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Alt Ref NoFP Jackson 25
TitleSurnames Killger - Limpus
Descriptionff.1-6 Letters on a colonial clergyman officiating in England; 1875-1880. Correspondents include the Bishops of Goulburn and Llandaff.
ff.7-10 Letters on the licensing of a clergyman in colonial orders; 1883.
ff.11-15 Letter of testimonial from the Rev. C.J.P. Eyre; 1878.
ff.16-19 Letters from the Rev. E.H. Fisher and the Bishop of Worcester on a clergyman; 1871.
ff.20-49 Letters on the use of ritualist practices at St Thomas Stamford Hill, and on parochial schools; 1872.
ff.50-56 Correspondence with the Rev. W.F.E. Knollys on offertories at the Chapel Royal, Whitehall; 1875.
ff.57-63 Correspondence on a curate's circumstances; 1874.
ff.64-69 Letters of testimonial from the Rev. R.J. Simpson and the Dean of Llandaff for the Rev. F.F. Lambert; 1877.
ff.70-87 Correspondence on the conduct and character of a fraudulent clergyman (W.W. Lane); 1872-1884. Correspondents include the Bishops of Lichfield and Peterborough, and the Archbishop of York.
ff.88-89 Letter on the resignation of the vicarage of St John Southall; 1879.
ff.90-98 Letters on a lay missioner at Paris; 1884.
ff.99-133 Letters from the Rev. W.H. Langhorne and Lady Laura Palmer on St Augustine Stepney, particularly on workers funded by the Parochial Mission Womens Fund; 1875-1883.
f.134 Letter of testimonial for the Rev. G.E. Laws; 1880.
ff.135-136 Letter of testimonial from the Archbishop of Dublin; 1878.
ff.137-138 Letter from the Bishop of Chichester, recommending the Rev. H. Leach, and on the death of the Archbishop of Canterbury; 1882.
ff.139-154 Letters from and on a clergyman, including from the Rev. J.G. Lonsdale, the Rev. Prof. J.G. Lonsdale, and the Deans of St Paul's and Wells; 1867-1870.
ff.155-164 Letters from the Rev. S. Leathes and the Rev. J.E. Kempe on personal matters and on St Phillip Regent Street; 1876, 1879.
ff.165-168 Letter from the Bishop of Manchester on religious education, ministry to the deaf and dumb, and marriage with a deceased wife's sister; 1870.
ff.169-170 Letter from the Bishop of Ely on a clergyman's resignation of his benefice; [1879].
ff.171-174 Letter of recommendation for the Rev. R. Letts; c.1884.
ff.175-193 Correspondence on St George Campden Hill; 1879-1881.
ff.194-203 Letters on confession and absolution, including from the Bishop of St Asaph; 1876.
ff.204-238 Correspondence on the ordination of colonial ordinands; 1879-1881. Correspondents include the Bishop of Grahamstown.
ff.239-254 Letters from the Suffragan Bishop of Dover and others on Harmondsworth; 1878-1882.
ff.255-289 Correspondence with Canon Liddon: on the health of the Bishop of Oxford, 1869; on a proposed series of sermons, 1869; on the admission of a nonconformist to Holy Communion, 1870; on Matthew Arnold's Literature and dogma, 1873; on the Athanasian creed used by the Church of Ireland, 1875; on the appointment of preachers at St Paul's, 1878. Other correspondents include the Rev. W. Lee, the Earl of Harrowby, and the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol.
ff.290-320 Correspondence on personal matters and on the parish of St Mary Twickenham; 1877-1882. Correspondents include the Archdeacon of Middlesex (who also writes on famine in India) the Rev. H. Pearson, and the Rev. W.G. Tozer.

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1040Thomas; Mesac (1816-1892); Bishop of Goulburn1816-1892
994Ollivant; Alfred (1798-1882); Bishop of Llandaff1798-1882
1205Eyre; Charles James Phipps (fl.1870s); Rector of St Marylebone, Middlesexfl.1870s
1187Knollys; William Frederick Erskine (fl. 1816-1889); Hon. Canon of Canterbury; Rector of Wrotham, Kentfl. 1816-1889
NA1218Fisher; Edmund Henry (?1834-1879); Archdeacon of Southwark?1834-1879
NA1557Chapel Royal; Whitehall Palace
NA1385Simpson; Robert James (fl.1870s); Vicar of St Clement Danes, Westminster.fl.1870s
NA1558Lambert; Frederick Fox (fl.1870s); Hon. Canon of St Alban'sfl.1870s
NA1315Vaughan; Charles John (1816-1897); Dean of Llandaff1816-1897
919Selwyn; George Augustus (1809-1878); Bishop of Lichfield1809-1878
81Thomson; William (1819-1890); Archbishop of York1819-1890
80Magee; William Connor (1821-1891); Archbishop of York1821-1891
NA1457Southall Green, Middlesex; St John; 1850-; ecclesiastical parish1850-
NA1559Langhorne; William Henry (fl.1870s-1880s); Rector of Over Worton w. Nether Worton, Oxfordshirefl.1870s-1880s
948Stepney, Middlesex; St Augustine; 1880-1951; ecclesiastical parish1880-1951
NA1560Parochial Mission Women's Fund
NA1561Palmer; Lady; Laura (-1885); Wife of 1st Earl of Selborne; née Waldegrave-1885
NA1562Laws; George Edward (fl.1870s); Hon. Canon of Bristolfl.1870s
NA1563Trench; Richard Chenevix (1807-1886); Archbishop of Dublin1807-1886
847Durnford; Richard (1802-1895); Bishop of Chichester1802-1895
NA1564Leach; Henry (fl.1880s); Hon. Canon of Gloucesterfl.1880s
18Tait; Archibald Campbell (1811-1882); Archbishop of Canterbury1811-1882
917Lonsdale; John Gylby (1818-1907); Canon of Lichfield1818-1907
NA1565Lonsdale; James Gylby (?1816-); Professor of Classical Literature, King's College London.?1816-
437Mansel; Henry Longueville (1820-1871); Dean of St Paul's1820-1871
NA1566Plumptre; Edward Hayes (1821-1891); Dean of Wells1821-1891
NA1567Leathes; Stanley (fl. 1867-1889); Prebendary of St Paul'sfl. 1867-1889
1185Kempe; John Edward (1810-1907); Prebendary of St Paul's; Royal Chaplain1810-1907
NA1568Regent Street, Middlesex; St Thomas; 1870-1953; ecclesiastical parish1870-1953
1058Lee; James Prince (1804-1869); Bishop of Manchester1804-1869
869Woodford; James Russell (1820-1885); Bishop of Ely1820-1885
NA1569Letts; Reginald (fl.1880s); Hon. Canon of Elyfl.1880s
NA1416Campden Hill, Middlesex; St George; 1865-; ecclesiastical parish1865-
NA1350Hughes; Joshua (1807-1889); Bishop of St. Asaph1807-1889
1042Merriman; Nathaniel James (1810-1882); Bishop of Grahamstown1810-1882
993Parry; Edward (1830-1890); Suffragan Bishop of Dover1830-1890
NA1570Harmondsworth, Middlesex; ancient parish
972Liddon; Henry Parry (1829-1890); Canon of St Paul's1829-1890
95Wilberforce; Samuel (1805-1873); Bishop of Winchester1805-1873
971Diocese of London; Cathedral Church of St. Paul
NA1573Arnold; Matthew (1822-1888); poet and critic1822-1888
1095Church of Ireland
NA1574Lee; William (fl. 1861-1874); Archdeacon of Dublinfl. 1861-1874
NA1576Ryder; Lord; Dudley (1798-1882); 2nd Earl of Harrowby; Statesman1798-1882
990Ellicott; Charles John (1819-1905); Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol1819-1905
NA1494Twickenham, Middlesex; St Mary the Virgin; ancient parish
895Hessey; James Augustus (1814-1892); Archdeacon of Middlesex1814-1892
1003Tozer; William George (c.1829-1899); Bishop of Hondurasc.1829-1899
NA1577Pearson; Hugh (1817-1882); Canon of Windsor1817-1882
1187aPhilpott; Henry (1807-1892); Bishop of Worcester1807-1892
GB/109/10589Stamford Hill, Middlesex; St Thomas; 1828-; ecclesiastical parish1828-
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