RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoFP Temple 36
TitleCorrespondence and papers on parishes in the diocese of London
DescriptionParishes in the rural deanery of Shoreditch (continued):
Haggerston, All Saints, 1887, 1889 ff.1-12
St. Chad, 1888, 1891 ff.13-27
St.Paul, 1887-90 ff.28-54
Hoxton, Holy Trinity, 1888-90 ff.55-83
St. Andrew, 1894 ff.84-8
St. Anne, 1885-7 ff.89-101
St. Mary, 1887 ff.102-6
St. Saviour, 1891 ff.107-16
Shoreditch, St. Agatha, Finsbury, 1885-8 ff.117-41
St. Mark, Old Street, 1886-93 ff.142-51
St. Michael, Mark Street, 1886-94 ff.152-96

Parishes in the rural deanery of Spitalfields:
Bethnal Green, Jews' Episcopal Chapel, 1885 ff.197-200
St. Andrew, 1894 ff.201-4
St. Bartholomew, 1886-90 ff.205-13
St. James the Great, 1885-94 ff.214-40
St. John, 1886-92 ff.241-66
St. Matthew, 1887-95 ff.267-90
St. Matthias, 1888-96 ff.291-303
St. Paul, 1893 ff.304-7
St. Peter, 1885-7 ff.308-50

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Related name records
GB/109/14140Diocese of London; Archdeaconry of London: Rural Deanery of Shoreditch
NA2018Haggerston, Middlesex; St Chad; 1863-; ecclesiastical parish1863-
NA1973Haggerston, Middlesex; St Paul; 1861-; ecclesiastical parish1861-
NA2017Haggerston, Middlesex; All Saints; 1855-; ecclesiastical parish1855-
DS/UK/4706Hoxton, Middlesex; Holy Trinity; 1848-1953; ecclesiastical parish1848-1953
NA2020Hoxton, Middlesex; St Andrew; 1863-1953; ecclesiastical parish1863-1953
NA2021Hoxton, Middlesex; St Anne; 1865-1953; ecclesiastical parish1865-1953
1158Hoxton, Middlesex; St Mary; 1865-1953; ecclesiastical parish1865-1953
NA2027Hoxton, Middlesex; St Saviour; 1862-1953; ecclesiastical parish1862-1953
NA1912Shoreditch, Middlesex; St Agatha; 1872-1915; ecclesiastical parish1872-1915
1216Old Street, Middlesex; St Mark; 1848-1937; ecclesiastical parish1848-1937
NA2015Shoreditch, Middlesex; St Michael; 1862-1972; ecclesiastical parish1862-1972
GB/109/14142Diocese of London; Archdeaconry of London: Rural Deanery of Spitalfields
GB/109/8061Bethnal Green, Middlesex; St Andrew; 1843-; ecclesiastical parish1843-
NA1600Bethnal Green, Middlesex; St Bartholomew; 1844-; ecclesiastical parish1844-
NA2031Bethnal Green, Middlesex; St James the Great; 1844-1951; ecclesiastical parish1844-1951
NA2033Bethnal Green, Middlesex; St John; 1837-; ecclesiastical parish1837-
NA1308Bethnal Green, Middlesex; St Matthew; 1743-; ecclesiastical parish1743-
NA1375Bethnal Green, Middlesex; St Matthias; 1844-1951; ecclesiastical parish1844-1951
GB/109/10063Bethnal Green, Middlesex; St Paul; 1865-1951; ecclesiastical parish1865-1951
NA2035Bethnal Green, Middlesex; St Peter; 1843-1951; ecclesiastical parish1843-1951
GB/109/14143Bethnal Green, Middlesex; Jews' Episcopal Chapel; 1814-1895; chapel1814-1895
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