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TitleChurches in the rural deaneries of Highgate and St Martin in the Fields
Descriptionff.1-45 Correspondence on Hampstead: parish boundaries (of St John and St Augustine Kilburn) and schools, 1870; consecration, patronage, sittings and the financial position including sale of pew rents of Trinity church, 1872; provision of a new church on the Eton College estate by the grant of a site from the College, and on proposed new districts of St Saviour, St Peter, St Mary Primrose Hill and St Paul, 1878-1879.
Includes report of commission of enquiry by the Archdeacon of Middlesex, and the Rev. E.H. Bickersteth.
ff.46-49 Letter on a proposed new church of St Augustine Kilburn in the district of St Mary Kilburn; 1869.
ff.50-118 Correspondence on the use of ritualist practices at and on the status of St Mary Primrose Hill; 1876-1878. Ritualist practices include the use of vestments, candles, the mixed chalice, wafer bread, elevation of the elements, the ringing of bells, the eastward position, a crucifix, processions, incense, and a harvest festival service. Correspondents include the Rev. C.J. Fuller. Other subjects include the times of services of Holy Communion, and membership of the Society of the Holy Cross.
ff.119-122 Letters on St Peter Belsize Park: proposed new chancel and vestry, 1875; lectures for women at, 1875.
ff.123-132 Letters on fittings and floral decoration of St Saviour Hampstead; 1877.
ff.133-151 Letters on the proposed new district of St Augustine Kilburn formed from part of the districts of St Mary Kilburn and Holy Trinity Kilburn; 1869-1870; letters on a nursery or cradle school at Holy Trinity Kilburn, 1871: 40, ff.148-51.
ff.152-160 Letters on the allocation of free sittings at St John Kilburn; 1872.
ff.161-162 Letter on a licence for a minister at St Paul Kilburn; 1878.
ff.163-173 Letters on Hornsey: proposed new district, 1878; financial position of Hornsey and Highgate parishes, 1879.
ff.174-179 Letters on the proposed new district of Holy Trinity Stroud Green; 1870.
ff.180-183 Letter on a proposed new building for St James Muswell Hill; 1873.
ff.184-223 Letters on St John Brownswood Park: proposed new district in the parishes of Hornsey and St Michael Wood Green, Tottenham, 1878, 1880; curate of, 1880.
ff.224-228 Letters on the use of ritualist practices at St Paul Covent Garden; 1873.
ff.229-254 Letters on St Mary Crown Street: building and fittings, including a crucifix in bas relief on a reredos (with photograph), 1875; alteration in the use of ritualist practices, 1874; work of the parish, 1880, 1883. Correspondents include the Rev. N. Wade, J.B. Lee, and the Hon. M.A. Stanley.
ff.255-311 Correspondence on St Clement Danes: financial position and parochial work of, 1869-1883; presentment of the Rev. R.J. Simpson for non-residence and neglect of the parish, 1875; use of ritualist practices including the singing of psalms and use of vestments, 1880; the Clare Market mission, 1881. Including grants from the Society for promoting the employment of additional curates. Correspondents include T.H. Tristram.
ff.312-318 Letters and papers on St John Drury Lane: burial ground, 1860-1873; incumbency of, 1882. Correspondents include Bishop Tait, and the Rev. R.G. Maul.
ff.319-340 Letters and papers on the status of the Chapel Royal, Savoy, and on and holding of the benefice in plurality with St Stephen Rochester Row; 1880. Correspondents include J.B. Lee, Baroness Burdett-Coutts, and Sir J.P. Deane.

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NA1529Eton College; 1440-1440-
NA1530Hampstead, Middlesex; St John; ancient parish
NA1377Kilburn, Middlesex; St Augustine; 1870-1972; ecclesiastical parish1870-1972
NA1531Hampstead, Middlesex; The Trinity; 1873-; ecclesiastical parish1873-
NA1523South Hampstead, Middlesex; St Saviour; 1856-; ecclesiastical parish1856-
NA1236Primrose Hill, Middlesex; St Mary the Virgin; 1885-; ecclesiastical parish1885-
NA1532Hampstead, Middlesex; St Paul; 1860-1957; ecclesiastical parish1860-1957
NA1522Belsize Park, Middlesex; St Peter; 1861-; ecclesiastical parish1861-
895Hessey; James Augustus (1814-1892); Archdeacon of Middlesex1814-1892
977Bickersteth; Edward Henry (1825-1906); Bishop of Exeter1825-1906
NA1520Kilburn, Middlesex; St Mary; 1868-; ecclesiastical parish1868-
NA1233Fuller; Charles James (fl.1860s-1870s); Vicar of St Mary, Primrose Hill, Middlesexfl.1860s-1870s
882Society of the Holy Cross; ?1855-?1855-
NA1533Kilburn, Middlesex; Holy Trinity; 1867-1955; ecclesiastical parish1867-1955
NA1534Kilburn, Middlesex; St Paul; 1897-1935; ecclesiastical parish1897-1935
NA1298Hornsey, Middlesex; St Mary; ancient parish
NA1535Highgate, Middlesex; St Michael; 1834-; ecclesiastical parish1834-
NA1524Stroud Green, Middlesex; Holy Trinity; 1881-; ecclesiastical parish1881-
NA1526Brownswood Park, Middlesex; St John the Evangelist; 1875-; ecclesiastical parish1875-
NA1463Wood Green, Middlesex; St Michael; ecclesiastical parish
NA1536St Paul Covent Garden; Middlesex; 1645-; ecclesiastical parish1645-
NA1281Wade; Nugent (1809-1893); Canon of Bristol1809-1893
1077Lee; John Benjamin (fl.1860s-1880s); Registrar of the diocese of Londonfl.1860s-1880s
NA1284Stanley; Hon; Maude Alethea (1833-1915); 3rd daughter of 2nd Baron Stanley of Alderley; Youth Worker1833-1915
1191Westminster, Middlesex; St Mary Crown Street Soho; 1856-1932; ecclesiastical parish1856-1932
NA1510St Clement Danes, Middlesex; -1953; ancient parish-1953
1109Additional Curates Society; 1837-; charity1837-
NA1385Simpson; Robert James (fl.1870s); Vicar of St Clement Danes, Westminster.fl.1870s
901Tristram; Thomas Hutchinson (1825-1912); ecclesiastical lawyer1825-1912
NA1537Drury Lane, Middlesex; St John the Evangelist; 1855-1938; ecclesiastical parish1855-1938
18Tait; Archibald Campbell (1811-1882); Archbishop of Canterbury1811-1882
NA1307Maul; Richard Graham (1820-1895); Rector of Hopesay, Shropshire1820-1895
NA1528Chapel Royal; The Queen's Chapel of the Savoy
1124Westminster, Middlesex; St Stephen; 1847-1950; ecclesiastical parish1847-1950
1123Burdett-Coutts; Angela Georgina (1814-1906); Baroness Burdett-Coutts; philanthropist1814-1906
NA1481Deane; Sir; James Parker (1812-1902); Knight; Judge1812-1902
NA1718Kilburn, Middlesex; St John the Evangelist; 1872-1972; ecclesiastical parish1872-1972
GB/109/14992Clare Market Mission
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