RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoFP Temple 18
TitleCorrespondence and papers on parishes in the diocese of London
DescriptionParishes in the rural deanery of Islington (continued):
Highbury, Christ Church, 1885-95 ff.1-20
St. Augustine, Highbury New Park, 1886, 1894 ff.21-6
St. John the Evangelist, Highbury Vale, 1889-96 ff.27-39
Holloway, All Saints, Upper Holloway, 1885-92 ff.40-54
Emmanuel Church, 1885-95 ff.55-93
Holloway, St. James, 1891, 1892 ff.94-103
St. John, Upper Holloway, 1886-93 ff.104-19
St. Luke, West Holloway, 1886, 1887 ff.120-40
St. Peter, Upper Holloway, 1885-96 ff.141-67
St. Stephen, Upper Holloway, 1891 ff.168-9
Islington, All Saints, 1885-90 ff.170-82
Holy Trinity, 1886-92 ff.183-93
St. Andrew, Upper Holloway, 1895 ff.194-8
St. Anne, Poole's Park, 1885 ff.199-208
St. Barnabas, 1892 ff.209-18
St. Bartholomew, 1893 ff.219-22
St. George, Tufnell Park, 1885 ff.223-4
St. James, 1888 ff.225-9
St. John the Baptist, 1893 ff.230-3
St. Mary, 1885-91 ff.234-303
St. Mary Magdalene, 1886-94 ff.304-67

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Related name records
GB/109/14101Diocese of London; Archdeaconry of London: Rural Deanery of Islington
GB/109/10267Highbury, Middlesex; Christ Church; 1849-; ecclesiastical parish1849-
NA2131Highbury New Park, Middlesex; St Augustine; 1871-; ecclesiastical parish1871-
GB/109/10270Highbury Vale, Middlesex; St John the Evangelist; 1882-; ecclesiastical parish1882-
GB/109/10306Upper Holloway, Middlesex; All Saints; 1885-; ecclesiastical parish1885-
GB/109/10301Holloway, Middlesex; Emmanuel Hornsey Road; 1886-1953; ecclesiastical parish1886-1953
GB/109/10307Upper Holloway, Middlesex; St John the Evangelist; 1830-; ecclesiastical parish1830-
NA1256West Holloway, Middlesex; St Luke; 1861-; ecclesiastical parish1861-
GB/109/10304Lower Holloway, Middlesex; St James; 1839-1953; ecclesiastical parish1839-1953
GB/109/10311Upper Holloway, Middlesex; St Peter; 1880-; ecclesiastical parish1880-
GB/109/10312Upper Holloway, Middlesex; St Stephen; 1881-; ecclesiastical parish1881-
NA1987Islington, Middlesex; All Saints; 1839-; ecclesiastical parish1839-
GB/109/10339Islington, Middlesex; Holy Trinity Cloudesley Square; 1830-; ecclesiastical parish1830-
GB/109/10340Islington, Middlesex; St Andrew; 1844-1953; ecclesiastical parish1844-1953
GB/109/10342Islington, Middlesex; St Bartholomew; 1865-1938; ecclesiastical parish1865-1938
GB/109/10627Tufnell Park, Middlesex; St. George; 1868-; ecclesiastical parish1868-
NA2127Islington, Middlesex; St James the Apostle; 1875-1953; ecclesiastical parish1875-1953
GB/109/10343Islington, Middlesex; St John the Baptist; 1873-; ecclesiastical parish1873-
NA1985Islington, Middlesex; St Mary; ancient parish
GB/109/10344Islington, Middlesex; St Mary Magdalene Holloway Road; -1953; ecclesiastical parish-1953
GB/109/14102Hornsey Road, Middlesex; St Barnabas; 1866-; ecclesiastical parish1866-
GB/109/14103Tollington Park, Middlesex; St Anne; 1871-1965; ecclesiastical parish1871-1965
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