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TitleChurches in the rural deaneries of Islington and St Sepulchre
Descriptionff.1-7 Letters and papers on St Mary Islington: Cloudesley Charity and Stonefield Estate, 1880; old vicarage house (incl. plan), 1884.
ff.8-9 Letter on a mission at All Saints, Islington; 1882.
ff.10-16 Letters on a proposed new district of St Thomas Finsbury Park; 1877, 1880.
ff.17-29, 32-33 Letters and papers on a proposed new district and church of St Anne Islington, partly in the parish of St John the Evangelist Brownswood Park; 1881-1884. Correspondents include the Rev. J.J.G. Nash.
ff.30-31 Letter of recommendation from the Bishop of Ballarat; 1884.
ff.34-39 Letters on the parish of St Clement Barnsbury; 1870, 1880.
f.40 Letter from the Bishop of Colombo on the site of St David Holloway; 1883.
ff.41-59 Correspondence and papers on the site for and funding by the London Grocers' Company and Bishop of London's fund of St Luke West Holloway; 1862, 1881. Correspondents include Bishop Tait and the Rev. J.J.G. Nash.
ff.60-63 Letters on a new district of St Mark, Tollington Park; 1884. Correspondents include Lord Beauchamp.
f.64 Letter from the Rev. F.J. Chavasse on the re-use of an organ from St Michael Queenhithe once closed for St Paul Upper Holloway, 1875.
ff.65-69 Correspondence on the support of the London Clothworkers' Company for the new church of St James Prebend Road in the parish of St Philip Arlington Square; 1872.
ff.70-76 Letters on St Silas Islington: building of a parsonage house, 1870; conduct of services, 1879.
ff.77-85 Letter and papers on the financial affairs and schools of St Thomas Islington; 1875, 1877.
ff.86-88 Letter on secularism; 1883.
ff.89-101 Letters on the appointment of a chaplain to the London Fever Hospital; 1878. Correspondents include the Earl of Devon.
ff.102-160, 163-164 Letters on the formation of the district of Holy Redeemer, Clerkenwell, and on the Sisters of Bethany; 1873-1884. District formed in the parishes of St Philip Granville Square, St Mark Myddleton Square, St James and St John the Baptist.
ff.161-162 Letter on a new schoolroom and on the burial ground of St James Pentonville; 1870.
ff.165-169 Letter on St Mark; 1880.
ff.170-233 Letters from the Rev. A.S. Herring and others: on the building of St Paul Clerkenwell and its financial affairs and work, 1869-1884; on chaplaincies of the Infirmary and the Gray's Inn Road Workhouse (both Holborn Board of Guardians), 1875; on the transfer of the endowment of St Mildred Poultry to St Paul, Clerkenwell, 1877-1884; on baptism, 1880, 1884; on a visit to Canada, 1881. With "Messrs. Moody and Sankey: part 1", 1875.
ff.234-460 Correspondence and papers on St Alban Holborn: fabric, 1871; use of ritualist practices at and prosecution of the Rev. A.H. Mackonochie for ritualism under the Public Worship Regulation Act 1874, 1871-1882. Including visitation return, 1875 (ff.304-305). Correspondents include the Bishop of Colombo, J.G. Hubbard (with "Lord Penzance's Court. A letter to the…bishop of London", 1880), W. Butterfield, the Rev. A.H. Mackonochie, T.H. Tristram, the Rev. A.H. Stanton, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Rev. A.S. Herring, J.B. Lee, the Rev. W.T.T. Webber, and (copy) opinion of A.J. Stephens. Ritualist fittings include a crucifix, a picture of the Virgin Mary, a confessional, stained glass windows; practices include a guild. Correspondence also covers the use of ritualist practices at St Vedast Foster Lane, 1875 (ff.283-286), and the chaplaincy of the Gray's Inn Road Workhouse, 1877 (ff.337-40).

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NA1985Islington, Middlesex; St Mary; ancient parish
NA1986Cloudesley Charity
NA1987Islington, Middlesex; All Saints; 1839-; ecclesiastical parish1839-
NA1526Brownswood Park, Middlesex; St John the Evangelist; 1875-; ecclesiastical parish1875-
NA1647Nash; Joseph John Glendinning (fl.1870s-1880s); Prebendary of St Paul'sfl.1870s-1880s
NA1990Thornton; Samuel (1835-1917); Bishop of Ballarat1835-1917
NA1991Barnsbury, Middlesex; St Clement; 1862-; ecclesiastical parish1862-
1021Claughton; Piers Calverley (1814-1884); Bishop of Colombo1814-1884
NA1655West Holloway, Middlesex; St David; 1869-; ecclesiastical parish1869-
NA1256West Holloway, Middlesex; St Luke; 1861-; ecclesiastical parish1861-
18Tait; Archibald Campbell (1811-1882); Archbishop of Canterbury1811-1882
1213London Grocers Company
NA1513Bishop of London's Fund; 1863-19181863-1918
NA1994Tollington Park, Middlesex; St Mark; 1854-1965; ecclesiastical parish1854-1965
956Lygon; Lord; Frederick (1830-1891); 6th Earl Beauchamp; Politician1830-1891
NA1995Upper Holloway, Middlesex; St Paul; 1870-; ecclesiastical parish1870-
NA1282Chavasse; Francis James (1846-1928); Bishop of Liverpool1846-1928
NA1674City of London; St Michael Queenhithe; -1670; ancient parish-1670
NA1996Islington, Middlesex; St Philip; 1858-1953; ecclesiastical parish1858-1953
NA1997London Clothworkers Company
NA2000London Fever Hospital
NA2001Courtenay; Lord; William Reginald (1807-1888); 11th earl of Devon1807-1888
NA1368Sisters of Bethany; 1866-1866-
NA2002Clerkenwell, Middlesex; Holy Redeemer; 1882-1936; ecclesiastical parish1882-1936
NA1695Clerkenwell, Middlesex; St Philip; 1840-1936; ecclesiastical parish1840-1936
NA1389Clerkenwell, Middlesex; St Mark; 1829-; ecclesiastical parish1829-
NA2003Clerkenwell, Middlesex; St James; ancient parish
NA2005Herring; Armine Styleman (fl.1870s); Vicar of St Paul, Clerkenwell, Middlesexfl.1870s
NA2006Clerkenwell, Middlesex; St Paul; 1865-1952; ecclesiastical parish1865-1952
NA1948City of London; St Olave Old Jewry with St Martin Pomeroy, St Mildred, Poultry and St Mary Colechurch; 1871-1886; ecclesiastical parish1871-1886
NA2007Holborn Union; Board of Guardians
NA1362Holborn, Middlesex; St Alban; 1862-1952; ecclesiastical parish1862-1952
NA1361Mackonochie; Alexander Heriot (1825-1887); Anglo-Catholic leader1825-1887
NA1363Hubbard; Lord; John Gellibrand (1805-1889); 1st Baron Addington1805-1889
NA1738Butterfield; William (1814-1900); Architect; Antiquary1814-1900
901Tristram; Thomas Hutchinson (1825-1912); ecclesiastical lawyer1825-1912
NA2009Stanton; Arthur Henry (fl. 1875-1883); Curate of St Alban, Holborn, Middlesexfl. 1875-1883
NA1231Webber; William Thomas Thornhill (-1903); Bishop of Brisbane-1903
205Great Britain and Ireland; Privy Council; Judicial Committee; 1801-19221801-1922
NA2010Stephens; Archibald John (1808-1880); Lawyer; Historian1808-1880
DS/UK/6052City of London; St Vedast Foster Lane with St Michael-le-Querne; 1670-1882; ecclesiastical parish1670-1882
NA2127Islington, Middlesex; St James the Apostle; 1875-1953; ecclesiastical parish1875-1953
GB/109/10127Clerkenwell, Middlesex; St John; 1723-1931; ecclesiastical parish1723-1931
GB/109/10485Pentonville, Middlesex; St Silas; 1862-; ecclesiastical parish1862-
GB/109/10185Finsbury Park, Middlesex; St Thomas; 1888-; ecclesiastical parish1888-
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