RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
TitleVOLUME XXIV: Ordination Papers
1747 1-13 Purdie, George: ordination opposed by Reverend Patrick Henry.
1748 14-15 Spencer, Alexander (Archibald?). Ordination opposed by William Robinson, with charge of Deism. Identified as a physician who has travelled in several colonies, practiced medicine for three years in Williamsburgh, and sought unsuccessfully to obtain professorship of mathematical philosophy at William and Mary. First name is written 'Alex.' but there is some reason for identifying this Spencer tentatively with the Archibald Spencer who signed a missionary bond (xxxiv. 126-7; cf. also iii. 193-4, xiii- 45-46).
1749 16-19 Cruden, Alexander: t., asst., St. Anne's, Albermarle Co., June 1 1749.
1750 20-23 Davis, Peter: ed., Oxford.
24-25 Foulis, James: t., asst., Norfolk, Aug. 30, 1750.
26-29 McLaurine, Robert.
30-31 Menzies, Adam.
1751 32-39 Nivison [Nevison], John: ed., Glasgow College; t., asst., St. Anne's, Albermarle Co., Apr. 24, 1751.
40-41 Ramsay, John.
42-43 Selden, Miles: ed., William and Mary: t., St. Anne's, Albermarle Co., Aug. 21, 1751.
1752 44 Smith, Thomas.
1753 45-46 Pasteur, James.
1754 47-48 Craig, James: t., asst., Copley, Westmorland Co., Sept. 5, 1754.
49-56 Davis, Thomas: t., asst. to brother, William Davis, May 15, 1754
57-60 Garden, James: ed., Marischal College, Aberdeen.
1755 61-65 Davenport, Joseph.
66-70 Marye, James, Junior: b., Sept. 8, 1731; ed., William and Mary.
1756 71-76 Hooe, Rice: ed., William and Mary.
1757 77-82 Reade, Robert: b., Apr. 4, 1734.
1759 83-89 Rhonnald, Alexander.
1761 90-96 Dick, Archibald: t., asst., St. Margaret's, Caroline Co., Aug. 29, 1761.
97-98 Horrocks, James.
99-106 West, William: b., Truro, Aug. 17, 1737; ed., William and Mary.
1762 107-8 Allinson, --- .
109-19 Boucher, Jonathan: b., Blencogo, Bromfield, Cumberland Co., Mar. 8, 1737; t., Hanover, Oct. 26, 1761.
120-7 Buckham, William: t., asst., Portsmouth, Aug. 21, 1762.
128-37 Collinson, Richard: b., Lowther, Nov. 12, 1737; t., asst. to Robert Dickson, Aug. 30, 1762.
138-51 Gordon, Alexander: ordination opposed by anonymous correspondent on basis of charges partly confirmed by official report from Wigtown Presbytery, Sc.
152-6 Jarratt, Devereux: t., Cumberland, May 20, 1762; testimonial from David Mossom, St. Peter's, Northwest Co., June 18, 1762, gives some biographical information about both Mossom and Jarratt.
157-70 Watson, Leonard: b., North Ferriby, England, Feb. 23, 1726.
1763 171-83 Fontaine, James Maury: b., July 9, 1738; t., Petsworth. Some of the documents reflect controversy of Commissary William Robinson with Governor Francis Fauquier and some vestries arising from Robinson's insistence that candidates for ordination produce all the canonical documents. A special issue was made of the si quis.
184-6 Jameson, Walter: t., asst., North Farnham, Nov. 9, 1763.
187-9 Skyring, Henry.
1764 190-7 Gurley, George: t., St. Luke's, Southampton Co., Nov. 12, 1763.
198-206 Lendrum, Thomas: t., Hanover, July 6, 1764.
207-18 Matthews, John: b., Ware, Dec. 13, 1739; ed., William and Mary.
219-25 Renney, Robert: ed., Glasgow College and Univ. of Aberdeen; t., Overwharton, Mar. 12, 1764.
226-33 Wishart, John.
CustodialHistoryAlso cited as FP 24
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 763

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