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TitleChurches in the rural deaneries of St Pancras, Uxbridge, St James Westminster, St Margaret & St John Westminster, and East City
Descriptionff.1-145 Correspondence on the clergy, financial position (including appropriation of sittings and pew rents) and dedication of St Luke Kentish Town; 1871-1884. Correspondents include the Rev. A.W. Thorold, Archdeacon Sinclair, J.B. Lee.
ff.146-147 Letter on a new stained glass window at Harlington; 1873.
ff.148-162 Letters from the Rev. J.H. Thomas and others including J.B.Lee on parishes in the rural deanery of Uxbridge; 1882-1883. Including on a licensed mission church and on the clergy of Harmondsworth; 1883; parochial boundaries of Hillingdon, 1882.
ff.163-164 Letter on the "Free Church of England" at Yiewsley; 1877.
ff.165-181 Letters on financial position, patronage and fabric of St Andrew Uxbridge; 1869-1875. Includes the abolition of pew rents, and the addition of a chancel screen. Also covers financial position and patronage of St John Uxbridge Moor and St Margaret Uxbridge. Correspondents include the Bishop of Worcester.
ff.182-197 Letters on the financial position and patronage of, and on other parochial matters including the burial of a suicide, the introduction of "Hymns Ancient and Modern", and the extension of an apse or chancel into the churchyard at St John Uxbridge Moor; 1869-1877. Correspondents include the Bishop of Oxford. Also covers theological seminaries and the work of the Board of Guardians of the Uxbridge Union.
ff.198-209 Letters on the appointment of clergy to St Margaret Uxbridge; 1872. Including from Evan Evans (also writing on other matters), and a letter of recommendation from the Bishop of Bath & Wells.
ff.210-223 Letters and papers on West Drayton: charitable giving, building and patronage of, 1869-1875; St Anne's Home for Gentlewomen, 1880.
ff.224-225 (Copy) letter on the use of ritualist practices at St James Piccadilly; 1874.
ff.226-227 Letter on a proposed alteration to the fabric of St Margaret Westminster; 1869.
ff.228-229 Letter on services and music at the Chapel Royal Whitehall; 1869.
ff.230-268 Letters on Christ Church Broadway: alterations to the times of services and the use of ritualist practices (including candles) at, 1873; proposed alterations to the fabric to insert a memorial stained glass window, 1874-1875; proposed missionary work, 1875. Correspondents include T.H. Tristram.
ff.269-274 Letters and papers on baptisms (numbers compared to the population of the parish) and children in the parish of St John Smith Square; 1871.
ff.275-276 Letter from the Rev. W.B. Trevelyan on a proposed alteration to the fabric of St Matthew Great Peter Street, creating a side chapel from an aisle; 1884.
ff.277-280 Letters on services and music at All Hallows Barking; 1879.
ff.281-289 Letter and paper on All Hallows Lombard St. w. St Benet Gracechurch, St Leonard Eastcheap & St Dionis Backchurch: union of the benefices, 1872 (printed); financial position and glebe of, 1878, 1881. Commisioners of enquiry into the union of benefices are Canons Gibbs and Rowsell, and S.J. Gibbons.
ff.290-295 Letter and paper from the Rev. F.G. Blomfield on a proposed union of St Andrew Undershaft w. St Mary Axe with St Catherine Cree and St James Duke Place, and on the financial position of St Andrew Undershaft w. St Mary Axe, 1869.
ff.296-298 Letter on proposed alterations to the fabric of St Botolph without Aldgate; 1884.
ff.299-304 Letters from the Rev. M. MacColl on weekday services and the licensing of the Rev. S.D. Headlam as curate at St Botolph, Billingsgate, w. St George; 1883.
ff.305-306 Letter from the Rev. W.T.T. Webber on the use of stained glass from St James Duke Place at St John the Evangelist Holborn; 1873.
ff.307-316 Letter and paper on a proposed union of St Catherine Cree w. St James Duke Place with St Catharine Coleman; 1883.
ff.317-324 Letters on St Dionis Backchurch: investment of charity and trust funds, 1871; the distribution of fittings and ornaments following the closure of the church, 1878, 1882. Including letter from Sir C.E. Trevelyan. Pulpit transferred to St Benet Stepney; bells & offertory plates to All Hallows Lombard St. w. St Benet Gracechurch, St Leonard Eastcheap & St Dionis Backchurch; communion plate (donated by Bishop Warner) exchanged with Great Walsingham.
ff.325-336 Letters from the Rev. P.G. Hill and others on St Edmund the King w. St Nicholas Acons: chanting of the Litany, 1870; sale of glebe and alterations to the rectory, 1872, 1883; use of ritualist practices at, [1883].

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966New Kentish Town, Middlesex; St Luke; 1869-1956; ecclesiastical parish1869-1956
93Thorold; Anthony Wilson (1825-1895); Bishop of Winchester1825-1895
904Sinclair; John (1797-1875); Archdeacon of Middlesex; educationist1797-1875
1077Lee; John Benjamin (fl.1860s-1880s); Registrar of the diocese of Londonfl.1860s-1880s
NA1783Harlington, Middlesex; ancient parish
NA1570Harmondsworth, Middlesex; ancient parish
NA1797Thomas; John Harries (1822-1903); Archdeacon of Capetown1822-1903
NA1630Hillingdon, Middlesex; St John the Baptist; ancient parish
NA1784Hillingdon, Middlesex; St Andrew; 1865-; ecclesiastical parish1865-
NA1798Uxbridge Moor, Middlesex; St John the Evangelist; 1842-; ecclesiastical parish1842-
NA1661Uxbridge, Middlesex; St Margaret; ecclesiastical parish
875Mackarness; John Fielder (1820-1889); Bishop of Oxford1820-1889
NA1799Uxbridge Union; Board of Guardians
851Evans; Evan (1813-1891); Master of Pembroke College, Oxford1813-1891
888Hervey; Lord; Arthur Charles (1808-1894); Bishop of Bath and Wells1808-1894
NA1800St Anne's Home for Gentlewomen
NA1786Westminster, Middlesex; St Margaret; ancient parish
NA1557Chapel Royal; Whitehall Palace
NA1787Westminster, Middlesex; Christ Church Broadway; 1844-1953; ecclesiastical parish1844-1953
901Tristram; Thomas Hutchinson (1825-1912); ecclesiastical lawyer1825-1912
NA1788Westminster, Middlesex; St John the Evangelist; 1727-1950; ecclesiastical parish1727-1950
NA1801Trevelyan; William Bouverie (1853-1929); Commissary to the Bishop of Lebombo1853-1929
NA1790City of London; All Hallows Barking; -1960; ancient parish-1960
NA1803Rowsell; Thomas James (1816-1894); Canon of Westminster1816-1894
NA1804Gibbons; Sir; Sills John (1809-1876); Lord Mayor of London1809-1876
NA1325Blomfield; Frederick George (1823-1879); Prebendary of St Paul's1823-1879
NA1791City of London; All Hallows Lombard Street with St Benet Gracechurch and St Leonard Eastcheap; 1864-1876; ecclesiastical parish1864-1876
NA1356City of London; St Andrew Undershaft with St Mary Axe; 1562-?; ancient parish1562-?
NA1795City of London; St Catherine Cree with St James Duke Place; 1873-1954; ecclesiastical parish1873-1954
NA1793St Botolph without Aldgate, Middlesex; -1893; ancient parish-1893
NA1794City of London; St Botolph by Billingsgate; -1670; ancient parish-1670
NA1314Maccoll; Malcolm (1838-1907); Canon of Ripon1838-1907
953Headlam; Stewart Duckworth (1847-1924); Christian Socialist1847-1924
NA1806City of London; St Catharine Coleman; -1921; ancient parish-1921
NA1807Holborn, Middlesex; St John the Evangelist; 1867-1952; ecclesiastical parish1867-1952
NA1231Webber; William Thomas Thornhill (-1903); Bishop of Brisbane-1903
NA1808Trevelyan; Sir; Charles Edward (1807-1886); 1st Baronet; Governor of Madras1807-1886
NA1809Stepney, Middlesex; St Benet; 1870-1951; ecclesiastical parish1870-1951
NA1810Great Walsingham, Norfolk; ancient parish
NA1811Warner; John (c.1581-1666); Bishop of Rochesterc.1581-1666
NA1339City of London; St Edmund the King with St Nicholas Acons; 1670-1937; ecclesiastical parish1670-1937
NA1338Hill; Pascoe Grenfell (1804-1882); Rector of St Edmund's the King w. St Nicholas Acons, London1804-1882
NA1244Gibbs; Michael (1812-1882); Prebendary and Treasurer of St Paul's1812-1882
1187aPhilpott; Henry (1807-1892); Bishop of Worcester1807-1892
DS/UK/6046City of London; All Hallows Lombard Street with St Benet Gracechurch, St Leonard Eastcheap and St Dionis Backchurch; 1876-1937; ecclesiastical parish1876-1937
NA1591City of London; St Dionis Backchurch; -1876; ancient parish-1876
NA1844Westminster, Middlesex; St James; 1685-; ecclesiastical parish1685-
GB/109/8755West Drayton, Middlesex; St Martin; ancient parish
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