RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoFP Creighton 1-3
Extent3 volumes
TitleVisitation Returns
DescriptionReturns to the Bishop Creighton's visitation articles.
ArrangementArranged in alphabetical order according to rural deaneries within the two archdeaconries.
FindingAidsThe returns are indexed in `Index of London Diocesan returns'.
1. Has any clergyman not holding my permission, officiated in your church for more than two consecutive Sundays during the past year?
2. Do you (or your assistant clergy, if any) catechize in church, and teach in days schools. How often and in what subjects?
Do you give any instruction to the pupil teachers?
3. What are your relations with the Board schools (if any) in your parish? What estimate do you form of the value of their religious teaching?
4. What is your average congregation of adults on Sundays?
a Morning
b Evening
5. What is the average number of communicants at each hour at which there is holy communion?
6. Do you ever omit parts of the order for holy communion? If so, please say which, and when.
7. What manuals of devotion are you in the habit of giving or recommending to your confirmation candidates, to your young communicants, and to members of your congregation generally?
8. How often have you had occasion to celebrate the holy communion privately for the sick during the past year?
9. What parochial organisations, societies or guilds are there in connection with your church?
10a Do you give notice of holy days, and how do you observe them in your church?
b. Do you say the creed of St. Athanasius on the days appointed?
11. Is there any kind of church council in your parish? If so, how is it constituted and what are its powers?
12. Have any alterations been made in your church or chancel, either in the fabric or ornaments, since the last visitation? If so, by what authority? Specify what they are.
13a What are the fees for marriage?
b. Have you a fair proportion of marriages in your church?
c. Are you aware of any irregularities as to the residence of parties applying to be married in your church?
14. Have you anything to tell me which may be useful for my information, or for the help of others, as to your own relations with-
1. Ministers and members of other Christian bodies in your parish.
2. Labour organisations or movements of social and economical reform.
3. The local administration of the laws on sanitation, housing, workshops etc?
15a What are the chief difficulties in the way of your ministry?
b. What account can you give of the general moral condition of the parish?
16. Is there any other matter which you think it well to put before me?
CustodialHistoryFormerly FP 504-6
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