RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoFP Jackson 33
TitleSurnames Tozer - Webber
Descriptionff.1-25 Correspondence and papers from the Bishop of Zanzibar: on his visitation of his diocese and on the appointment of the Rev. P.S. Royston to the bishopric of Mauritius, 1872 (also covers work of the SPG in the diocese of Zanzibar, mission work in Madagascar, and the expedition to find David Livingstone); on the American historical papers at Fulham Palace (now known as Lambeth Palace Library Fulham Papers), 1877*; on his request for preferment, 1877-1878 (also covers pew rents and appointment of vicar to Holy Trinity Brompton; use of ritualist practices and appointment of vicar to St Matthias Earl's Court); letters to Bishop Temple on confirmations in the Diocese of London, 1885 (also covers ritualist practices at St Mary Magdalene, Paddington). [*The Bradford MSS "Of Plimouth [Plymouth] Plantation" mentioned in these letters was returned to the State Library of Massachusetts in May 1897; cf. also MS 2022]
ff.26-28 Correspondence on the conversion of a clergyman to the Roman Catholic Church, 1878.
ff.29-30 Letter from the Bishop of Chichester on a clergyman in his diocese; 1881.
ff.31-34 Letter from the Rev. J.J Trebeck on the properties of Southwell Cathedral Church; 1876.
ff.35-36 Letter of recommendation from the Archbishop of Dublin; 1870.
ff.37-57 Letters from the Rev. W.R. Trench and on his ordination to the priesthood, and on the population of All Saints Notting Hill, 1870, 1883. Other correspondents include the Archbishop of Dublin and the Bishop of Liverpool.
ff.58-66 Letters on the introduction of ritualist practices at Teddington; 1869. Including the introduction of "Hymns Ancient and Modern."
ff.58-72 Letters on St Michael Highgate; 1869-1884.
ff.73-82 Letters from T.H. Tristram: on his appointment to the chancellorship, 1872; on the churchyards of All Hallows the Less, St Dunstan in the West and St Luke Old Street, 1877; on the appointment of an illegitimate clergyman to a bishopric, 1877.
ff.83-84 Letter of recommendation for the Rev. J. Troutbeck; 1870.
ff.85-86 Letter from the Bishop of Gibraltar on the authorisation of a service book used during a mission, and on Bishop Temple's appointment at Bishop of Exeter; 1869.
ff.87-88 Letter from Bishop Benson on his appointment as archbishop of Canterbury, 1882.
f.89 Letter on the selection of missionaries by the SPG; 1879.
ff.90-102 Correspondence with the Rev. H.W. Tucker on the erection of a chancel screen at St Mary Boltons, 1851, 1882. Correspondents include Bishop Phillpotts of Exeter and Archbishop Sumner (copy of 1851 letters).
ff.103-112 Letters from and on the appointment of the Rev. C.H. Turner as the bishop's chaplain, 1872; letter from the Rev. C.H. Turner on his work at St Saviour Fitzroy Square, 1878. Including letter of recommendation from the Dean of Llandaff.
ff.113-121 Correspondence on St Lawrence Jewry: on past services at, 1870; on the removal of an altar cross and on ritualist furnishings, 1873.
ff.122-131 Correspondence on the licensing and ordination of a clergyman; 1872.
ff.132-137 Letters on the introduction of the eastward position at St Saviour Paddington; 1882.
ff.138-161 Letters from Sir T. Twiss: on marriage between half-siblings, 1869; on his resignation of the chancellorship owing to a libel case, 1871-1872. Other correspondents include the Rev. R. Gregory.
f.162 Letter from the Bishop of St Alban's on a clergyman of his diocese, c.1880.
ff.163-168 Letter from the Rev. F.E. Utterton on episcopal jurisdiction over the metropolitan parts of the diocese of Winchester; 1869.
ff.169-171 Letter from the Rev. H.M. Spooner and others on the rectory of Burmash, Kent; 1877.
ff.172-178 Letters on the implementation of the Ecclesiastical Dilapidations Act 1871, particularly at the rectory of Elsing; 1873-1876.
ff.179-186 Letters from the Rev. C.J. Vaughan: on his appointment as Master of the Temple, London, 1869; on ordination, 1872, 1877.
ff.187-194 Letters from the Rev. W.D. Veitch on curates, population and incumbents of St Saviour, Paddington; 1870-1873.
ff.195-242 Letters from Canon Venables: on the examination of ordination candidates in Hebrew and on a translation of the Old Testament by the Rev. J.H. Blunt, 1869; on a tour of Italy, Switzerland and France, and on family matters, 1869-1870; on the disestablishment of the Church of Ireland, 1869; on the appointment of an incumbent to Enfield, Middlesex, 1869; on the appointment of bishops (particularly Bishop Temple), 1869; on a conference of the Diocese of Lincoln and a theological college, 1870; on Lincoln Cathedral, 1870; on the Vatican Council 1869-1870, 1870; on proposed alterations at St Mary Le Bow and services at St Botolph [Aldgate], 1870. Other correspondents include Canon Cook
ff.243-256 Letters from the Rev. H. Venn: on the Royal Commission on Ritual, 1870; on Bishop Beckles, 1872.
ff.247-258 Correspondence with and on the Rev. H.M. Villiers: on services held by at Nantes, France, 1878; on his appointment to St Paul Wilton Street and use of ritualist practices, 1881. Correspondents also include the Suffragan Bishop of Dover.
ff.259-260 Letter of recommendation from the Bishop of Peterborough; 1881.
ff.261-263 Letters of recommendation from the Rev. H.D.M. Spence; 1881.
ff.264-265 Letter from the Rev. N. Wade on preaching, 1879.
ff.266-271 Letters of recommendation from the Bishop of Hereford; 1881-1882.
ff.272-273 Letter on the health of the Archbishop of Canterbury; 1882.
ff.274-275 Letter of recommendation from the Bishop of Ely; 1870.
ff.276-277 Letter from W.T. Bullock on a clergyman, 1872.
ff.278-279 Letter from the Bishop of Ely on a clergyman; [1877].
f.280 Letter on a curate of Bishop Beckles; 1876.
ff.281-286 Letters on the alleged secession by clergy to a nonconformist church (the "Reformed Episcopal Church in England"), 1880.
ff.287-290 Letters on the distribution of a charitable bequest, 1879.
ff.291-302 Letters from the Rev. M.S.A. Walrond: on the choir of and ritualist practices at St Laurence Jewry, London, 1873; on the Metropolitan Visiting and Relief Association, 1881; on candidates for confirmation, 1884.
ff.303-304 Letter from the Bishop of Edinburgh on a clergyman of his diocese, 1874.
ff.305-313 Letters on the licensing of a clergyman under the Colonial Clergy Act 1874; 1882-1883. Correspondents include H.W. Lee, the Bishop of Capetown, and the Rev. R.H.A. Bradley.
ff.314-317 Letters on the conversion of a clergyman to and from the Roman Catholic Church, 1872. Correspondents include the Bishop of Manchester.
ff.318-319 Letter from the Dean of Edinburgh on a clergyman; 1869.
f.320 Letter from the Rev. G.E. Biber on a clergyman; 1869.
ff.321-324 Correspondence on discipline of clergy, 1877. Correspondents include the Rev. H.J. Ellison.
f.325 Letter from the Rev. B. Webb on his appointment to the prebend, 1882.
ff.326-341 Correspondence from and on the Rev. W.T.T. Webber: letters from on chancel screens and gates at St John the Evangelist Holborn, 1877; correspondence on a petition against over a divorce case, 1884.
ff.342-345 Letter on presentation of candidates for confirmation from a proprietary chapel, and on baptism services held in the proprietary chapel of Montpelier Chapel, Twickenham; 1869-1870.

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1003Tozer; William George (c.1829-1899); Bishop of Hondurasc.1829-1899
NA1847Royston; Peter Sorenson (1830-1915); Bishop of Mauritius1830-1915
NA1849Livingstone; David (1813-1873); African Missionary Consul and Explorer1813-1873
NA1412Brompton, Middlesex; Holy Trinity; 1830-; ecclesiastical parish1830-
NA1286Kensington, Middlesex; St Matthias Earl's Court; 1871-1954; ecclesiastical parish1871-1954
16Temple; Frederick (1821-1902); Archbishop of Canterbury1821-1902
137Diocese of London
NA1334Paddington, Middlesex; St Mary Magdalene; 1864-; ecclesiastical parish1864-
208Roman Catholic Church
847Durnford; Richard (1802-1895); Bishop of Chichester1802-1895
NA1864Diocese of Southwell; Cathedral and Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary
NA1563Trench; Richard Chenevix (1807-1886); Archbishop of Dublin1807-1886
NA1865Trench; William Robert (1838-1913); Hon. Canon of Carlisle1838-1913
NA1358Ryle; John Charles (1816-1900); Bishop of Liverpool1816-1900
NA1420Notting Hill, Middlesex; All Saints; 1861-1951; ecclesiastical parish1861-1951
NA1493Teddington, Middlesex; St. Mary; ancient parish
901Tristram; Thomas Hutchinson (1825-1912); ecclesiastical lawyer1825-1912
NA1867City of London; All Hallows the Less; -1670; ancient parish-1670
NA1669St Dunstan in the West, Middlesex; ancient parish
NA1310St Luke Old Street, Middlesex; 1733-1952; ecclesiastical parish1733-1952
NA1868Troutbeck; John (fl. 1870s-1880s); Canon of Westminsterfl. 1870s-1880s
NA1869Trower; Walter John (1804-1877); Bishop of Gibraltar1804-1877
17Benson; Edward White (1829-1896); Archbishop of Canterbury1829-1896
226Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts; 1701-19651701-1965
NA1870Tucker; Henry William (1830-1902); Secretary of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel1830-1902
NA1425West Brompton, Middlesex; St Mary Boltons; 1850-1973; ecclesiastical parish1850-1973
NA1871Phillpotts; Henry (1778-1869); Bishop of Exeter1778-1869
20Sumner; John Bird (1780-1862); Archbishop of Canterbury1780-1862
1026Turner; Charles Henry (1842-1923); Suffragan Bishop of Islington1842-1923
1134Fitzroy Square, Middlesex; St John the Evangelist; 1868-1904; ecclesiastical parish1868-1904
NA1315Vaughan; Charles John (1816-1897); Dean of Llandaff1816-1897
1128City of London; St Lawrence Jewry; -1670; ancient parish-1670
NA1554Paddington, Middlesex; St Saviour; 1856-; ecclesiastical parish1856-
1078Twiss; Sir; Travers (1809-1897); Knight; ecclesiastical lawyer; historian1809-1897
NA1273Gregory; Robert (1819-1911); Dean of St Paul's1819-1911
825Claughton; Thomas Legh (1808-1892); Bishop of St Albans1808-1892
NA1873Utterton; Frank Ernest (-1908); Archdeacon of Surrey-1908
NA1874Diocese of Winchester
NA1875Spooner; Henry Maxwell (c.1847-1929); Archdeacon of Maidstonec.1847-1929
NA1876Burmarsh, Kent; ancient parish
NA1877Elsing, Norfolk; ancient parish
NA1878Temple Church
NA1555Veitch; William Douglas (?1802-1884); Chaplain to the Bishop in Jerusalem?1802-1884
1114Venables; Edmund (1819-1895); Canon of Lincoln; Antiquary1819-1895
1095Church of Ireland
NA1395Diocese of Lincoln; Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary
NA1879Blunt; John Henry (1823-1884); Rector of Beverstone; Ecclesiastical Historian1823-1884
NA1880First Ecumenical Council of the Vatican; 1869-18701869-1870
NA1252Diocese of Lincoln
NA1881City of London; St Mary le Bow; -1670; ancient parish-1670
NA1883Venn; Henry (1838-1923); Hon. Canon of Canterbury1838-1923
NA1332Beckles; Edward Hyndman (1816-1902); Bishop of Sierra Leone1816-1902
NA1884Royal Commission on Ritual; 1867-18701867-1870
872Villiers; Henry Montagu (fl. 1838-1901); clergymanfl. 1838-1901
993Parry; Edward (1830-1890); Suffragan Bishop of Dover1830-1890
80Magee; William Connor (1821-1891); Archbishop of York1821-1891
NA1885Spence; Henry Donald Maurice (1836-1917); Dean of Gloucester1836-1917
NA1281Wade; Nugent (1809-1893); Canon of Bristol1809-1893
871Atlay; James (1817-1894); Bishop of Hereford1817-1894
18Tait; Archibald Campbell (1811-1882); Archbishop of Canterbury1811-1882
94Browne; Edward Harold (1811-1891); Bishop of Winchester1811-1891
NA1886Bullock; William Thomas (1818-1879); theological writer; Secretary of S.P.G.1818-1879
869Woodford; James Russell (1820-1885); Bishop of Ely1820-1885
NA1316Walrond; Maine Sweete Alexander (?1835-); clergyman?1835-
NA1888Metropolitan Visiting and Relief Association
995Cotterill; Henry (1812-1886); Bishop of Edinburgh1812-1886
NA1432Lee; Harry Wilmot (fl.1860s-1895); Registrar of the Diocese of Londonfl.1860s-1895
NA1889Jones; William West (1838-1908); Archbishop of Capetown1838-1908
881Bradley; Robert Henry Augustus (fl.1870s); Vicar of St Peter, Regent Square, Middlesexfl.1870s
1085Fraser; James (1818-1885); Bishop of Manchester1818-1885
NA1890Ramsay; Edward Bannerman (1793-1872); Dean of Edinburgh1793-1872
900Biber; George Edward (1801-1874); clergyman and writer1801-1874
1195Ellison; Henry John (1813-1899); Hon. Canon of Canterbury; Temperance Campaigner1813-1899
NA1231Webber; William Thomas Thornhill (-1903); Bishop of Brisbane-1903
NA1807Holborn, Middlesex; St John the Evangelist; 1867-1952; ecclesiastical parish1867-1952
586Webb; Benjamin (1819-1885); Prebendary of St Paul's; ecclesiologist1819-1885
NA1850Trebeck; James John (fl. 1876); Rector of Christ Church Southwell, Nottinghamshirefl. 1876
NA1793St Botolph without Aldgate, Middlesex; -1893; ancient parish-1893
NA1535Highgate, Middlesex; St Michael; 1834-; ecclesiastical parish1834-
GB/109/21129Bradford; William (1590-1657); goverYesr of Plymouth colony1590-1657
DS/UK/3977Cook; Frederick Charles (1804-1889); clergyman and biblical scholar1804-1889
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