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Alt Ref NoLang 288
Extentvii ff. + 240 pp.
TitleNewspaper Cuttings - Cosmo Gordon LANG, Archbishop of Canterbury
DescriptionA series of newspaper cuttings relating to Archbishop Lang 1934-1936

ffi-vii - Index

ff1-4 - Articles on the housing of poor families, the New Churches Fund, a biography and sketch of Archbishop Lang, the funeral of Bishop Talbot [photograph], and a political cartoon on slums
ff5-8 - Articles on the purchasing of the Codex Sinaiticus [photographs], the National Society's Training College, Home Making, housing the poor of Norwich, the death of King Albert
ff9-14 - Articles on Christianity in India, the Diocese of Pretoria, the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, the Film Industry, the effects of oil on seabirds, Sunday trading, the Home Office and Cinema
ff15-22 - Articles on slums and overcrowding [with political cartoon], the Clewer Sisters Charity, the Tithe Bill, the King's Maundy [photograph], the memorial to Lord Davidson, Boy Scouts parading before the King [photograph]
ff23-20 - Archbishop dedicating new flats in St Pancras [photograph], Liberia and the League of Nations, the Sinai Codex, the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, the military conception of Christian life, a tribute to Mother Cecle
ff31-36 - Art and the Royal Academy, the Reform of the House of Lords Bill, the unveiling of a bust of Adam Lindsay Gordon in Poets Corner [photographs], protests against Der Sturmer, the National Society
ff37-42 - Church Leaders on Disarmament, a memorial to Lord Meath, music and the Royal College of Organists, the Unemployment Bill and National Service, the Archbishops address to the Mothers Union
ff43-50 - the Convocation of Canterbury, the German Church, the Church and Peace, Widows and Orphans of the Clergy, the Archbishop at the Royal Hospital School [photographs], the City and the Church, the Tithe Bill
ff51-58 - Lord Reading as Lord Warden of Cinque Ports, Tithes, Southwell Jubilee [photographs], 50 years work by the NSPCC, the Archbishop on Christian Unity, the Bishop of London's Jubilee
ff59-66 - The Overcrowding Bill, the Centenary of Emancipation, Jubilee for Archbishop Lang, Starvation in Russia, the League of Nations and Disarmament, a retrospective on Archbishop Lang
ff67-69 - Renovating the Tower at Lambeth Palace [photograph], consent for the marriage of Prince George and Princess Marina, the opening of the quadrangle at St Edmund Hall,
ff70-76 - 21st anniversary of Kings College Hospital, slum clearances and vested interests, the plight of the Assyrians, the problem of Drink Driving, praise of Mirfield Monastery, the Incitement to Disaffection Bill
ff77-79 - The Archbishop and HG Wells giving speeches at The Incorporated Society of Authors and Playwriters. funds for the Assyrian Church, the Archbishop preaching at Maidstone [sketch]
ff80-85 - The Archbishop opening the Fields of Remembrance, [photographs], the unveiling of an oil painting of Dr Temple, the meeting of the Church Assembly, the Freedom of the Press,
ff86-96 - Dr Lang's appointment as Moderator of the Church of Scotland, the wedding of the Duke of Kent and Princess Marina, a retrospective on Archbishop Lang, Dr J Simon on Peace, the 700th anniversary of the Canterbury Charter
ff97-104 - The Rebuilding of Great Ormond Street, the Primate on Indian Reforms, the Archbishops New Year’s broadcast and service, the preservation of Cyprus monuments, a memorial to Bishop Montgomery
ff105-109 - A gift day service, Lord Merrivale's Matrimonial Bill and the Government's reply, a prayer for India, the Kings Jubilee Programme, a painting of Dr Lang for Lambeth Palace,
ff110-115 - The Royal Academy's Art in Industry, a visit to Hadleigh, the Archbishops tribute to Tractarians, the King George's Jubilee Trust, an address to the Croydon Rotary Club,
ff116-122 - The Archbishop on his duties, the Governments Defence Policy, new speed limits, the service for the Kings Silver Jubilee, the Duke of Gloucester's return [photograph]
ff123-126 - The Archbishop being burnt in effigy at a Tithe protest, the Archbishops complaints about the Arms Trade, a review of the Scouts by the King, the Royal Maundy, the death of Lord Hyde
ff127 - The Archbishop and the preservation of rural England, the Archbishop on the King, the Thanksgiving celebrations for the Kings Silver Jubilee, Parliament and the Jubilee,
ff137-146 - The 1911 coronation sermon, the Primate denounces Bolshevists stance on the Russian Church, the Government and Church Schools, the 50th anniversary of Bishop King's Enthronement
ff147-150 - The 1250th anniversary of the Consecration of the Church at Jarrow and the 1200 anniversary of Bede's death, the Scottish General Assembly, the fourth Centenary of the Reformation
ff151-159 - The Convocation of Canterbury, an article on Lambeth Palace Garden including pictures of the library, views on the German Church, the Primate on India, a service for Empire in Canterbury Cathedral
ff160-167 - the restoration of Christ Church Gateway, the Cynthia Mosley Day Nursery, a Garden Party for Missionaries at Lambeth, a visit to Leicester [photographs], Church Reunion, the churches and cinema
ff168-173 - A Folk Dancing Festival, the growing war with Italy and Abyssinian, the 21st anniversary of the diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich, a visit to Archbishop Abbot's Hospital, a debate in the Lords on unemployment
ff174-182 - A meeting with Patriarch Meletios, the Primate on Italy and the League of Nations, an appeal for funds for Ethiopia, flats for slum dwellers, the Red Cross in Abyssinia, a denunciation of Italian Aggression
ff183-189 - The Church Congress, the maintance of peace, the Primate and Divorce, a speech on the Italian War, the return of Southwell to the province of York, Christian Colleges in India, problems in Africa
ff190-196 - Sir Chamberlain on the Abyssinian War, calls for peace and Remembrance Sunday, the Royal Wedding of the Duke of Gloucester and Lady Montagu-Douglas-Scott, Tributes to Lord Halifax
ff197-206 - Remembrance Sunday, medical aid for Ethiopia [photographs], Prince Edward Christened [painting], funeral of Lord Jellicoe, praise for teachers, the burial of Princess Victoria,
ff207-212 - Red Cross work in Abyssinia, Toynbee Hall Jubilee, the Primate on peace, the 'Right Road' by the Archbishop of Canterbury, four cancer clinics in Kent, a three-fold Memorial for Lord Grey
ff213 - South Africa's Native Christian University, the Church Assembly, the Proclamation on the Accession of King Edward VIII, a meeting of the Student Christian Movement, the National Police Court Mission
ff217-229 - Regilding the Mitre on top of Lambeth Palace, the official painting of the Silver Jubilee Service, the National Police Court Mission, Memorial for King George, funeral of Lord Beatty,
ff230 - The Archbishop on peace, the Church and New Estates in Birmingham, a visit to Birmingham, Italy's use of poison gas in Abyssinia, funds for Abyssinia,

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14Lang; William Cosmo Gordon (1864-1945); Archbishop of Canterbury1864-1945
91Talbot; Edward Stuart (1844-1934); Bishop of Winchester1844-1934
NA2185George V (1865-1936); King of Great Britain and Ireland1865-1936
GB/109/ICBS/7760GORDON; Adam Lindsay (fl. 1972-1975); Architectfl. 1972-1975
DS/UK/5865Marina (1906-1968); Duchess of Kent1906-1968
DS/UK/4529George Edward Alexander Edmund (1902-1942); Duke of Kent1902-1942
NA2357Jellicoe; Sir; John Rushworth (1859-1935); 1st Earl Jellicoe; Admiral1859-1935
GB/109/16262Meletios Metaxasis (1871-1935); Patriarch of Constantinople (1921-1923) and Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and all Africa (1926-1935)1871-1935
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