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TitleChurches in the rural deaneries of St Sepulchre, Shoreditch and Spitalfields
Descriptionff.1-9 Correspondence on the parochial girls school, patronage and financial position of St Barnabas, King Square; 1869-1875.
ff.10-16 Correspondence and papers on the district and new church building of St Clement City Road; 1877-1878. Including report from the Bishop of Colombo.
ff.17-19 Correspondence on the use of the eastward position at St Matthew City Road; 1872.
ff.20-27 Letters on the appointment of a curate and on the schools of St Thomas Charterhouse; 1872, 1880.
ff.28-83 Letters on the district boundaries, the purchase of the church site, and the consecration of the church of St Agatha, Shoreditch; 1874-1884. Correspondents include the Rev. F.C. Wills (including "The history of a church site" [1879]), and the Rev. M.S.A. Walrond. Also covers the district boundaries of St Paul Finsbury.
ff.84-89 Letters from W.Butterfield (copy) and others on the parsonage house of St James Curtain Road; 1869.
f.90 Petition on the appointment of an incumbent to St Mark Old Street; 1870.
ff.91-101 Letters and paper from J.B. Lee and others on St Michael Shoreditch: use of ritualist practices at, 1868; the Convent of the Poor, 1874.
ff.102-103 Letter on a nativity play; 1880.
ff.104-112 Letters on clergy working outside their parish boundaries, 1881.
ff.113-125 Correspondence on All Saints Haggerston: district boundaries, 1879; appointment of clergy, 1877-1880.
ff.126-130 Letters on St Augustine Haggerston: appointment of clergy, 1875; proposed new fittings, 1876.
ff.131-132 Letter from the Bishop of Colombo on fittings at St Chad Haggerston; 1876.
ff.133-179 Correspondence and papers on the appointment of clergy and patronage of St Columba Haggerston; 1871. Correspondents include the Rev. J.L. Ross, and J.B. Lee.
ff.180-188 Correspondence and papers on a bible class and a grant by the SPCK for Sunday school rooms at St Andrew Hoxton; 1882-1883.
ff.189-190 Letter on payment of stipend to military chaplains; 1870.
ff.191-196 Letters on pew rents at St Anne Hoxton; 1870.
ff.197-198 Paper on parochial work and annual accounts of St John the Baptist Hoxton; 1869 (printed).
ff.199-243 Correspondence on St Mary Hoxton: on the form of service at the consecration of the church, 1873; on the administration of Holy Communion to the sick (with the reservation of the elements), on the Order of the Sacred Redeemer and on the use of ritualistic practices (particularly wafer bread), 1883-1884. Correspondents include the Bishop of Colombo, the Rev. J. Oakley, the Rev. W.C. Lake, the Rev. W. Greenwell, the Rev. F.P. Downman, and the Rev. S. Buss.
ff.244-245 Letter on the endowment by the London Haberdashers Company of St Peter Hoxton; 1869.
ff.246-255 Letters on St Saviour Hoxton: on a disagreement between Church Counci and the incumbent and churchwardens, 1871 (printed); on clergy, 1880.
ff.256-283 Paper by the Rev. R.C. Billing and the Rev. J. Bardsleyon the spiritual condition of the rural deanery of Stepney; 1879.
ff.284-297 Letters from the Rev. S.C.H. Hansard and others on the rectory and parish matters of St Matthew Bethnal Green; 1871-c.1885. Covers a proposed mortuary for contagious corpses, a church rate, the election of churchwardens, and the establishment of a temperance society.
ff.298-336 Correspondence and papers on St Barnabas Bethnal Green: clergy, 1868-1869; proposed new district of St Simon Zelotes, 1868-1869; use of ritualist practices, offertories, and the election of churchwardens, 1875-1876. Correspondents include the Archbishop of Canterbury. Ritualist practices include genuflection, a crucifix, processions, use of candles, vestments and incense.
ff.337-414 Letters and papers from the Rev. R.C. Billing on St James the Great Bethnal Green: on fees for marriages at, 1879. With "The Will of the Poor shewn by their contributions to the Bethnal Green Free Services Fund," [1879], "Religious rites made free to the poor for ever by the Bethnal Green Free Services Fund," [1879], and "Why the Church loses them…and The Marriage Services in Olden Tymes," [1879].

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NA2011King Square, Middlesex; St Barnabas; 1842-1952; ecclesiastical parish1842-1952
NA1583City Road, Middlesex; St Clement; 1874-; ecclesiastical parish1874-
1021Claughton; Piers Calverley (1814-1884); Bishop of Colombo1814-1884
NA2012City Road, Middlesex; St Matthew; 1848-; ecclesiastical parish1848-
NA1912Shoreditch, Middlesex; St Agatha; 1872-1915; ecclesiastical parish1872-1915
NA1911Wills; Freeman Crofts (-1913); Vicar of St Agatha, Shoreditch, Middlesex-1913
NA2014Finsbury, Middlesex; St Paul; 1842-; ecclesiastical parish1842-
NA1316Walrond; Maine Sweete Alexander (?1835-); clergyman?1835-
836Curtain Road, Middlesex; St James; 1841-; ecclesiastical parish1841-
NA1738Butterfield; William (1814-1900); Architect; Antiquary1814-1900
1216Old Street, Middlesex; St Mark; 1848-1937; ecclesiastical parish1848-1937
NA2015Shoreditch, Middlesex; St Michael; 1862-1972; ecclesiastical parish1862-1972
NA2016Benedictine Community of St Mary at the Cross; sisterhood
1077Lee; John Benjamin (fl.1860s-1880s); Registrar of the diocese of Londonfl.1860s-1880s
NA2017Haggerston, Middlesex; All Saints; 1855-; ecclesiastical parish1855-
NA1331Haggerston, Middlesex; St Augustine; 1863-; ecclesiastical parish1863-
NA2018Haggerston, Middlesex; St Chad; 1863-; ecclesiastical parish1863-
952Haggerston, Middlesex; St Columba; 1863-; ecclesiastical parish1863-
NA1745Ross; John Lockhart (1810-1891); theological writer, clergyman1810-1891
NA2020Hoxton, Middlesex; St Andrew; 1863-1953; ecclesiastical parish1863-1953
1110Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge; 1698-; publishing house1698-
NA2021Hoxton, Middlesex; St Anne; 1865-1953; ecclesiastical parish1865-1953
NA1693Hoxton, Middlesex; St John; 1830-1953; ecclesiastical parish1830-1953
NA2022Order of the Sacred Redeemer; brotherhood
931Lake; William Charles (1817-1897); Dean of Durham1817-1897
NA2023Oakley; John (1834-1890); Dean of Manchester1834-1890
NA2024Greenwell; William (1820-1918); Rector of St Mary, Durham; Archaeologist1820-1918
NA2025Downman; Frank Percival (fl.1870s); Curate of St Michael, Derbyfl.1870s
939Buss; Septimus (fl.1880s); vicar of Shoreditch, Middlesexfl.1880s
962Hoxton, Middlesex; St Peter; 1869-1937; ecclesiastical parish1869-1937
NA2026Worshipful Company of Haberdashers
NA2027Hoxton, Middlesex; St Saviour; 1862-1953; ecclesiastical parish1862-1953
NA2028Diocese of London; Archdeaconry of London: Rural Deanery of Stepney
1019Bardsley; Joseph (?1829-?1894); Hon. Canon of Ripon?1829-?1894
121Billing; Robert Claudius (-1898); Suffragan Bishop of Bedford-1898
1056Hansard; Septimus Cox Holmes (fl. ?1824-1894); clergymanfl. ?1824-1894
NA1308Bethnal Green, Middlesex; St Matthew; 1743-; ecclesiastical parish1743-
NA2029Bethnal Green, Middlesex; St Barnabas; 1870-; ecclesiastical parish1870-
18Tait; Archibald Campbell (1811-1882); Archbishop of Canterbury1811-1882
NA2030Bethnal Green, Middlesex; St Simon Zelotes; 1844-1936; ecclesiastical parish1844-1936
NA2031Bethnal Green, Middlesex; St James the Great; 1844-1951; ecclesiastical parish1844-1951
GB/109/8439Charterhouse, Middlesex; St Thomas; 1843-1906; ecclesiastical parish1843-1906
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