RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoLang 290
Extentxiii ff. + 200 pp.
TitleNewspaper Cuttings - Cosmo Gordon LANG, Archbishop of Canterbury
DescriptionA series of Newspaper Cuttings 1936-1938

ffi-xiii - Index
ff1-17- The Archbishops appeal for funds for the Assyrians, Royal Maundy [photographs], the anniversary of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, Clergy and Tithes,
ff18-25 - A memorial service for Dr Melly, the Oxford Society Garden Party, the Convocation of Canterbury, the Primate on the League of Nations, the Archbishop on the Universities Mission to Central Africa
ff26 -31- The first Bishop of Australia William Broughton, a diploma for church organists, a Coronation Council, the Church in South China, the Church Army Crusaders, the Education Bill, a Festival of Church Music
ff32-38 - Refugees from Nazi Germany, the death of Lady Davidson, a Toc H festival, the Rumanian Patriarch in London [photographs], the Centenary of the University of London,
ff39-38 - A Privy Council Committee on the Coronation, a dinner in ait of East London Hostels, the Tithe Bill, a service for Kent Schools, a new Cathedral in Guildford [photographs]
ff49-56 - The resettlement of the Assyrians, Lord Willingdon as Cinque Ports Warden, the opening of Brotherton Library in Leeds [photographs], an appeal for a voluntary Tithe,
ff57-63 - The Archbishop on Spain pacifism and a just war, the Archbishops call to schoolboys, the reconsecration of Haileybury College, a visit to Leeds, challenges in India, the Prime Minsters Health
ff64-70 - the Archbishop and the Guild of St Raphael, Centenary summons in Ripon, the Church Assembly, Bishop Talbot Memorial, the causes of modern doubt in faith, the function of Missionary work
ff71-77 - the Archbishop on Church Music, the bishop of Bradford on the Coronation, the Primate at Downing Street and quarrels with the King, demonstrations at Downing Street
ff78-94 - The Abdication of King Edward VIII, a speech by the Archbishop on the abdication, an address by King George to Parliament, the use of vestments in the Church, a recall to religion by the Archbishop
ff95-103 - The observance of Easter and responses to the Archbishop, the Convocation of Canterbury, the Church Assembly, a Royal christening, Education for skilled trades, a visit to Sheffield
ff104-110 - A dinner at the City of London Solicitors Company, the Archbishop on religion and state, an extension of Morley College, Italian massacres in Ethiopia, Royal Maundy
ff111-112a - The Archbishops Easter sermon, the Church Community and State, the jubilee of the consecration of St John Upper Norwood, 236 anniversary for the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel
ff113-118 - Communion after divorce, The King and the Boy Scouts, a memorial to George V, the memorial chapel in Sandhurst dedication, Order of St John Investiture, Empire Day thanksgiving, Church Schools
ff119-124 - The Convocation of Canterbury, a garden party at Lambeth Palace, a memorial tablet to John Wesley, a memorial service for Mr John Edward Talbot, Empire policy towards Natives, the Spanish Civil War
ff125-132 - The Archbishop on Sunday School teachers, laying of the foundation stone for New Church House, a visit to Hereford, Divorce law reform, the Marriage Bill in the Lords, Recall to Religion
ff133-137 - A memorial service to Sir James Barry, a political cartoon on the Marriage Bill, Council of the Churches, the Duchess of Kent visits Canterbury [photograph], the Balfour Declaration,
ff138-142 - A plea for the care of refugees, memorial to Archbishop Benson in Rye Church, Primate on Church Unity, wedding of Dorothy Line Fox [photograph], an appeal to the people of Japan
ff143-149 - Japans war with China, potential economic boycott of Japan, Italian and German complaints about the Archbishop, the Primate on the Coventry Appeal, a visit to Warwickshire,
ff150-155 - The Primate on religion in new areas, photographs of visits to Leamington Spa, Addiscombe, and Canterbury, Holloway College Jubilee, the Primate on broken homes, a call to unity
ff156-165 - The funeral of Cannon Sheppard, the Primate on the Sino-Japanese conflict, the Church in China and Japan, Nationalism and God, Dr Lang on Choristers, Jubilee celebrations in Turro
ff164-172 - Anglo-Indian schools, the centenary of the Bombay diocese, the Archbishop in praise of Retreats, religion and regulation, the memorial service of Dr Ramsey Macdonald, the Archbishop in Broadstairs
ff173-180 - the Archbishop in Salisbury, a memorial to Dr St Clair Donaldson, Anglo-Indian Schools, the Primate on Christian Responsibility, discipline and order in the Church, the Convocation of Canterbury
ff181-185 - The Archbishop on the importance of Family Prayers, the Recall to Religion sermon in Whitstable, Southwark Cathedral appeal for funds, the election of Bishops, the Church Assembly,
ff186-191 - The Primate on the League of Nations, a speech at the Charity Organization Society, Lord Dawson and the Infanticide Act, bibles at the British Museum, the Primate on peace
ff192 - The christening of Julia Bartlett and Grenfell [photographs], the Royal Maundy, the League of Nations, Church income, the Bible Society, the Music and Drama Bill, a visit to Kent and Canterbury
ff 199 - The anniversary of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel

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14Lang; William Cosmo Gordon (1864-1945); Archbishop of Canterbury1864-1945
GB/109/14690Broughton; William Grant (1788-1853); Bishop and Metropolitan of Australia1788-1853
DS/UK/3423Davidson; Edith Murdoch (1858-1936); née Tait1858-1936
GB/109/14441Freeman-Thomas; Freeman (1866-1941); 1st Marquess of Willingdon; Viceroy of India1866-1941
DS/UK/4412Edward VIII (1894-1972); King of Great Britain and Ireland, afterwards Duke of Windsor1894-1972
NA2758George VI (1895-1952); King of Great Britain and Ireland1895-1952
NA2185George V (1865-1936); King of Great Britain and Ireland1865-1936
DS/UK/3760Donaldson; St. Clair George Alfred (1863-1935); bishop of Salisbury1863-1935
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