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Alt Ref NoFP Jackson 45
TitleChurches in the rural deanery of West City
Descriptionff.1-2 Letter on services at St Martin Ludgate; 1878.
ff.3-8 Letter on the work of the City Church and Churchyard Protection Society; 1879.
ff.9-18 Papers on the proposed union of St Mary, Aldermanbury with St Michael Bassishaw; 1872 (printed).
ff.19-22 Letter on the proposed repair of St Mary, Aldermary; 1875; letter on a lectureship at St Antholin, London, 1876.
ff.23-25 Letter on the re-use of fittings from Allhallows Bread Street; 1877.
ff.26-69 Correspondence with the Rev. J.B. McCaul and others on the health of the incumbent and the appointment of a curate to St Michael Bassishaw; 1865-1879. Also on the English Episcopal church at Amsterdam and the licensing of chaplains, 1877.
ff.70-73 Letters on parish charities and on the proposed union of benefices of St Mildred, Bread St., w. St Margaret Moses; 1869.
ff.74-79 Letters on the fabric of St Mary Somerset, 1878; letter from the Rev. H.C. Shuttleworth on a proposed lectureship at St Nicholas Cole Abbey, 1884.
ff.80-94 Letters and papers on the union of the benefices of St Olave, Jewry, w. St Martin Pomeroy, St Mildred, Poultry, & St Mary Colechurch with St Margaret Lothbury, St Christopher le Stocks & St Bartholomew, Exchange; 1869-1884. Correspondents include J.B. Lee and the Rev. A.J. Ingram.
ff.95-99 Letters and papers on the right of footway over the churchyard of St Stephen Walbrook, 1877.
ff.100-389 Correspondence and papers on alterations to the fabric, on the use of ritualist practices and ornaments by the Rev. T.P. Dale, and on the clergy of St Vedast, Foster Lane, w. St Michael-le-Querne, & St Matthew, Friday St. w. St Peter Cheap; 1873-1884. Including visitation returns (1875: ff.121-139; 1879: ff.212-220). Also covers the prosecutions for ritualism of Dale and the Rev.s C.J. Ridsdale, S.F. Green and R.W. Enraght. Ritualist practices include use of crucifixes, choral services, candles, altar coverings, vestments, the eastward position, the use of wafer bread, the elevation of the elements and the mixed chalice, processions, the Agnus Dei, confession, and incense. Correspondents include J.B. Lee, the Bishop of Bath & Wells, T.H. Tristram, Baron Penzance (printed monition & inhibition), the Bishop of Lincoln, the Sutherland, Cornwall and West London District Union Branches of the English Church Union, the Hatcham & Deptford, Stockwell North Brixton & South Lambeth, and Liverpool Branches of the Church Association, the Railway Guild of the Holy Cross, and Plympton Deanery (diocese of Exeter).

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NA1896City of London; St Martin Ludgate; -1890; ancient parish-1890
NA1951City Church and Churchyard Protection Society
NA1942City of London; St Mary Aldermanbury; -1917; ancient parish-1917
NA1945City of London; St Michael Bassishaw; -1897; ancient parish-1897
NA1943City of London; St Mary, Aldermary with St Thomas the Apostle, St Antholin and St John the Baptist upon Walbrook; 1873-1954; ecclesiastical parish1873-1954
NA1944City of London; St Mary-le-Bow with St Pancras, Soper Lane, All Hallows, Honey Lane, All Hallows, Bread Street, St John-the-Evangelist, Watling Street, St Augustine with St Faith under St Paul's, and St Mildred Bread Street with St Margaret Moyses; 1954-; ecclesiastical parish1954-
NA1598McCaul; Joseph Benjamin (fl.1870s); Rector of St Michael Bassishaw, Londonfl.1870s
NA1946City of London; St Mildred Bread Street with St Margaret Moses; 1670-1954; ecclesiastical parish1670-1954
NA1775Shuttleworth; Henry Cary (1850-1900); Rector of St Nicholas Cole Abbey w. St Nicholas Olave, St Mary Somerset, St Mary Mouthow & St Benet w. St Peter by Paul's Wharf, London1850-1900
NA1947City of London; St Nicholas, Cole Abbey, St Nicholas, Olave, St Mary Somerset, and St Mary, Mounthaw, with St Benet, Paul's Wharf, and St Peter, Paul's Wharf; 1879-1954; ecclesiastical parish1879-1954
NA1948City of London; St Olave Old Jewry with St Martin Pomeroy, St Mildred, Poultry and St Mary Colechurch; 1871-1886; ecclesiastical parish1871-1886
1077Lee; John Benjamin (fl.1860s-1880s); Registrar of the diocese of Londonfl.1860s-1880s
NA1952Ingram; Arthur John (-1931); Rector of St Margaret Lothbury, London-1931
NA1928City of London; St Margaret Lothbury with St Christopher le Stocks and St Bartholomew by the Exchange; 1839-1886; ecclesiastical parish1839-1886
NA1949City of London; St Stephen, Walbrook, with St Benet Sherehog; 1670-1954; ecclesiastical parish1670-1954
1141Dale; Thomas Pelham (1821-1892); Rector of St Vedast, London; Hebrew Scholar1821-1892
888Hervey; Lord; Arthur Charles (1808-1894); Bishop of Bath and Wells1808-1894
901Tristram; Thomas Hutchinson (1825-1912); ecclesiastical lawyer1825-1912
NA1364Wilde; Lord; James Plaisted (1816-1899); 1st Baron Penzance; Judge1816-1899
185Wordsworth; Christopher (1807-1885); Bishop of Lincoln1807-1885
NA1953English Church Union; Cornwall Branch
NA1954English Church Union; Sutherland Branch
NA1955English Church Union; West London District Union
NA1956Church Association; Hatcham and Deptford Branch
NA1957Church Association; Stockwell, North Brixton & South Lambeth Branch
NA1958Church Association; Liverpool Branch
NA1959Railway Guild of the Holy Cross
NA1666Ridsdale; Charles Joseph (1840-1929); Anglican Clergyman; Controversialist1840-1929
NA1428Green; Sidney Faithhorn (1841-1916); Rector of St John the Evangelist, Miles Platting, Lancashire1841-1916
NA1960Enraght; Richard William (fl. 1870-1881); clergymanfl. 1870-1881
NA1961Diocese of Exeter; Deanery of Plympton
DS/UK/6052City of London; St Vedast Foster Lane with St Michael-le-Querne; 1670-1882; ecclesiastical parish1670-1882
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