RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 101
Extentff. 170
Date12th century
Description1. Inc. pref. Iohannis heremite in decem collationibus missa
ad papam leontium et helladium fratrem karissimum . . . . . f. 2
Debitum quod beatissimo pape castorio (Patrologia Latina xlix)
- et instituta properamus. Expl. pref.
Inc. capitula collationis Abbatis Moysi.
Inc. coll. Abb. Moysi. Cum in heremo scithie
Coll. II. 10, III. 17b, IV. 25, V. (without capp.) 31, VI. 39,
VII. 45 (without capp.), VIII. (without capp.) 53, IX. (without
capp.) 60, X. (without capp.) 68.
- huius meditatione seruauerint.
A rubric and some text covering the rest of this page have been

2. Inc. pref. Iohannis Cassiani in VII. Collationes ad Honoratum
et Eucherium missas . . . . . 74
This leaf is by the second hand.
Cum uirtutem perfectionis - ardoris explebunt. Expl. pref.
Inc. capitula collationis Abbatis Cheremonis de perfectione.
Inc. coll. Abb. Cher. prima de perfectione.
Cum in cenobio syrie
Coll. II. 78b. The second hand writes much of what follows.
III. 86, IV. 95, V. 101 (capp. on an inserted slip), VI. 104, VII. 111.
- uita et doctrina sanctorum. Expl.

3. Inc. pref. Ioh. Cassiani in VII. Collationes ad fratres in stoech-
adibus insulis missas . . . . . 121
Emissis iuuante gratia Christi - instruxit industria.
Expl. pref. Inc. capp. Collationis Abb. Piamonis.
Inc. coll. Abb. Piam. de generibus monachorum.
Post conspectum atque colloquium . . . . . 121b
Coll. II. 128, III. 133, IV. 137, V. (space for capp.) 147b,
VI. 153, VII. 161b.
163-169 appear to be in the first hand; 170 in the second.
- tutela conseruet. Expl.
On 170b: Notices of Cassianus.
Ex Catalogo uirorum illustrium gennadii.
Cassianus natione scitha - ualentiniano regnantibus.
Ex Cassiodoro. De diuinarum scripturarum institutionibus
Cassianum presbiterum qui scripsit
- merito tribuatur.
Cassiodorus in expositione Psalm lxix.
Non sequendus in omnibus - de eius utilitate.
(ending imperfectly).
FindingAidsCatalogue description based on M. R. James, 'A Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of Lambeth Palace: The Mediaeval Manuscripts' (Cambridge, 1932)
PhysicalDescriptionVellum, 12 1/2 x 7 7/8, 42 and 41 lines to a page in a very admirable hand, by two chief scribes. The second hand is very like one common in the Lanthony books of this time.
Annotated by Morgan of Carmarthen. See: K. Bennett, 'The Book Collections of Llanthony Priory from Foundation until Dissolution (c. 1100-1538)' 2 vols. (University of Kent Doctoral Dissertation, 2006), appendix 4.

Calf binding, pr. 2s. 6d.
Collation: 1(8)-9(8) (+ 2) | 10(6) (6 canc.) 11(8)-13(8) (1 canc. + slip) 14(8) 15(10) (+ 1) 16(8)-21(8) (? 8 canc.) 22(4).
CustodialHistoryFrom Lanthony. On i a is the xvth cent title: In hoc vol. continetur Johannes heremita.
No. 210 in the Catalogue: Liber Joh. Cassiani mediocris liber.
See Physical Description.

Sheldon catalogue (Lambeth Palace Library LR/F/5, LR/F/6, MS 1047) shelfmark: G. 16
Former Cambridge shelfmark: G. [zeta]. 7 (see published catalogue by M. R. James and Concordance IV in N. R. Ker, 'Archbishop Sancroft's Rearrangement of the Manuscripts of Lambeth Palace', in E. G. W. Bill, 'A Catalogue of Manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library MSS. 1222-1860', Oxford, 1972).
Later shelfmark: fol. 102
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 1377

Available from World Microfilms Publications:
"Lambeth Palace Library: The Mediaeval Manuscripts" Section VIII. Patristics. Reel 4 (with MSS. 95 & 96)
PublnNoteK. Bennett, 'The Book Collections of Llanthony Priory from Foundation until Dissolution (c. 1100-1538)', Thesis submitted for the degree of Ph.D. in the School of History at the University of Kent (2007) [Lambeth Palace Library H5183.1L52].

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