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TitleStudy and Research Advisory Group
AdminHistoryEstablished at the first meeting of the MECCA Council on 3 January 1964, the minutes of which record, 'Mr Paton said it was intended that this Advisory Group should be concerned with ideas rather than with the executive supervision of the work of the Council'. The Dean of Winchester suggested bringing in competent returned missionaries, but it was felt that the Group should not be much larger than had been suggested. Additional members might be co-opted for a period of two years or in a temporary specialist capacity, according to the questions being studied. It was resolved that the staff be authorised to gather such an Advisory Group and report to the Executive Committee'. The Group generally met twice per year.

Terms of Reference of the Group were as follows;

- 'To consider what study and research needs to be undertaken by the Council and how any particular enquiry can best be conducted
- It is not asked to supervise the Council's work
- It should take into account the studies being undertaken elsewhere; and be asked to recommend a study only when there is good reason to believe
i, that there is somethings needs doing;
ii, the Council can properly doing it;
iii, the subject is of wide missionary and ecumenical importance.

MECCA Assistant Secretary, Rev. R.M.C. Jeffery, was Secretary to the Group.
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