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Extent154 ff.
DescriptionShelf list of the printed books of Lambeth Palace Library, mainly in the hand of Paul Colomiès, or Paulus Colomesius (1638-1692), 1684. With a memorandum by William Needham and Henry Wharton on the state of the Library, 1691, and later additions to the shelf list.
The books are shown arranged by size, with two parallel series of shelfmarks, one for folios and the other for quartos and smaller books. The same shelf mark may thus apply to two books of different sizes.

f. 1. Title page. 'Catalogus librorum Bibliothecae Lambethanae a Paulo Colomesio Ecclesiae Anglicanae Presbytero et Bibliothecae Curatore Anno 1684'.
ff. 2-5. Blank, except for a note on Colomesius in the hand of Samuel Wayland Kershaw, Lambeth Librarian 1868-1910.
ff. 6-125. Shelf list, in the hand of Colomiès. Colomiès records the historic core of the library (Bancroft and Abbot books). Of the Sheldon books, which came to the Library in 1683, he records the folios, but not the quartos and smaller books. With numerous corrections (as far as f. 51r) in the hand of William Sancroft, Archbishop of Canterbury. Also a few corrections (eg. at the foot of f. 32v) in the hand of LR/F/7 ff. 40-144, an attempt at an author catalogue. Also a few notes and additions in the hands of Needham and Wharton, probably made in 1691 (see ff. 144-8).
ff. 6r-38r. Folios. Shelf marks I.1.1 to XXXVIII.5.15. At f. 32v. is a heading 'Libri Sheldoniani' (which begin at XXXIV.1.1).
f. 38v. A continuation of the folios in the hand of Henry Wharton, recording 18 volumes on shelf XL.1, being 18 folios purchased by Sancroft in lieu of Sheldon duplicates which hade been sold (see f. 147r). The shelf marks are recorded by Wharton as XXXIX.1.1 to XXXIX.1.14 (14 being a work in 5 vols), but 'XXXIX' is crossed out and altered to '40' in another hand [cf. f. 142v where the same titles are recorded in their correct place in class XL]. The correcting hand also wrote: 'In 39 are quartos, octavos and duodecimos of Archbishop Sheldon'.
ff. 39-41. Blank.
ff. 42-80. Quartos. Shelf marks XIX.1.1 to XXXIII.7.20.
f. 81. Blank.
f. 82-125. Octavos, duodecimos etc. Shelf marks IX.1.1 to XXXIII.9.19. [the shelf marks indicate that 'classes' XIX-XXXIII contained both quartos and smaller books, on separate shelves].
ff. 126-143. A continuation, in another hand, on paper of a smaller size, bound in. Shelf marks XXXIV.1.1 to XL.6.34 (XL recorded in reverse order). Comprising XXXIV- XXXVIII shelf 5 [Sheldon folios, repeating and updating the list by Colomiès]; XXXVIII shelf 6 [includes later books, latest published 1715, year of the death of Archbishop Tenison]; XXXIX [Sheldon quartos, octavos and duodecimos]; XL [includes later books, latest published 1713]. Small parts of the text (eg. part of f. 135r) are in the hand of David Wilkins, Lambeth Librarian, whose catalogue of the Library was made in 1718. A continuation of this shelf list, in Wilkins' hand, is MS 952 item 104.
ff. 144-148. Statement on the state of the Library after the ejection of Archbishop Sancroft, by Sancroft's chaplains William Needham and Henry Wharton.
ff. 144-147. 'An account of the books in the Library in Lambeth-house as they were left in June 1691' (on different paper, bound in). This title is in the hand of Henry Wharton. The text appears to be in the hand of William Needham. The text gives the number of books on each shelf according to the Colomiès catalogue. Headings indicate that books given by Archbishops Whitgift, Bancroft and Abbot were shelved with shelf marks I-XXXIII (folios), XIX-XXXIII (quartos), and IX-XXXIII (octavos and duodecimos). Folios given by Archbishop Sheldon were shelved with shelf marks XXXIV-XXXVIII, followed by quartos, octavos and duodecimos given by Sheldon with shelf marks XXXIX. Eighteen folios purchased by Sancroft in lieu of Sheldon duplicates were in XL. Some 166 duplicates and 'refuse books' were shelved in 'classes' XLI to XLIII. Statistics and other information on the manuscripts, without shelf-marks, are at f. 146r.
f. 148r. Certificate, in the hand of Henry Wharton and signed by both Needham and Wharton, of their examination of Lambeth Palace Library and of the numbers of printed books and manuscripts left in it. Statistics for the Bancroft/Abbot books and the Sheldon books are given separately. With a note on five books mislaid since the Colomiès catalogue was made, and a statement that their value was exceeded by recent expenditure by Sancroft on binding etc. June 1691.
FindingAidsNew description by Richard Palmer, 2015
PhysicalDescriptionQuarter leather binding with boards covered in marbled paper, 343 x 221 mm.
Paper leaves.
PublnNotePalmer, Richard, 'Sancroft Versus Sheldon: A Case of Books' in The Library (18:3), 2017 [Lambeth Palace Library Z1008.[B5]]

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