (1573-1626), afterwards Bishop of Sabina.
f. 98r-v. [Melzi pagination 180-181]. Flaminio Piatti (1552-1611), afterwards Camerlengo of the Sacred College of Cardinals.
f. 99r-v. [Melzi pagination 182-183]. Giovanni Antonio Facchinetti de Nuce (1575-1606).
f. 100r-v. [Melzi pagination 184-185]. Filipp Sega (1537-1596), Bishop of Piacenza.
f. 101r-v. [Melzi pagination 186-187]. Francisco de Toledo Herrera (1532-1596), the first Jesuit Cardinal.
f. 102r-v. [Melzi pagination 188-189]. Lucio Sasso (1521-1604).
f. 103r-v. [Melzi pagination 190-191]. Pietro Aldobrandini (1571-1621), Archbishop of Ravenna.
f. 104r-v. [Melzi pagination 192-193]. Cinzio Passeri Aldobrandini (1551-1610).

ff. 105r-106r. [Melzi: unpaginated following 193]. 'A Pasquinata or Libell made in Rome upon the puttinge to death of that aspiringe traytor to his prince Charles Duke of Guise and the Cardinall his brother'. A pasquinade, in English and Latin, on the assassinations of Henry, 3rd Duke of Guise, and his brother Louis de Lorraine, Cardinal of Guise, in December 1588.

ff. 166v-167r. blank
LanguageEnglish (some Latin at ff. 105-106)
FindingAidsNew description by Richard Palmer, 2010
PhysicalDescriptionoriginal calf binding with gilt centrepiece and single fillet border. fabric ties missing.
230 x 165 mm.
CustodialHistoryFrom the collection of Archbishop Richard Bancroft (1544-1610). Recorded in his catalogue as 'Toft of the lives of the 5 last popes' (LR/F/1, f. 72v.). Shelf marks at Cambridge on front pastedown: 'C theta 26' and subsequently 'quarto 194'.
Included in David Wilkins' catalogue of 1720 as MS. 426 (LR/F/40, f. 34v). The manuscript then went missing and was recovered in 1764 . Andrew Coltee Ducarel, then Librarian, was unaware that it had previously been in the Library, and regarded it as a gift from Archbishop Secker (see Ducarel's inscription on the front pastedown). He added it to the collection as MS. 1112.
Recorded in Andrew Coltee Ducarel's catalogue of the Lambeth manuscripts begun 1763 (LR/F/42). Ducarel also recorded the manuscript in a list of uncatalogued manuscripts in the Library in 1769, in which he stated that tit was a gift from Archbishop Secker given on 3 Dec. 1761 (MS. 1998, f. 51r).
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library Box 514
PublnNoteEdited from this manuscript by Robert C. Melzi, 'Robert Tofte's "Discourse " to the Bishop of London' (Geneva, 1989). Melzi's edition does not reproduce the engravings. The pagination which he cites is not found in the manuscript.

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