RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoFP Temple 24
TitleCorrespondence and papers on parishes in the diocese of London
DescriptionParishes in the rural deanery of the East City (continued):
St. Michael, Cornhill, 1887-95 ff.1-24
St. Olave, Hart Street w. All Hallows, Staining, 1885-91 ff.25-36

Parishes in the rural deanery of the West City:
All Hallows the Great w. All Hallows the Less, 1886-93 ff.37-58
St. Alban, Wood Street, 1885, 1891 ff.59-63
St. Anne, Blackfriars, 1886-9 ff.64-77
St. Anne and St. Agnes w. St. John Zachary, 1885-95 ff.78-121
St. Bartholomew, Moor Lane, 1887-91 ff.122-67
St. Bartholomew the Great, 1885-94 ff.168-96
St. Dunstan-in-the-West w. St. Thomas, Liberty of the Rolls, 1886-91 ff.197-215
St. Giles, Cripplegate, 1885, 1886 ff.216-50
St. James, Garlickhithe, 1892, 1893 ff.251-60
St. Lawrence Jewry w. St. Mary Magdalen, Milk Street, 1886-93 ff.261-75
St. Martin, Ludgate w. St. Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street and St. Gregory by St. Paul, 1887-93 ff.276-319
St. Mary Abchurch, 1892, 1893 ff.320-5
St. Mary Aldermary w. St. Antholin, 1885-91 ff.326-39
St. Michael, Wood Street, 1891-6 ff.340-53
St. Mildred, Bread Street, 1891, 1892 ff.354-63

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Related name records
GB/109/14109Diocese of London; Archdeaconry of London: Rural Deanery of the East City
GB/109/14110Diocese of London; Archdeaconry of London: Rural Deanery of the West City
DS/UK/3331City of London; St Michael Cornhill; -1906; ancient parish-1906
GB/109/8441City of London; St Olave Hart Street with All Hallows, Staining; 1870-1921; ecclesiastical parish1870-1921
GB/109/8287City of London; All Hallows the Great and All Hallows the Less; 1670-1893; ecclesiastical parish1670-1893
GB/109/8296City of London; St Alban Wood Street with St Olave Silver Street; 1670-1894; ecclesiastical parish1670-1894
GB/109/8301City of London; St Andrew by the Wardrobe with St Ann Blackfriars; 1670-; ecclesiastical parish1670-
GB/109/8310City of London; St Ann and St Agnes with St John Zachary; 1670-1954; ecclesiastical parish1670-1954
GB/109/8319City of London; St Bartholomew Moor Lane; 1850-1900; ecclesiastical parish1850-1900
GB/109/8317City of London; St Bartholomew the Great; 1544-1954; ancient parish1544-1954
NA1934City of London; St Giles Cripplegate; -1954; ancient parish-1954
GB/109/8368City of London; St James Garlickhithe, with St Michael, Queenhithe, and Holy Trinity the Less; 1875-1954; ecclesiastical parish1875-1954
NA1935City of London; St Lawrence Jewry with St Mary Magdalene Milk Street; 1670-1897; ecclesiastical parish1670-1897
GB/109/8388City of London; St Martin Ludgate, with St Mary Magdalene, Old Fish Street, and St Gregory with St Paul; 1890-1954; ecclesiastical parish1890-1954
GB/109/8394City of London; St Mary Abchurch with St Lawrence Pountney; 1670-1954; ecclesiastical parish1670-1954
NA1943City of London; St Mary, Aldermary with St Thomas the Apostle, St Antholin and St John the Baptist upon Walbrook; 1873-1954; ecclesiastical parish1873-1954
GB/109/8419City of London; St Michael Wood Street with St Mary Staining; 1670-1894; ecclesiastical parish1670-1894
NA1946City of London; St Mildred Bread Street with St Margaret Moses; 1670-1954; ecclesiastical parish1670-1954
NA1669St Dunstan in the West, Middlesex; ancient parish
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