RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoFP Temple 34
TitleCorrespondence and papers on parishes in the diocese of London
DescriptionParishes in the rural deanery of St. Pancras (continued):
St. Pancras, St. James, Hampstead Road, 1888-96 ff.1-45
St. John the Evangelist, Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square, 1886, 1887 ff.46-53
St. Jude, Gray's Inn Road, 1886-96 ff.54-75
St. Mark, Regent's Park, 1888-91 ff.76-95
St. Mary, Brookfield, 1893 ff.96-107
St. Mary Magdalene, Munster Square, 1892-6 ff.108-19
St. Matthew, Oakley Square, 1888, 1894 ff.120-6
St. Pancras, Euston Road, 1886-91 ff.127-48
St. Pancras, St. Paul, Camden Square, 1888 ff.149-55
St. Peter, 1887-95 ff.156-201
St. Saviour, Fitzroy Square, 1890-2 ff.202-11
St. Silas, Kentish Town, 1885 ff.212-17
St. Thomas, Agar Town, 1885-94 ff.218-49
Somers Town, Christ Church, 1892, 1893 ff.250-8
St. Mary the Virgin, 1885-94 ff.259-91

Parishes in the rural deanery of St. Sepulchre:
Clerkenwell, Holy Redeemer, 1885-8 ff.292-325
St. James, 1889 ff.326-7
St. Mark, Myddleton Square, 1892, 1894 ff.328-36
St. Paul, Pear Tree Street, 1885, 1886 ff.337-49

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Related name records
GB/109/14136Diocese of London; Archdeaconry of Middlesex: Rural Deanery of St. Pancras
NA1730Hampstead Road, Middlesex; St James; 1864-1954; ecclesiastical parish1864-1954
1134Fitzroy Square, Middlesex; St John the Evangelist; 1868-1904; ecclesiastical parish1868-1904
GB/109/10205Gray's Inn Road, Middlesex; St Jude; 1862-1935; ecclesiastical parish1862-1935
NA1732Regent's Park, Middlesex; St Mark; 1853-; ecclesiastical parish1853-
NA1729Brookfield, Middlesex; St Mary; 1877-; ecclesiastical parish1877-
NA1689St Pancras, Middlesex; St Mary Magdalene; 1852-; ecclesiastical parish1852-
NA2132Bedford New Town, Middlesex; St Matthew; 1859-; ecclesiastical parish1859-
NA1624St Pancras, Middlesex; ancient parish
GB/109/10090Camden Square, Middlesex; St. Paul; 1852-; ecclesiastical parish1852-
NA1733Regent Square, Middlesex; St Peter; 1852-1954; ecclesiastical parish1852-1954
GB/109/10187Fitzroy Square, Middlesex; St Saviour; 1865-; ecclesiastical parish1865-
GB/109/10362Kentish Town, Middlesex; St Silas; 1884-; ecclesiastical parish1884-
GB/109/10043Agar Town, Middlesex; St. Thomas; 1862-1954; ecclesiastical parish1862-1954
NA1724Somers Town, Middlesex; Christ Church; 1868-1954; ecclesiastical parish1868-1954
GB/109/10567Somers Town, Middlesex; St Mary the Virgin; 1852-; ecclesiastical parish1852-
GB/109/14140Diocese of London; Archdeaconry of London: Rural Deanery of Shoreditch
NA2002Clerkenwell, Middlesex; Holy Redeemer; 1882-1936; ecclesiastical parish1882-1936
NA2003Clerkenwell, Middlesex; St James; ancient parish
NA1389Clerkenwell, Middlesex; St Mark; 1829-; ecclesiastical parish1829-
NA2006Clerkenwell, Middlesex; St Paul; 1865-1952; ecclesiastical parish1865-1952
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