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TitleCorrespondence and papers
DescriptionCorrespondence and papers on the administration on the diocese of London, 1764-1777, relating to the following:
Amwell, Great, Herts.: faculty for the demolition of buildings on the glebe, and repairs to the vicarage house, 1769 (copy) (ff.96-7).
Aston Abbots, Herts.: letters of attorney authorising the presentation of the Rev. Potts Davies as vicar, 1767 (ff.82-3).
Birch, Great and Little, Essex: tithes, 1771 (ff.109-10).
Birchanger, Essex: dilapidated state of the church and sale of church bell, 1767 (ff.78-9).
Bishop's Stortford, Herts.: objections to the administration of Dr. Turner's charity, 1764-5 (ff.8-9) (29-32).
Bloomsbury, Middx.: petition for permission to build Bedford chapel in Charlotte Street, 1766 (f.86).
Braxted, Great, Essex: petition for the exchange of glebe, 1768 (f.93).
Brentford, Old, Middx.: bond for the payment of the stipend of the minister of George chapel, 1769 (ff.94-5).
Bulmer and Belchamp Walter, Essex: impropriator's objections to the bill for the union of the benefices, n.d. (ff.150-3).
Chignall St. James, Essex: request for permission to sell the church bell to restore the church with proceeds, 1766-7 (ff.71-2).
Clavering w. Langley, Essex: permission for James Penn, vicar, to remove outhouses, 1764;
reduction in the stipend of Thomas Bull, curate, 1765 (ff.10, 33-4).
Clerkenwell, Middx., St. James: petition for the removal of one of the sequestrators, 1769 (f.98).
St. John: petition of Roger Parry, rector, about the endowment of the church, 1770s (ff.154-5).
Ealing, Middx.: licence of Thomas Sampson, lecturer, 1759, exhibited at visitations, 1763-73 (ff.113-14).
Hackney, Middx.: licensing of Ram's chapel, 1764 (ff.1-5);
request to licence a minister for Stamford Hill chapel, n.d. (ff.156-9).
Hammersmith, Middx.: Thomas Sampson v Michael Impey: status of Hammersmith chapel, 1773, 1775 (ff.115-43, 146-7).
Heston, Middx.: permission to cut down elm trees to build barn and outhouses, c. 1776 (ff.148-9).
Kensington, Middx.: petition for permission to build Brompton chapel, 1768 (f.88).
London, St. Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe w. St. Anne, Blackfriars: disputed election of the Rev. William Romaine as rector, 1765 (ff.18-28).
St. Margaret Pattens w. St. Gabriel Fenchurch: recommendation of the appointment of the Rev. [William] Prior as rector, 1766 (f.35).
Mountnessing, Essex: bond of indemnity on the institution of the Rev. John Newman as vicar, 1774 (ff.144-5).
Notley, White, Essex: descent of the advowson, 1770-1 (ff.99-108, 111-12).
Snoreham, Essex: bond of indemnity on the institution of the Rev. Paul Wright as rector, 1768 (ff.84-5).
Stifford, Essex: caveat against the institution of an incumbent, 1764 (f.11).
Sturmer, Essex: curacy of the Rev. Arthur Kay, 1764 (ff.12-17).
Wethersfield, Essex: appointment of the Rev. Benjamin Shield as lecturer, 1766 (ff.36-49).
Yeldham, Great, Essex: licensing of William Garrad, master of the school, n.d. (ff.160-1).
Ownership of procurations in the event of the archdeacon dying before completing the visitation, n.d. (ff.6-7).
Enquiry into the rights of afternoon lecturers and others in the city of London and elsewhere, n.d. (ff.162-9).
Form of nomination and testimonial for clergy in the diocese of London (printed) (ff.170-1).
Correspondence on applications for ordination of Thomas Baines, William Chandler, John Land, George Murthwaite, Francis Paddey, Benjamin Russen, 1765-7 (ff.51-70, 75-7).
Legal opinion concerning the right of presentation of the vicar of Donington, Lincs., the incumbent Simon Cole presumed dead in the East Indies, 1766 (ff.73-4).
Caveats against unsuitable applicants for ordination or licensing, 1767-8 (ff.80, 89-92).
Papers on the visitation of the diocese of London, 1766-70, including visitation articles, 1770 (ff.172-86).
Visitation articles of John Thomas, bishop of Winchester, 1764 (ff.187-8).
188 ff.

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GB/109/15817Thomas; John (1696-1781); Bishop of Winchester1696-1781
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