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TitleDiocesan Lay Readers, the London Diocesan Home Mission, and to other missionary societies
Descriptionff.1-201 Correspondence and papers relating to the admission and licensing of lay readers, 1871-1884.
Churches covered include St John South Hackney, St Luke Homerton, St Michael Wood Green, St Peter Eaton Square, St Peter Stepney, St James Prebend Road, St James Ratcliff, St Catherine Cree, St Luke Kentish Town, St Mary Newington, St Matthew Upper Clapton (school), St Peter Beauvoir Town, and St Augustine Highbury.
Includes "The form of admitting readers to their office according to the use of the Diocese of London"; prospectus for "Nightingale House Grammar & Commercial School"; printed letter to Master Mariners from the Missions to Seamen; examination script (Holy Scripture and Prayer Book) (ff.162-174).
Also covers the subsequent or intended ordination of licensed readers, the work of the Missions to Seamen, services held in German in the Conference Hall Mildmay Park and led by a former rabbi.
Correspondents include E.Thesiger, Bishop Beckles, the Rev. C.H. Turner, the Secretary of the SPCK; printed testimonials from the Earl & Countess of Albemarle, Lord Kinnaird, Baron Kelly, the Bishop of Brechin and others.

ff.202-264 Returns by lay readers to a survey of their work; 1883. With some (cancelled) Commissions, and related letters and papers.
Churches covered are St Matthew Oakley Square, St Michael, St Pancras Workhouse, Christ Church Hampstead, St Paul Haggerston, Parkstone [Dorset], St George Old Brentford, St George Middleton [Co. Durham], St Paul Bedford [Bedfordshire], Christ Church Hampstead, The Anchorage House [penitentiary] - with printed report for 1882, Dunstable [Hertfordshire], and Spitalfields.
Correspondents include the Rev. E.H. Bickersteth and the Rev. R.C. Billing.

ff.265-392 Letters and papers on the London Diocesan Home Mission, particularly on the organisation of the first mission, and on the appointment of staff; 1869-1883. Also covers on national days of prayer for missionary societies, and the establishment of a mission district in the parishes of St Stephen and St Paul Old Ford
Correspondents include the Bishops of Rochester and Winchester (Wilberforce and Browne), Dean Mansel, the Chairman of the Church Association, the Rev. R. Gregory, the Rev. J.E. Kempe, the Archbishop of Dublin, the Rev. A.W. Thorold, the Rev. W. Walsh, the Bishop of Lichfield, Canon Lonsdale, and the Rev. E.H. Bickersteth.
Includes printed circulars, "The book of the mission" (Cowley Fathers: ff.291-306),
Printed circulars and other details of the 1869 mission included for Christ Church Albany Street, St Augustine Haggerston, Holy Trinity Paddington, St Chad Haggerston, St Michael Shoreditch, Holy Trinity Shoreditch, St Margaret Westminster and St Mary Whitechapel.

ff.393-395 Letter on the work of the Foreign Aid Society, and on fundraising by members of other denominations; 1869.

ff.396-405 Letters on missionaries of the Church Missionary Society; 1869-1881.

ff.406-413 Letters from the Rev. F.S. May and others on a missionary of the Moslem Mission Society; 1870-1871.

ff.414-421 Letters and papers on the Seaman's Mission Hall, St George Street; 1871.

f.422 Letter on the ordination of missionaries of the London Society for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews; 1882.

ff.423-426 Letters on Italian mission services conducted by the Rev. J. Passalenti; 1884.
AppraisalLay Helpers Association material sampled by year (one file per year) and by type of correspondence (discipline and doctrine cases retained). Material weeded to c.630 folios (was originally 2 archive boxes; approx. 50 readers per year of the episcopate on average). Names of those licensed as Lay Readers can be found in the "London Diocesan Book".

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Related name records
NA2100Diocese of London; Diocesan Lay Helpers' Association
NA1976South Hackney, Middlesex; St John of Jerusalem; 1825-1953; ecclesiastical parish1825-1953
NA2124Homerton, Middlesex; St Luke; 1873-; ecclesiastical parish1873-
NA2125Nightingale House Grammar & Commercial School
NA1463Wood Green, Middlesex; St Michael; ecclesiastical parish
NA1227Thesiger; Sir; Edward Peirson (1842-1928); Knight; Clerk Assistant of the House of Lords1842-1928
NA1332Beckles; Edward Hyndman (1816-1902); Bishop of Sierra Leone1816-1902
NA2058Stepney, Middlesex; St Peter; 1840-1951; ecclesiastical parish1840-1951
NA2127Islington, Middlesex; St James the Apostle; 1875-1953; ecclesiastical parish1875-1953
NA2126Keppel; Lord; George Thomas (1799-1891); 6th Earl of Albemarle; General1799-1891
1041Kinnaird; Arthur Fitzgerald (1814-1887); 10th Baron Kinnaird; Politician1814-1887
NA2128Kelly; Sir; Fitzroy Edward (1796-1880); judge1796-1880
969Forbes; Alexander Penrose (1817-1875); Bishop of Brechin1817-1875
839Ratcliffe, Middlesex; St James; 1840-; ecclesiastical parish1840-
NA1795City of London; St Catherine Cree with St James Duke Place; 1873-1954; ecclesiastical parish1873-1954
966New Kentish Town, Middlesex; St Luke; 1869-1956; ecclesiastical parish1869-1956
935Stoke Newington, Middlesex; St Mary; ancient parish
NA1969Upper Clapton, Middlesex; St Matthew; 1866-; ecclesiastical parish1866-
NA2129De Beauvoir Town, Middlesex; St Peter; 1842-; ecclesiastical parish1842-
NA2130Missions to Seamen; 1856-1856-
1026Turner; Charles Henry (1842-1923); Suffragan Bishop of Islington1842-1923
NA2131Highbury New Park, Middlesex; St Augustine; 1871-; ecclesiastical parish1871-
1110Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge; 1698-; publishing house1698-
NA2132Bedford New Town, Middlesex; St Matthew; 1859-; ecclesiastical parish1859-
NA2133Islington, Middlesex; St Michael; 1856-; ecclesiastical parish1856-
NA2134Hampstead, Middlesex; Christ Church; 1852-; ecclesiastical parish1852-
NA1973Haggerston, Middlesex; St Paul; 1861-; ecclesiastical parish1861-
NA2135Parkstone, Dorset; St Peter; ecclesiastical parish
NA2136Anchorage Mission of Hope and Help; penitentiary
977Bickersteth; Edward Henry (1825-1906); Bishop of Exeter1825-1906
121Billing; Robert Claudius (-1898); Suffragan Bishop of Bedford-1898
NA2137Middleton, County Durham; St George; ancient parish
NA2138Bedford, Bedfordshire; St. Paul; ancient parish
NA2139Spitalfields, Middlesex; Christ Church; 1729-1911; ecclesiastical parish1729-1911
NA1584London Diocesan Home Mission; 1857-1857-
825Claughton; Thomas Legh (1808-1892); Bishop of St Albans1808-1892
95Wilberforce; Samuel (1805-1873); Bishop of Winchester1805-1873
437Mansel; Henry Longueville (1820-1871); Dean of St Paul's1820-1871
NA1589Society of St John the Evangelist; 1865-; religious community1865-
NA1723St Pancras, Middlesex; Christ Church; 1837-; ecclesiastical parish1837-
NA1331Haggerston, Middlesex; St Augustine; 1863-; ecclesiastical parish1863-
NA2140Paddington, Middlesex; Holy Trinity; 1846-1952; ecclesiastical parish1846-1952
NA2018Haggerston, Middlesex; St Chad; 1863-; ecclesiastical parish1863-
NA2015Shoreditch, Middlesex; St Michael; 1862-1972; ecclesiastical parish1862-1972
NA1320Shoreditch, Middlesex; Holy Trinity; 1866-; ecclesiastical parish1866-
NA1786Westminster, Middlesex; St Margaret; ancient parish
NA2141Whitechapel, Middlesex; St Mary; -1923; ecclesiastical parish-1923
147Church Association; 1865-1865-
NA1273Gregory; Robert (1819-1911); Dean of St Paul's1819-1911
1185Kempe; John Edward (1810-1907); Prebendary of St Paul's; Royal Chaplain1810-1907
NA1563Trench; Richard Chenevix (1807-1886); Archbishop of Dublin1807-1886
93Thorold; Anthony Wilson (1825-1895); Bishop of Winchester1825-1895
842Walsh; William (1836-1918); Bishop of Mauritius1836-1918
919Selwyn; George Augustus (1809-1878); Bishop of Lichfield1809-1878
917Lonsdale; John Gylby (1818-1907); Canon of Lichfield1818-1907
841Old Ford, Middlesex; St Stephen; 1858-1966; ecclesiastical parish1858-1966
835Old Ford, Middlesex; St Paul; 1878-1966; ecclesiastical parish1878-1966
94Browne; Edward Harold (1811-1891); Bishop of Winchester1811-1891
NA2142Foreign Aid Society
1007Church Missionary Society; 1799-1799-
1108Moslem Mission Society
NA1617May; Frederick Schiller (fl.1860s-1870s); Curate of Christ Church, Paddington, Middlesexfl.1860s-1870s
NA2143Seaman's Mission
927London Society for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews; 1809-1809-
NA1667Passalenti; James (fl.1870s-1880s); Chaplain to the Italians in Londonfl.1870s-1880s
GB/109/8132Old Brentford, Middlesex; St George; -1961; ecclesiastical parish-1961
NA1485Pimlico, Middlesex; St Peter; 1830-1952; ecclesiastical parish1830-1952
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PL180Loudon Road, The Anchorage House/Regents Park/Paddington/Middlesex
PL181St George Street, Seaman's Mission Hall/St George Hanover Square/Middlesex
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