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TitleSurnames Galloway - Gregory
Descriptionff.1-6 Letters on the conversion of a clergyman to and from the Roman Catholic Church; 1870.
f.7 Letter on preaching at a non-anglican institution; 1879.
ff.8-12 Letters on the conduct of services at St Stephen Kensington, Middlesex; 1878.
ff.13-22 Correspondence on the licensing of a clergyman, including from the Bishop of Rochester; 1881. Including criticism of the ritualist practice of confession.
ff.23-43 Correspondence on the ordination of the Rev. J.C. Geikie as a former minister of the Congregational Church, and on the resignation of his incumbency; 1875-1882.
ff.44-45 Letter on the validity of Hindu marriage in England; 1882.
ff.46-56 Letters from the Rev. M. Gibbs on the union of benefices in the City of London and on fees for diocesan officials; 1870-1873.
ff.57-106 Letters on parochial matters of St John Fitzroy Square, St Pancras, Middlesex; 1869-1870. Including letters from Viscount Sandon and Lord Lichfield.
ff.107-108 Letter from the Rev. E.H. Gifford on his appointment as examining chaplain; 1869.
ff.109-112 Letter from the Dean of St Paul's on services at the cathedral; 1869.
ff.113-116 Letters from Canon Cook and the Rev. F. Morse on the Rev. E.H. Gifford; 1869.
ff.117-124 Letters from the Rev. E.H. Gifford on the memorial fund for the late Bishop Jeun; 1870.
ff.125-131 Letters on the licensing of a clergyman, including from the Archbishop of Canterbury; 1880.
ff.132-137 Letters on the granting of a licence to preach to a former curate, now a member of the Salvation Army; 1882.
ff.138-142 Correspondence with W.E. Gladstone on a nomination in the Diocese of Lincoln, and on Bishop Jackson's declining membership of the Royal Commission on the Ecclesiastical Courts; 1869, 1881.
ff.143-150 Letters on an exchange of benefices, and on parochial matters of Christ Church Dover, Kent; 1869.
ff.151-153 Letter on parochial matters of St Luke West Holloway, Islington, Middlesex; 1879.
ff.154-157 Letter from Mrs Tait requesting preferment for a clergyman; 1869.
ff.158-159 Letter on parochial matters of St Paul Walworth, Newington, Surrey; 1873.
ff.160-169 Letters from the Rev. M. Gonin and Archbishop Tait on Gonin's nomination to the French Episcopal Church in London; 1869 (partly French).
ff.170-191 Letters from the Rev. C.R. Gordon and others on his conduct and on a juvenile association at the Proprietary School, Notting Hill; 1868-1871. Correspondents include Archbishop Tait, the Rev. J.E. Kempe, and J.B. Lee.
ff.192-207 Letters requesting preferment and of testimonial; 1870-1880.
ff.208-234 Correspondence on the conversion of the Rev. J.F.J. Grandjean from the Roman Catholic Church; 1874-1876 (partly French). Correspondents include the Bishop of Winchester.
ff.235-240 Correspondence on clergymen preaching in Methodist chapels; 1879-1880.
ff.241-242 Letter of recommendation from Canon Burrows for the Rev. C.F. Grant; c.1882.
f.243 Letter of recommendation from the Bishop of Barbados; 1878.
ff.244-251 Letters on the conversion of a priest from the Roman Catholic Church, including from the Rev. F. Meyrick; 1869. Including paper on the pastoral care of converts to Anglicanism (printed).
ff.252-257 Letters on leave of absence; 1880.
ff.258-265 Correspondence on a layman's request for a licence to deliver a lecture on a secular subject in a church; 1875.
ff.266-269 Letter from the Bishop of Capetown on the Province of Capetown, the foundation of the Diocese of Zululand, the deposition of Bishop Colenso by the Bishop of Capetown, and on the appointment of the Bishop of Madagascar; 1869. Includes criticism of the Archbishop of Canterbury.
ff.270-277 Letters from and on a fraudulent clergyman, including from the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol; 1876-1878.
ff.278-284 Letters on a proposed exchange of benefices, including from the Bishop of Bath & Wells; 1876-1877.
ff.285-287 Letter from the Bishop of Manchester on clergymen, include the Rev. R.H. Godwin; 1883.
ff.288-291 Letters on preferment for a clergyman, including a letter of recommendation from Archdeacon Kaye; 1884.
ff.292-295 Letter on missionary work by clergy outside their parish; 1870.
ff.296-297, 300-301 Letters from Dean Gregory on the endowment of churches, including St Mary Lambeth, Surrey, and Tottenham, Middlesex; 1869-1884.
ff.298-299, 304-305 Letters from Dean Gregory on his duties as a residentiary canon and criticising Sunday evening sermons; 1869, 1884.
ff.302-303 Letter from Sir G. Pringle on the endowment and patronage of Edmonton, Middlesex; 1881, 1884.

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Related name records
208Roman Catholic Church
NA1240South Kensington, Middlesex; St Stephen; 1868-; ecclesiastical parish1868-
93Thorold; Anthony Wilson (1825-1895); Bishop of Winchester1825-1895
NA1241Geikie; John Cunningham (1824-1906); Anglican Clergyman; Biblical Scholar; Historian1824-1906
NA1242Congregational Union of England and Wales
NA1244Gibbs; Michael (1812-1882); Prebendary and Treasurer of St Paul's1812-1882
137Diocese of London
1134Fitzroy Square, Middlesex; St John the Evangelist; 1868-1904; ecclesiastical parish1868-1904
NA1246Ryder; Lord; Dudley Francis Stuart (1831-1900); 3rd Earl of Harrowby1831-1900
NA1247Anson; Lord; Thomas George (1825-1892); 2nd Earl of Lichfield1825-1892
NA1248Gifford; Edwin Hamilton (1820-1905); Archdeacon of London; Biblical Scholar1820-1905
437Mansel; Henry Longueville (1820-1871); Dean of St Paul's1820-1871
971Diocese of London; Cathedral Church of St. Paul
NA1249Morse; Francis (?1820-1886); Prebendary of Lincoln?1820-1886
NA1250Jeune; Francis (1806-1868); Bishop of Peterborough1806-1868
18Tait; Archibald Campbell (1811-1882); Archbishop of Canterbury1811-1882
NA1251Salvation Army; 1865-1865-
353Gladstone; William Ewart (1809-1898); statesman1809-1898
NA1252Diocese of Lincoln
NA1254Royal Commission on Ecclesiastical Courts; 1881-18831881-1883
NA1255Dover, Kent; Christ Church; parish
NA1256West Holloway, Middlesex; St Luke; 1861-; ecclesiastical parish1861-
NA1257Tait; Catharine (-1878); née Spooner; wife of Archbishop Tait-1878
NA1258Newington, Surrey; St Paul Walworth; parish
NA1259French Episcopal Church
NA1260Gonin; M. (fl.1870s); Minister of the French Episcopal Churchfl.1870s
NA1261Gordon; Cosmo Reid (fl.1860s-1870s); Rector of Chetwynd, Shropshirefl.1860s-1870s
1077Lee; John Benjamin (fl.1860s-1880s); Registrar of the diocese of Londonfl.1860s-1880s
1185Kempe; John Edward (1810-1907); Prebendary of St Paul's; Royal Chaplain1810-1907
NA1262Grandjean; John Francis Joseph (fl.1870s); Curate of Frating w. Thorington, Essexfl.1870s
94Browne; Edward Harold (1811-1891); Bishop of Winchester1811-1891
NA1264Grant; Cyril Fletcher (?1845-); Hon. Canon of Rochester?1845-
NA1265Diocese of Rochester; Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary
NA1266Burrows; Henry William (?1816-); Canon of Rochester?1816-
1073Mitchinson; John (1833-1918); Bishop of Barbados & the Windward Islands1833-1918
NA1267Meyrick; Frederick (1827-1906); Secretary of the Anglo Continental Society1827-1906
1044Gray; Robert (1809-1872); Metropolitan and Bishop of Capetown1809-1872
NA1270Church of England; Province of Capetown: Diocese of Zululand; 1870-1870-
NA1269Church of England; Province of Capetown
992Colenso; John William (1814-1883); Bishop of Natal1814-1883
NA1271Cornish; Robert Kestell Kestell- (1824-1909); bishop of Madagascar1824-1909
990Ellicott; Charles John (1819-1905); Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol1819-1905
888Hervey; Lord; Arthur Charles (1808-1894); Bishop of Bath and Wells1808-1894
1085Fraser; James (1818-1885); Bishop of Manchester1818-1885
NA1272Godwin; Robert Herbert (?1848-); Dean of Umtata?1848-
950Kaye; William Frederick John (fl. 1876-1913); Archdeacon of Lincolnfl. 1876-1913
NA1273Gregory; Robert (1819-1911); Dean of St Paul's1819-1911
NA1274Lambeth, Surrey; St Mary; -1951; ancient parish-1951
NA1275Tottenham, Middlesex; All Hallows; ancient parish
NA1276Edmonton, Middlesex; All Saints; ancient parish
NA1277Pringle; Sir; George (1825-1911); Knight; Secretary to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners1825-1911
DS/UK/3977Cook; Frederick Charles (1804-1889); clergyman and biblical scholar1804-1889
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