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TitleSurnames MacCann - Mason
Descriptionff.1-14 Letters on a request for preferment, including on the status of independent chapels with the Scottish Episcopal Church; 1877-1884. Correspondents include the Dean of Glasgow, the Bishop of Glasgow & Galloway, and the Rev. A.B.O. Wilberforce. Includes "Champion of the Faith against Current Infidelity", 1882.
ff.15-20 Letters from the Rev. J.B. McCaul on the union of benefices in the City of London; 1872.
ff.21-22 Letter from the Bishop of Argyll & the Isles on preferment for his son and on Archbishop Tait; 1869.
ff.23-24 Letter on J.J.I. von Döllinger, 1869.
ff.25-38 Letters on the resignation of a curacy; 1882.
ff.39-46 Letters on a proprietary chapel and on the preparation of candidates for confirmation at Holy Trinity, Kilburn; 1870.
ff.47-95 Letters on clergymen requesting a licence, including from J.B. Lee and the Bishops of Edinburgh, Moray Ross & Caithness and Labuan & Sarawak; 1872-1883.
ff.96-109 Letters on the ordination of a former Presbyterian minister; 1872-1873. Including from the Rev. H.J. Ellison and Canon Duckworth.
ff.110-116 Letters on curates of St Bartholomew, Bethnal Green; 1879-1883.
ff.117-118 Letter from the Rev. C.C. Mackarness on personal matters; 1881.
ff.119-120 Letter from the Bishop of Argyll & the Isles on clergy in his diocese, 1877.
ff.121-123 Letters from the Bishop of Oxford on clergy in his diocese; 1878-1884.
ff.124-129 Letter from the Suffragan Bishop of Nottingham on a resolution of the Lower House of the Convocation of the Province of Canterbury on the restoration of suffragan bishops; 1870.
ff.130-131 Letter dimissory from the Bishop of Sodor & Man; 1885.
ff.132-153 Correspondence on the ordination of a former minister of the Church of Scotland; 1877. Including from the Bishop of Glasgow & Galloway.
ff.154-178 Correspondence with and on the Rev. A.H. Mackonochie: a memorial to the Upper House of the Convocation of Canterbury on the authority of Bishops or the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in matters spiritual, 1871; on his practice of admission to Holy Communion at St Alban, Holborn, 1872; use of ritualist practices, particularly confessionals and crucifixes, at St Alban Holborn, 1874, and at St Peter London Docks, 1883; on his resignation of St Alban, Holborn, Middlesex, and on his future residence, 1882, 1884. Correspondents include the Rev. A.W. Edwards and the Rev. H. Evans.
ff.179-209 Letters from the Rev. W.D. Maclagan on mission work at, and financial matters, fabric and schools of St Andrew Enfield, 1869, 1871; on the Society [of the Holy Cross], 1877; letter of testimonial, 1877.
ff.210-211 Letter on St Augustine's College Canterbury; 1881.
ff.212-232 Letters from the Rev. J. MacNaught, the Rev. F.H. Fisher, the Archdeacon of Westminster and others on confession during missions; 1884. Also covers sisterhoods.
ff.233-248 Correspondence on the resignation of a curacy, 1883-1885.
ff.249-255 Letters on a clergyman; 1872. Including from the Bishops of Kilmore and St Andrews, Dunkeld & Dunblane, and J.B. Lee.
ff.256-259 Letters from the Bishop of Peterborough on clergy in his diocese; 1877-1882.
ff.260-263 Letter on a chapel in John Street, Holborn; 1873.
ff.263-272 Letters on the position of curates, including at St Philip Stepney; 1881-1882.
ff.273-274 Letter on the chaplain to the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensbury; 1884.
ff.275-281 Letters on the blessing of merchant ships at their launch and on the Tithe Redemption Trust, 1875.
ff.282-288 Letters on the appointment of deacons to canonries; 1874-1875.
ff.289-290 Letter on the death of the Dean of St Pauls; 1871.
ff.291-299 Letters on a clergyman's request for preferment, including from the Rev. W.W. How and the Rev. J.B. Lightfoot; 1884.
ff.300-301 Letter on the extension of accommodation for parochial schools of St Bride and St Bridewell Fleet Street; 1872.
ff.302-307 Letter on eucharistic doctrine, 1875.
ff.308-309 Letter from the Bishop of Lincoln on a clergyman in his diocese, 1872.
ff.310-321 Letters on the licensing of the Rev. T.O. Marshall as a member of the Society of the Holy Cross, 1878, 1883.
ff.322-335 Letters on the interpretation of doctrinces, including a printed sermon on penitentiaries; 1884.
ff.336-341 Correspondence on the presentment of the Rev. A.H. Mackonochie for ritualism by a non-resident ratepayer of the parish; 1873. Correspondents include J.B. Lee.
ff.342-345 Letters on the schools of Emmanuel Hospital, Westminster, and on the financial position of the chaplain; 1883.
ff.346-347 Letter of testimonial for the Rev. H.A. Mason; 1875.
ff.348-355 Letter on the preferment of deacons, including "Have deacons any inherent claim to further preferment…" (London, W. Skeffington & Son); 1881.

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NA1595Scottish Episcopal Church
NA1367Wilson; William Scott (1806-1888); Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway1806-1888
NA1596Oldham; Richard Samuel (1823-1914); Dean of Glasgow1823-1914
NA1597Wilberforce; Albert Basil Orme (1841-1916); Hon. Canon of Winchester1841-1916
NA1598McCaul; Joseph Benjamin (fl.1870s); Rector of St Michael Bassishaw, Londonfl.1870s
1061Ewing; Alexander (1814-1873); Bishop of Argyll and the Isles1814-1873
18Tait; Archibald Campbell (1811-1882); Archbishop of Canterbury1811-1882
NA1599Döllinger; Johann Josef Ignaz (1799-1890); German theologian1799-1890
NA1533Kilburn, Middlesex; Holy Trinity; 1867-1955; ecclesiastical parish1867-1955
995Cotterill; Henry (1812-1886); Bishop of Edinburgh1812-1886
1002Eden; Robert (1804-1886); Primus of the Episcopal Church in Scotland; Bishop of Moray, Ross & Caithness1804-1886
1077Lee; John Benjamin (fl.1860s-1880s); Registrar of the diocese of Londonfl.1860s-1880s
1022McDougall; Francis Thomas (1817-1886); Bishop of Labuan and Sarawak1817-1886
1195Ellison; Henry John (1813-1899); Hon. Canon of Canterbury; Temperance Campaigner1813-1899
1171Duckworth; Robinson (1834-1911); Canon of Westminster1834-1911
NA1600Bethnal Green, Middlesex; St Bartholomew; 1844-; ecclesiastical parish1844-
NA1601Mackarness; Charles Coleridge (1850-1918); Canon of York1850-1918
875Mackarness; John Fielder (1820-1889); Bishop of Oxford1820-1889
943Mackarness; George Richard (1823-1883); Bishop of Argyll and the Isles1823-1883
NA1293Mackenzie; Henry (1808-1878); Suffragan Bishop of Nottingham (1870)1808-1878
NA1602Province of Canterbury; Convocation
1208Hill; Rowley (1836-1887); Bishop of Sodor and Man1836-1887
NA1288Church of Scotland
NA1361Mackonochie; Alexander Heriot (1825-1887); Anglo-Catholic leader1825-1887
205Great Britain and Ireland; Privy Council; Judicial Committee; 1801-19221801-1922
NA1604Edwards; Arthur William (fl.1870s); Dean of Corkfl.1870s
NA1362Holborn, Middlesex; St Alban; 1862-1952; ecclesiastical parish1862-1952
NA1579London Docks, Middlesex; St Peter; 1867-1951; ecclesiastical parish1867-1951
NA1605Evans; Hugh (fl.1870s-1880s); Canon of St Asaphfl.1870s-1880s
79Maclagan; William Dalrymple (1826-1910); Archbishop of York1826-1910
NA1606Enfield, Middlesex; St Andrew; ancient parish
882Society of the Holy Cross; ?1855-?1855-
NA1580St Augustine's College, Canterbury; 1848-1967; missionary college1848-1967
NA1406MacNaught; John (fl.1870s-1880s); Vicar of St Mary North End, Fulham, Middlesex.fl.1870s-1880s
NA1409Fisher; Frederic Horatio (1837-1915); Vicar of Fulham, Middlesex1837-1915
184Wordsworth; Charles (1806-1892); Bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld & Dunblane1806-1892
NA1607Carson; Thomas (fl. 1820-1874); Bishop of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardaghfl. 1820-1874
80Magee; William Connor (1821-1891); Archbishop of York1821-1891
NA1608Stepney, Middlesex; St Philip the Apostle; 1837-1951; ecclesiastical parish1837-1951
NA1609Montagu-Douglas-Scott; William Henry Walter (1831-1914); 6th Duke of Buccleuch and 8th Duke of Queensbury1831-1914
NA1610Tithe Redemption Trust
437Mansel; Henry Longueville (1820-1871); Dean of St Paul's1820-1871
1032Lightfoot; Joseph Barber (1828-1889); Bishop of Durham1828-1889
185Wordsworth; Christopher (1807-1885); Bishop of Lincoln1807-1885
NA1612Marshall; Thomas Outram (fl. 1880-1916); Organising Secretary of the English Church Unionfl. 1880-1916
NA1613Emmanuel Hospital
NA1614Mason; Henry Alfred (1851-1939); Canon of St Paul's1851-1939
863Furse; Charles Wellington (1821-1900); Archdeacon of Westminster1821-1900
GB/109/8331City of London; St Bride; -1906; ancient parish-1906
DS/UK/3998How; William Walsham (1823-1897); Bishop of Wakefield1823-1897
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