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TitleChurches in the rural deanery of Hackney
Descriptionff.1-17 Correspondence and papers on Hackney: appointment and licensing of clergy, 1869-1877; parochial night schools, 1869 (printed); the Clare Market mission, 1870. Correspondents include Baron Amherst.
ff.18-19 Paper on the assignment of a district to All Saints Clapton Park; 1873.
ff.20-27 Letter on the building of a schoolroom at Christ Church Clapton; 1872-1873.
ff.28-30 Letters on the consecration of and the assignment of a district to Ram's Chapel Homerton; 1873, 1875.
ff.31-43 Letters on the appropriation of seats at St Luke, Hackney; 1876.
ff.44-47 Letter on the endowment of St James Clapton; 1874.
ff.48-49 Letter on the assignment of emoluments of the closed City benefices of St Dionis Backchurch and All Hallows Lombard Street to St Matthew Upper Clapton; 1880.
ff.50-54 Letters on the parochial schools and on alterations to the fabric of St Thomas Stamford Hill; 1873.
ff.55-139 Correspondence and papers on St Philip Dalston: proposed alterations to the boundaries for the proposed new district of Christ Church South Hackney (also affected St Paul Haggerston and St Michael & All Angels South Hackney), 1871; clergy of, 1873-1874; the creation of "St Saviour Dalston" by secession, 1876-1878.
ff.140-148 Letters and papers on a proposed new church on the site of the refuge in Dalston Lane, in the districts of St Mark Dalston and St Philip Dalston; 1869.
ff.149-150 Letter from the Rev. R.D. Tyssen on a proposed mission in South Hackney; 1877.
ff.151-157 Letters and papers on pew rents and other financial matters at Christ Church, South Hackney; 1876-1880.
ff.158-163 Letters on the erection of a reredos at West Hackney; 1873.
ff.164-172 Letters on the status, building and clergy of St Mark Dalston; 1869-1883. Correspondents include J.B. Lee.
ff.173-252 Correspondence and papers on the collection and distribution of offertory monies, and on the financial affairs including appropriation of sittings at Stoke Newington; 1864-1870. Correspondents include the Rev. T. Jackson, Sir T. Twiss, J.B. Lee, Bishop Tait (copies), the Rev. B. Jackson and E. Thornton. Also covers intonation of the liturgy, and the erection of a new church in St Matthias district.
ff.253-269 Correspondence and papers on the licensing of clergy to All Saints Stoke Newington; 1872-1873. Also covers the use of ritualist practices, particularly candles. Correspondents include J.B. Lee, and the Rev. T. Jackson (copies).
ff.270-272 Letter and paper from Archdeacon Sinclair and the Rev. W.D. Maclagan on the chapel of ease of St Gabriel in the parish of Stoke Newington; 1874.
ff.273-312 Letters on proposed new churches in Stoke Newington, particularly in the districts of St Matthias and St Faith; 1878. Correspondents include the Rev. T. Jackson, the Rev. T.W. Belcher, and J.Brooks.
ff.313-330 Correspondence and papers on St Andrew Stoke Newington: accounts, 1881; repayment to the Bishop of London's Fund of an unexpended grant for the building of, 1884. Correspondents include the Suffragan Bishop of Bedford and the Rev. A. Brook.
ff.331-343 Letters on the nomination and licensing of clergy to St Matthias Stoke Newington; 1877-1878. Correspondents include the Rev. L.W.T. Dale (also writing on membership and doctrine of the Society of the Holy Cross), and J.Brooks.
ff.344-351 Letters and papers from the Rev. T.W. Belcher: on the parochial boundaries and parsonage house of St Faith, Stoke Newington; 1873 (printed), 1875; on the Rev. A.H. Mackonochie and his presentment for ritualism, including printed letter to Baron Penzance; 1883.

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NA1963Tyssen-Amherst; William Amhurst (1835-1909); 1st Baron Amherst of Hackney; Bibliophile1835-1909
NA1964Clapton Park, Middlesex; All Saints; 1873-; ecclesiastical parish1873-
NA1965Clapton, Middlesex; Christ Church; 1871-1953; ecclesiastical parish1871-1953
NA1966Homerton, Middlesex; Ram's Episcopal Chapel; proprietary chapel
NA1968Clapton, Middlesex; St James; 1855-1953; ecclesiastical parish1855-1953
NA1969Upper Clapton, Middlesex; St Matthew; 1866-; ecclesiastical parish1866-
NA1591City of London; St Dionis Backchurch; -1876; ancient parish-1876
NA1971Dalston, Middlesex; St Philip; 1844-1953; ecclesiastical parish1844-1953
NA1972South Hackney, Middlesex; Christ Church; 1871-1953; ecclesiastical parish1871-1953
NA1973Haggerston, Middlesex; St Paul; 1861-; ecclesiastical parish1861-
NA1974South Hackney, Middlesex; St Michael and All Angels; 1865-1971; ecclesiastical parish1865-1971
NA1975Dalston, Middlesex; St Mark; 1871-1953; ecclesiastical parish1871-1953
NA1976South Hackney, Middlesex; St John of Jerusalem; 1825-1953; ecclesiastical parish1825-1953
NA1779Tyssen; Ridley Daniel (fl.1870s); Rector of South Hackney, Middlesexfl.1870s
NA1977West Hackney, Middlesex; St James; 1825-1954; ecclesiastical parish1825-1954
1077Lee; John Benjamin (fl.1860s-1880s); Registrar of the diocese of Londonfl.1860s-1880s
935Stoke Newington, Middlesex; St Mary; ancient parish
NA1978Jackson; Thomas (fl.1870s); Prebendary of St Paul'sfl.1870s
1078Twiss; Sir; Travers (1809-1897); Knight; ecclesiastical lawyer; historian1809-1897
18Tait; Archibald Campbell (1811-1882); Archbishop of Canterbury1811-1882
NA1369Jackson; Blomfield (1839-1905); Prebendary of St Paul's1839-1905
NA1979Thornton; Edward (fl.1870-1889); Secretary of the Bishop of London's Fundfl.1870-1889
961Stoke Newington, Middlesex; St Matthias; 1849-1951; ecclesiastical parish1849-1951
NA1980Stoke Newington, Middlesex; All Saints; 1873-1956; ecclesiastical parish1873-1956
NA1981Stoke Newington, Middlesex; St Gabriel; chapel of ease
904Sinclair; John (1797-1875); Archdeacon of Middlesex; educationist1797-1875
79Maclagan; William Dalrymple (1826-1910); Archbishop of York1826-1910
NA1982Stoke Newington, Middlesex; St Faith; 1873-1951; ecclesiastical parish1873-1951
925Belcher; Thomas Waugh (fl. 1870-1883); clergymanfl. 1870-1883
NA1984Brooks; James (1825-1901); Architect1825-1901
1175Stoke Newington, Middlesex; St Andrew; 1883-; ecclesiastical parish1883-
NA1545Brook; Arthur (?1831-); Prebendary of Lincoln?1831-
NA1513Bishop of London's Fund; 1863-19181863-1918
1139Dale; Lawford William Torriano (?1826-1898); Vicar of Chiswick, Middlesex?1826-1898
882Society of the Holy Cross; ?1855-?1855-
NA1361Mackonochie; Alexander Heriot (1825-1887); Anglo-Catholic leader1825-1887
NA1364Wilde; Lord; James Plaisted (1816-1899); 1st Baron Penzance; Judge1816-1899
NA1791City of London; All Hallows Lombard Street with St Benet Gracechurch and St Leonard Eastcheap; 1864-1876; ecclesiastical parish1864-1876
NA2124Homerton, Middlesex; St Luke; 1873-; ecclesiastical parish1873-
GB/109/10589Stamford Hill, Middlesex; St Thomas; 1828-; ecclesiastical parish1828-
DS/UK/3998How; William Walsham (1823-1897); Bishop of Wakefield1823-1897
GB/109/14992Clare Market Mission
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