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TitleCorrespondence and papers
DescriptionCorrespondence and papers referring to the following parishes:
Berechurch and Layer de la Haye, Essex: withholding of the stipend of Thomas Parker, perpetual curate, 1695, 1702 (ff.40-4).
Billericay, Essex: licensing of the minister and consecration of the chapel, 1691 (ff.32-4).
Brentwood, Essex: status of, and services at the chapel, 1708 (ff.76-7).
Bromley St. Leonard, Middx.: jurisdiction of the bishop of London, 1704 (ff.67-8).
Chelmsford, Essex: grammar school, 1680-1708, including account of receipts and expenditure, 1658-78, compiled in 1680, and appointment of the master and a governor, 1691 (ff.126-63).
Chigwell, Essex: tithes dispute, 1679 (ff.5-8).
Colchester, Essex: maintenance of the parish clerk, 1687 (ff.29-31);
rebuilding of St. Runwald's steeple, 1692 (ff.35-7);
grammar school, c.1700 (ff.56-62).
Feltham, Essex: augmentation of the living, 1700 (ff.63-4).
Greensted, Essex: liability of the earl of Kent to pay tithes on his woods, 1709 (ff.78-82).
Hadleigh, Essex: exemption from episcopal visitation, 1697 (ff.48-9).
Halstead, Essex: account of the endowment of the grammar school, c.1680 (ff.9-10).
Ilford, Essex: the bishop's right to visit St. Mary's hospital, c.1681 (ff.12-18).
Leigh and Prittlewell, Essex: value of the livings, 1696 (ff.45-6).
Leighs, Great, Essex: disputed advowson, c.1704 (ff.69-70).
London: will of Jonathan Carver, citizen and clothworker, with bequests to Essex and London clergy, and to Christ's Hospital, 1699 (copy 1702) (ff.65-6);
maintenance of readers at Gresham College, c.1700 (ff.164-5).
Low Leighton, Essex: Robert Ozeler's bequest to the school, 1698 (f.51).
Mersea, East and West, Essex: `irregularities to be reformed in the isle of Mersey', including reference to Anabaptists and other sectaries, c.1680 (f.11).
Mistley and Manningtree, Essex: episcopal award governing the upkeep of the church and the stipends of the curates, 1709 (f.83).
Newport, Essex: endowment of the free school, 1698 (f.50).
North Weald Bassett, Essex: account of the endowment of the school, [1678] (ff.3-4).
Norton Mandeville, Essex: lack of preaching minister and dispute over the curate's stipend, c.1680 (ff.19-22).
Orsett, Essex: title to the advowson and composition of tithes on Crondon Park, 1670s-97 (ff.94-105).
Stanstead St Margaret, Herts.: status as a donative, 1712 (ff.91-3).
Stanwell, Middx.: conditional bequest of a moiety of tithes to the incumbent, c.1676 (ff.1-2).
Steeple w. Stansgate, Essex: augmentation of the living, 1709 (ff.86-7).
Takeley, Essex: augmentation of the living, 1684 (ff.23-6).
Waltham Abbey, Essex: apologies of Joseph Darby, curate, for his absence from the episcopal visitation, 1695 (ff.38-9).
Waltham, Great, Essex: endowment of Black chapel, 1708-9 (ff.71-4, 84-5).
Walthamstow, Essex: bequests by Henry Maynard and Sir George Monox to the school and chapel, and status of the latter, 1690, 1710 (ff.27-8, 88).
Wendens Ambo, Essex: charity for the poor, 1711 (ff.89-90).
Whitechapel, Middx.: appointment of the vicar, 1697 (f.47).
Account of parochial charities in Essex, 1699 (ff.52-5).
165 ff.
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