RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 1029
Extent116 items
DescriptionCorrespondence and papers of Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury.
Included are numerous items concerning Roman Catholics and fears concerning the Jacobites, including intercepted letters passing between England and the Continent, many of them concerning the English Benedictines (items 62, 66-107), and papers relating to John Taaffe (c.1646-c.1728), known as Father Vincent Taaffe, who converted under Tenison's influence and became an informer (items 4-5, 9-18, 24, 61), and Peter Cooke, a Jacobite involved in Sir John Fenwick's plot for an invasion, who also became an informer (items 25-60). Also present are papers relating to the case of William Whiston (1667-1752) whose publications were considered heretical (items 112-116).
Preceded by an index by Andrew Coltee Ducarel, Lambeth Librarian, dated 19 Feb. 1762.

1. Letter to Tenison while Vicar of St. Martin-in-the-Fields [1680-91] from Peter Scott, concerning an inscription placed by Richard Beauchamp (d.1481), Bishop of Salisbury, in St. George's Chapel, Windsor. n.d. 2 ff.

2. Letter [to Tenison] from Hugh Ellis concerning Dr Short's disturbing him while celebrating the eucharist at Charing Cross. 18 December 1684. 2 ff.

3. Questions concerning scripture and the Christian faith, with replies by a Roman Catholic. Endorsed by Tenison: 'Gooding's pretended conference with D. St. 1686'. 2 ff. Probably relates to the discussions between Peter Gooden (d. 1695) and Edward Stillingfleet.

4-5. Papers relating to John Taaffe.
4. Depositions of Mary Conyett, wife of Symon Conyett, innholder, of Dover, and Katherine King, of Dover, concerning masses said at Dover by John Taaffe, known as Father Vincent Taaffe, supposedly a Capuchin, around August 1688. 24 April 1689. 2 ff.
5. Letter from John Taaffe [to Tenison], concerning his misfortune on changing his religion. 2 June 1689. 2 ff.

6. Letter addressed to 'your Grace' from Henry Ryder, concerning the character of Hugh Jenkins, a clergyman deprived of his living at Bandon, Cork, and excommunicated, subsequently a bigamist and drunken clergyman in England. Salisbury, 5 October 1689. With an endorsement in Tenison's hand. 1 f.

7. Letter to Tenison from Anthony Horneck (1641-1697), a Prebendary of Westminster Abbey, about a conference with a Roman Catholic priest at his house. 3 Jan., no year [cited in Edward Carpenter, 'Thomas Tenison', p. 66, where dated to 1688].

8. Letter to Tenison from John Smith (the young apprentice who was the cause of the debate between Tenison and the Jesuit Andrew Pulton), reporting his return from Roman Catholicism to the Church of England and apologizing for the trouble he had caused. Stanton, 18 Feb. 1689. 2 ff. See Edward Carpenter, 'Thomas Tenison', pp. 64-5.

9-18. Further papers relating to John Taaffe.
9. Paper giving reasons why the unnamed writer was convered from the church of Rome in which he was born and bred. Possibly in the hand of John Taaffe. n.d. 1 f.
10-11. Statement of John Taaffe renouncing the Roman Catholic faith. Original, signed by Taaffe and witnessed, and a copy or draft in Tenison's hand. 15 June 1688. 4 ff.
12. Letter to Tenison from John Taaffe, seeking help following an order of the house of Lords placing him in confinement. 20 Feb. 1695. 2 ff.
13. Letter to Tenison while Bishop of Lincoln [1691-4] from D. Pearne asking for further charitable assistance. n.d. Re-used by Tenison for notes in his hand concerning papers relating to John Taaffe 1688-9. 2 ff.
14. Letters to 'Monsieur Morel' from Nicolas Dormer and his wife Marie Lefebvre concerning John Taaffe. Calais, 8 October 1688. 2 ff. In French.
15. Letter to Tenison from John Taaffe reporting his betrayal in London and seeking assistance in his present distress. Calais 1 Nov. 1688. 2 ff.
16. Letter to an unnamed correspondent from John Taaffe, reporting his escape from his enemy Morel with the aid of Monsieur Dormer. Calais 1 Nov. 1688. In French. 2 ff.
17-18. Letter to Tenison from John Taaffe, enclosing a letter to Taaffe from an unnamed Roman Catholic concerning his conversion to the Church of England. London, 19-23 March 1689. In English and French. 4 ff.

19. Letter from Cyril V, Patriarch of Antioch, to John Tillotson, Archbishop of Canterbury. 'Skenterona' [?Iskenderun], 30 Nov 1694. In Greek.
The letter refers to the arrival from England of three priests, Fathers Simon, Alexander and Isaac, who have told the Patriarch of the Archbishop's affection towards Orthodox Christians and the Petrine seat of Antioch. He expresses regret at the lack in England of an arch-priest (archiereus) or even of monk-priests (hieromonachoi) able to perform the Greek rites, of which he has also informed by these priests. He says that he has learned from Father Simon that the Archbishop has sent letters to the Patriarchs of Constantinople, Alexandria and Jerusalem, but that these have been lost at sea. He asks the Archbishop to write to inform him more fully about the lack of Orthodox clergy and express his desire to remedy this. Tillotson died 22 Nov 1694; the letter was probably received by his successor Archbishop Tenison.

20. Petition concerning David Langenmantel, son of Henry Langemantel, a Protestant Senator of Augburg, a young man sent to Florence in 1689 where he became a convert to Roman Catholicism, later reconverting to Protestantism. The petition is addressed to 'His Majesty' [William III] as protector of afflicted Protestants, seeking his aid in resisiting pressure from the court at Florence for Langenmantel's return there. n.d. Endorsed by Tenison: 'Rec'd Oct. 30 1695'. 2 ff.

21. Letter [to Tenison] from Charles Mecart, born at Coleraine, County Londonderry, relating his life and visions. 26 November 1695. With an endorsement describing the writer as an enthusiast. 4 ff.

22. A continuation of 'Sir E. And. no real friend to the Clergy as appears by what followeth', a paper concerning Sir Edmund Andros (1637-1714) and the Church in Virginia. The first part of this document is found in MS. 959 item 60, and is continued here. With an endorsement in Tenison's hand dated 12 Sept. 1695. 2 ff.

23. Letter to Tenison from E. Green, seeking charity. n.d. [but listed in Ducarel's index with date 7 Oct. 1695]. 2 ff., lower part of f. 2 torn away.

24. Petition to William III from [John Taaffe], implicated in a Jacobite assassination plot against William III, but who proclaimed his innocence, arguing that he had himself foiled the plot. In the form of a narrative beginning with the despatch of John Lunt and [?William] Bromfield from France. n.d. [1694]. Seemingly a draft. Begins: 'Some time after Christmas last anno 1693 John Lunt came to my house...'. 10 ff. A covering letter is item 61, where the author is named as Taaffe. On this plot see William Beamont, ed, 'The Jacobite trials at Manchester in 1694' (Chetham Society, 1853), and the article on Taaffe in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography..

25-60. Letters to Tenison and depositions from Peter Cooke, a Jacobite involved in Sir John Fenwick's plot for an invasion and assassination of William III, who recanted and became an informer. All or mainly written during his imprisonment awaiting sentence. March-September 1696 and n.d. Also included (items 25, 45 and 51) are letters to Tenison from Sir Miles Cooke concerning his son and permits to visit him. 55 ff.

61. Letter [from John Taaffe] to William III, the covering letter for item 24. The author, faced with warrants for his arrest, protests his innocence, arguing that with regard to William III's future reputation 'it will sound ill that Taaffe was forgotten or abus'd for freeing his countrymen from the guilt and cry of blood'. 1 f.

62. Letter to an unnamed correspondent from A. Williamson, referring to an election in an unnamed nunnery. 27 August [?1697]. Seemingly an intercepted letter (cf. items 66-107). 2 ff.

63. Letter to Tenison from Richard Tenison, Bishop of Clogher, concerning his moderation towards the Dissenters in Ireland, and his building a hermitage at Clogher to end his life in a religious retirement. 14 Sept. 1696. 2 ff.

64. Letter from Thomas Deane, a 'Popish scholemaster' at St. Mary le bon [St. Marylebone] whose school was broken up by the Justices of the Peace, to Mr. Pore. 27 March 1696. A copy, in Tenison's hand. 2 ff.

65. Letter signed 'Trouillard', to an unnamed correspondent, concerning socinianism in the French church at Canterbury. Providing a copy and notes on an incriminating letter from J[acques] Rondeau, a minister in the diocese of Canterbury, to Mr. Souverain, a French minister in London, dated 8 June 1697. In French. 2 ff.

66-107. Letters to Tenison from Ferrand Spence, intercepted letters, and notes by Tenison on intercepted letters, 1697. Tenison was foremost in advocating a policy of keeping watch on the activities of Roman Catholics and Jacobites and had letters passing between Catholics in England and on the Continent intercepted and inspected, through the agency of Ferrand Spence at the General Letter Office. See Edward Carpenter, 'Thomas Tenison Archbishop of Canterbury' (London, 1948), p. 69, which describes the years 1696-7 as particularly uneasy for Tenison with regard to fears of Jacobite plots. MS. 1048A is a record of intercepted letters May-October 1697. Further intercepted letters and notes by Tenison are MS. 1029 item 62, MS. 933 item 84; MS. 942 item 142; MS. 953 items 56-7, 59-60.
66-68. Three letters to Tenison from Ff. Spence. General Letter Office, June-July 1697. 5 ff. The writer is Ferrand Spence, described in MS. 942 item 121 as 'one of the clerks of the forreigne Post Office'.
69-. Intercepted letters, mainly originals, with a few copies in Tenison's hand.
69-70. Letter to Bernard Smith 'Proviseur du College de St. Anthoine de Padoue a Louvain', for re-direction. London, 16 July 1697. 3 ff.
71 Letter from Thomas Nicholas (d.1718), Bishop of the titular see of Peristachium, Vicar-Apostolic for Scotland, to William Leslie in the court of Cardinal Carlo Barberini at Rome, on his imprisonment and arrival in Scotland. 19 July 1697. In Latin. 1 f.
72. Record of votes cast at the election of Joseph Johnston, also known as Henry Johnston (d.1723) as Prior of St. Edmund's, Paris. A copy, in Tenison's hand. 2 ff. The same document is copied in MS. 1048A pp. 63-5, amongst in-letters of 20 July 1697.
73. Letter from A.G.[Ambrose Fitzgerald] to Mons. Coghlan, College de Saint Croix, Flanders, concerning the state of Catholics in Ireland. London, 23 July 1697. 2 ff. In the same hand as item 74.
74. Letter from 'Amb. ffitz Gerald'.[Ambrose Fitzgerald] to 'Mons. Pierre McDermott chez les Damoiselles Anglois de Spelleikinheuse en Flandres', concerning the state of Catholics in Ireland. London'. 23 July 1697. 2 ff.
75. Letter from William Smithson, a medical student on the continent expecting to take his degree in the following year, to his father at Horsham in Sussex, giving an account of his studies and financial position. 1 August 1697. 2 ff.
76. Letter from Dunstan Lake, also known as Faringdon Lake (d. 1704) complaining of the disorders and irregularities of the convent to which he belongs [St. Edmund's, Paris], and desiring leave to withdraw to the monastery of La Trappe. 2 Aug. 1697. 4 ff.
77. Formal declaration by Bernard Gregson (d. 1711) of the election of Joseph Johnston as prior of St. Edmund's, Paris. 3 Aug. 1697 old style. Addressed to 'Monsieur Fairhurst' [possibly Placid Nelson (d. 1724), also known as Richard Nelson, also known as Fairhurst] at Rotterdam. 2 ff.
78-80. Notes by Ferrand Spence concerning the intercepted letters, one addressed to Ralph Snow, Receiver General of the Archbishop of Canterbury. 5 ff.
81. Letter from Bennet Nelson, also known as William Nelson (d. 1699) supporting the wish of Dunstan Lake to move from St. Edmund's to La Trappe (see item 76). 4 August 1697. 1 f. An enclosure with item 82.
82. Letter from 'F. Lake' [ probably Dunstan Lake] to Thomas Williams in London. Louvain, 4 Aug. 1697. 1 f. Probably a covering letter, enclosing items 76 and 81.
83. Letter from G. Brg [?] to Bennet Nelson in Paris, reporting a meeting of English Benedictines and the appointment of five 'definitores' (the same definitores who elected Joseph Johnston as prior of St. Edmund's, Paris; see item 77). 5 Aug. [1697]. 1 f.
84. Letter from Jo. Longin to Mr. Moore concerning the same meeting of the English Benedictines and elections held. London, 6 Aug. 1697. 2 ff.
85. Letter from a lady named 'Dornaison' to her sister, 15 Aug. 1697. With, in another hand, a report from Brest of the French raid on Cartegena [Colombia] under Bernard Desjean, Baron de Pointis, and the arrival of a ship laden with silver. 6 Aug. 1697. In French. 2 ff.
86. Letter from Margaret Ffetiplace, seemingly at a religious house in Flanders, to Mrs. Aubrey at the house of Mr. Nellson, an apothecary on Wyld St., London. 26 Aug. 1697. 2 ff.
87. Letter from Francis Bagshaw to Tenison, thanking him for an introduction to Lord and Lady Sunderland, 29 Aug. 1697. Re-used by Tenison for a copy in his hand of an intercepted letter dated 17 Sept. 1697. 2 ff.
88. Note [to Tenison] from Ferrand Spence. 30 Aug. 1697. 2 ff.
89. Letter to 'Madam Rose Oneill' [Rose O'Neill] at the house of Lady O'Neill at Smithfield, Dublin. Concerns family affairs and the progress of the War of the Grand Alliance. Unsigned, but in the same hand as items 90-1. 30 Aug. 1697. 2 ff.
90-91. Letters from D.P. in Brussells to John Galway in London, and to Dominick Ryan in Dublin, concerning his mission to Godert de Ginkell,1st Earl of Athlone (1644-1703), with the copy of a certificate obtained fom the Earl concerning Denis Daly and his role in the surrender of Galway, confirming that it was the Earl's intention that Daly should be pardoned and retain his estates. Brussells, 30 August 1697 new style. 4 ff. A further letter in the same hand to Dominick Ryan 25 Aug. 1697 is MS. 953, item 57. Cf. MS. 1029 item 95.
92. Letter to Tenison from John Deffray (1661-1738), a Huguenot, Rector of Old Romney, concerning the stipends of the French Ministers at Rye and Dover. 2 Sept. 1697. Re-used by Tenison for notes in his hand on intercepted letters, Sept. 1697. 2 ff.
93. Letter from J.W. to 'Mr. Fairhurst' [possibly Placid Nelson (d. 1724), also known as Richard Nelson, also known as Fairhurst] in Rotterdam. 7 Sept. 1697.
94. Letter addressed to 'Madame Ellis' and beginning 'Right Reverend' from Francis Godolphin, nephew of Sir William Godolphin (1635-1696), concerning the latter's will. London. 4 September 1697. 2 ff. Possibly the letter enclosed with item 93 which was to be forwarded to a lady in Amsterdam. Cf. MS. 1048A pp. 41 and 137. On Godolphin's will cf. MS. 942 item 132.
95. Letter to James Daley in Rotterdam, concerning his father and the certificate obtained from the Earl of Athlone [see items 90-1]. 14 Sept. 1697. 1 f.
96-97. Letter to Ambrose Cooke, Abbot of the Scottish Abbey of St. James, Würzburg, from Philip Layton of Northumberland, with news of a bequest intended for Cooke and the monastery from Alexander Brown. 14 Sept. 1607. With a covering letter from 'Ch. Spen' to Jean Melstraet at Antwerp, asking him to forward Layton's letter. 3 ff.
98. Letter to Tenison from Ferrand Spence. General Letter Office, 24 Sept. 1697. 2ff.
99. Letter to Tenison from James Vernon [Secretary of State]at Whitehall concerning an intercepted letter. 26 Sept. 1697. On the verso is a copy in Tenison's hand of an intercepted letter from 'Fra. Jer.' in Brussels [possibly Sir Francis Jerningham whose name appears in the index to MS. 1048A] to a correspondent in London. 2 ff.
100. Letter to Tenison from Ferrand Spence. General Letter Office, 27 Sept. [1697]. 2 ff.
101-103. Notes in Tenison's hand on intercepted letters. 27 Sept.-6 Oct. 1697. 8 ff.
104. Letter to Tenison from Ferrand Spence. General Letter Office. 7 Oct. 1697. 2 ff.
105-106. Notes in Tenison's hand on intercepted letters. 9 and 17 October 1697. 4 ff.
107. Letter to Ralph Snow, for the attention of Tenison, from H. Spence. 19 Oct. 1697.

108. Letter to Tenison from Luke Milbourne, concerning the English Church at Rotterdam. nd. Endorsed by Tenison with date of receipt, 29 Sept. 1697. 2 ff.

109. Letter to Tenison from William Lloyd, Bishop of Worcester, concerning his paper on the terms of union between Protestant churches and states, and concerning the Vaudois. 27 Dec. 1700. 2 ff.

110. Letter to Tenison from Narcissus Marsh, Archbishop of Armagh, introducing a clergyman, Mr. Greenshields, who served in Marsh's diocese before returning to his native Scotland. 30 Dec. 1710. 2 ff.

111. Letter to Tenison from J. Taylour, refusing the living of Pagham. 27 Jan. 1710. 2 ff.

112-116. Papers concerning the case of William Whiston (1667-1752) natural philosopher and theologian, whose publications were considered heretical (anti-Trinitarian and blasphemous).
112a. Letter from Tenison to the bishops of the Province of Canterbury, reponding to their request for his opinion concerning the book published by William Whiston. A draft, mainly in the hand of Edmund Gibson, with corrections in Tenison's hand, and a note by him: 'sent abt. Apr. 12 1711'. 4 ff.
112b. Draft of a letter from Tenison to Charles Trimnell, Bishop of Norwich. 15 April 1711. 2 ff.
113-114. Letters to Tenison from John Moore, Bishop of Ely. 10 and 21 Feb 1711/12. 4 ff.
115. A draft, in Tenison's hand. n.d. 1 f.
116. Letter to Tenison from William Whiston. 9 Jan. 1711/12. 2 ff.
On Whiston's case cf. Court of Arches records, case 7056, Pelling v. Whiston, 1713; Convocation records; MSS. 803, 813, 951/25, 952/89-90; Fulham papers: Gibson/2, ff. 222-232.
LanguageEnglish, French, Greek, Latin
FindingAidsNew description by Richard Palmer, 2012
PhysicalDescriptionGuard book. Conserved in 2011 with new quarter leather binding, boards covered in brown cloth, 390 x 290 mm.
Paper leaves.
CustodialHistoryRecorded in Andrew Coltee Ducarel's catalogue of the Lambeth manuscripts dated 1763 (LR/F/42).
PublnNoteA number of the correspondents are recorded in Athanasius Allanson, 'Biography of the English Benedictines' (Ampleforth Abbey, 1999).
f.68 transcribed in 'The story of Ferrand Spence and The Spence's Pension Charity for the Ancient Parish of Market Bosworth'(Market Bosworth, 2016) [Lambeth Palace Library MV249.E9L3]
Gwynn, Robin, 'The Huguenots in later Stuart Britain, vol. 1' (Brighton, 2015) [KA125.H84]
The new world: a catalogue of an exhibition of books, maps, manuscripts and documents, held at Lambeth Palace Library between 1 May and 1 December, 1957 : together with transcripts of five unpublished documents in the Library relating to the early history of the American continent. ff39 [Z921.L6L2]
B. Rogers "The House of Lords and Religious Toleration in Scotland: James Greenshields’s Appeal, 1709-11", in: R. McKitterick - C. Methuen - A. Spicer, 'The Church and the law', (Cambridge, 2019). [Lambeth Palace Library D140.E2]

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