RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoLR/F/70
Extent10 boxes
DescriptionA shelf list of the printed books of Lambeth Palace Library, written on paper slips. Together with an alphabetical catalogue, seemingly of pamphlets, also written on paper slips.

The shelf list was compiled under the aegis of Samuel Roffey Maitland, Lambeth Librarian 1838-48, and is written in the hand of his assistant. Some slips have dated watermarks. For example the slip for a life of Reginald Pole (in box 7, shelf mark K.3.27) is watermarked 1838. The alphabetical catalogue, seemingly of pamphlets, is also in the hand of Maitland's assistant.

The books during Maitland's librarianship were shelved in the Great Hall into which the Library had been transferred as part of Edward Blore's reconstruction of Lambeth Palace 1829-30. The shelf marks on the slips however, in two series in the forms 1.1.1 onwards and A.1.1 onwards, are old. For example the life of Pole has the shelf mark K.3.7 as assigned in the Secker catalogue of 1768 (LR/F/22); Germain, 'Tradition de l'Eglise Romaine', 1687, has the shelf mark XLIV.6.16-18 as assigned in the Wilkins catalogue begun in 1718 (LR/F/18). It appears that the transfer of the Library to the Great Hall in 1829 or 1830 was not accompanied by a change of shelf marks, explaining how the Wilkins catalogue remained current until well after the mid-nineteenth century.

A few slips at the beginning of the shelf list, written on blue paper, were added (or replaced) in the hand of Samuel Wayland Kershaw, Librarian from 1868.

The shelf list is voluminous but incomplete, and sections are in considerable disorder.

LR/F/70/1. Bays/bookcases I-VI (Bay II slips missing].
LR/F/70/2. Bays/bookcases VII-XIV
LR/F/70/3. Bays/bookcases XV-XX
LR/F/70/4. Bays/bookcases XXI-XXVIII
LR/F/70/5. Bays/bookcases XXIX-XXXIX
LR/F/70/6. Bays/bookcases XL-L
LR/F/70/7. Bays/bookcases A and AA to K
LR/F/70/8. Bays/bookcases L to Z. Followed by a bundle of slips for bibles and other printed items in the Manuscripts Library.
LR/F/70/9. An alphabetical catalogue, seemingly of pamphlets, authors A-O. Locations are usually given as a
numerical volume number, together with a shelf mark.
LR/F/70/10. An alphabetical catalogue, seemingly of pamphlets, continued, authors P-Z. Also a bundle of slips labelled by Maitland: 'Slips having something doubtful about them ...', and a further bundle of miscellaneous slips mainly without shelf marks.
FindingAidsCatalogued by Richard Palmer, 2016
PhysicalDescriptionPaper slips, mainly preserved in wooden trays, probably dating from Maitland's librarianship, covered in green paper. Oversize boxes.
CustodialHistoryThe shelf list remained uncatalogued in the Library and was finally accessioned in 2011 (Acc. 2011-4).

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