RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoF. Temple 61
Extent169 ff
TitleLetters and papers on the Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox churches
DescriptionBundle labelled "Miscellaneous communication with Orientals":
1 (ff.1-2) Letter from Benson to Nicephorus, Archbishop of Patras, concerning a photograph, and commenting on the visit of Sophronios, Archbishop of Cyprus, to England. nd (but c.19th Aug 1889). Greek.
2 (ff.3-6) Note from Mar Gregorius (Mathan of Primitive Syrians) c.July 10th 1888, with letter summarising it from Dean Payne-Smith. Arabic.
3 (ff.7-8) Letter from Patriarch Joachim to the synod of Caryes/Garyes concerning Theodore T. Tsouton (?) and Edward Littleton Bogar (?). Aug 1885. Greek.
4 (f.9) Letter. Arabic.
5 (ff.10-12) Letters from Ignatius Peter, Syrian Patriarch of Antioch, answering a letter of Benson and concerning a printing press; with translation. 19th Feb 1890. Arabic.
6 (ff.13-15) Letter from Nicephorus, Archbishop of Patras, to Benson, requesting a replacement of a photograph which has been destroyed/lost on the journey. 26th Feb 1889. Greek.
7 (ff.16-18) Letter from Sophronius, Archbishop of Cyprus, to Benson, concerning Bishop Blyth. Nov.1887. Greek.
8 (ff.19-21) Letter from Sophronius, Archbishop of Cyprus, to Benson, thanking him for his hospitality. Aug 19th 1889.
9 (ff.22-23) Letter to Benson from Patmos (monastery) concerning their entertaining of Robinson, Thomas and Alexander. Mar 31st 1887. Greek.
10 (ff.24-25) Letter from Nicanor, Bishop of Archangel & Holmagor, to Benson, concerning the visit of the Rev. W.R. Pascoe. Sep 24th 1894. Russian (with English translation).
11 (ff.26-28) Draft letter from Benson to the Dalai Lama, recommending the Rev. Henry Lansdell [travelling in order to research natural history and anthropology]. Jan c.1889
12 (ff.29-32) Letter from Meletius, Bishop of Yakoutsa & Viluysk, to Benson, concerning a leper colony founded by Miss Marsden. Mar 11th 1893. Russian (with English translation).
13 (ff.33-40) Two letters from the Russian Metropolitan of Kieff, marked Private, but concerning unity. With letter from Lord Addington, whose nephews translated the letters for the Archbishop. Nov 1888. Russian.
14 (ff.41-42) Letter from Gerasimus, Patriarch of Antioch, to Benson. May 20th 1887. Greek.
15 (ff.43-44) Letter of thanks from Nicodemus, late Patriarch of Jerusalem, to Benson. Nov 20th 1890. Greek.
16 (ff.45-50) Letter from Nicodemus, Patriarch of Jerusalem, to Benson, acknowledging the announcement of Bishop Blyth's consecration. Jun 29th 1887. Greek (with printed English translation).
17 (ff.51-53) Letter from Sophronius, Patriarch of Alexandria, replying to two letters of Benson (of 17th Feb and 25th Mar) which concerned a consecration and the purpose of the mission to Anatolia (East), and expressing desire for the union of the Church of England and Eastern Orthodox. Jun 1887. Greek.
18 (ff.54-56) Letter from Nicodemus, Patriarch of Jerusalem, to Benson. 1st Jun 1888. Greek.
19 (ff.57-58) Letter from Nicephoros, Patriarch of Patras, to Benson, thanking the Archbishop for his letter and his help and expressing a desire for the unification of the Church of England and Eastern Orthodox. Also refers to 150 bishops going to London [Lambeth Conference]. 16th Jun 1888. Greek.
20 (ff.59-65) Three letters from the Catholicos of Sis. Apr - Jul 1890. ?Armenian. [envelope annotated in contemporary hand "Translations by Mr Ellis are filed" - these have not been identified]
21 (ff.66-78) Petition from the English church at Aintab for money to complete the church building. Jan 5th 1890. Vernacular Turkish in Armenian characters (with English translation and covering letter by Mr Hagopian).
22 - transferred to Assyrian Mission papers (letter from clergy & laity of the church at Malabaa, asking for help - Apr 17th 1895).
23 (ff.79-80) Photograph of Sophronios. nd.

Bundle labelled "Various - found in box of Archbishop Temple's time":
1 - transferred to Assyrian Mission papers (letter of Nov 20th 1901 from Assyrians to Archbishop Temple)
2 (ff.81-82) Translation of German letter to Archbishop Temple protesting against the Boer War. Nov 8th 1901.
3 (ff.83-86) Letter from Patriarch Joachim of Constantinople to Archbishop Temple concerning the Rev. Theodore Dowling. 1st Oct 1901. Greek (with English translation)
4 (ff.87-90) Letter from Patriarch Joachim of Constantinople to Archbishop Temple concerning the Rev. Mark Richard Swaby (?). 1st Oct 1901. Greek (with English translation)
5 (ff.91-98) "The Union of the Churches" (printed). Feb 16th 1903 (vol. 1 no.4). Greek and English. Annotated.
6 (ff.99-114) Letters and papers concerning the Syrian Patriarchate Education Society. 1874-1896. Includes copy letter from Archbishop Tait on the establishment of the Society, 1874; printed paper on a Conversazione held by the SPG on the "Creed of the Ancient Syrian Church as published in 1874 by the Syrian Patriarch of Antioch, Ignatius Peter III [recte IV]" including a translation of the confession of faith of the Syrian Jacobite church by Dr Badger, 1874; Arabic letters with English summary and translations from the Syrian Patriarch and others to Archbishop Temple requesting materials for printing books in Syriac, Arabic and Turkish, 1896.
7 (ff.115-122) Letter from the Oecumenical Patriarch on reciprocal episcopal oversight of Anglican clergy in Constantinople (including the Rev. Theodore Dowling) and in the UK; also on the death of Sophronios, Patriarch of Alexandria; also thanking for hospitality towards the Rev. Jerodeos Tekunpoulos. [1899] Greek (with English translation).
8 (ff.123-150) Papers concerning the church at Aintab or Marash. 1890-1901. Letter from the Marquis of Salisbury to Archbishop Megherdich concerning his recognition as archbishop of the reformed Armenian church in communion with the Church of England, 1880; letter in Arabic, Jan 1890; letters from the Marash Episcopalian church on its history and the murder of its priest and requesting missionary help, 1896-1897; letter from Consul Barnham (Aleppo) to the Marquess of Salisbury and from the Marquess of Salisbury forwarding a further petition to Archbishop Temple, Apr-Aug 1899; letter from N.R.O'Conor on the Marash Episcopalian church and other protestant churches, July 1899; letter from the Marquess of Lansdowne to Archbishop Temple forwarding a copy of a petition addressed to the King by the Anglo-Episcopalian community at Marash, together with copies of reports by Sir N.R. O'Conor and Henry D. Barnham, Apr-Jul 1901.

From bundle labelled "Letters (having reference to A[rchbishops] A[ssyrian] M[ission]) from Oriental Christians to Abp Benson":
(19 other items in this bundle transferred to Assyrian Mission papers - letters 1884-1893 in Greek and Syrian, mostly from the Oecumenical Patriarch Joachim, and from Mar Shimun)
11 (ff.152-153) Letter "purporting to be from Mar Shimun" about Kranishu Moratkhan and his school. Nov 27th 1887.

Other items:
ff.154-155 Letter from Worsley in Beyrout [to Archbishop Temple] concerning financial shortages, particularly for his "Home for Baptized Druse Girls". nd
ff.156-160 Letter from Joachim to Archbishop Benson concerning the Rev.s Theodore Strutt (?) and Littleton Vaughan. Aug 8th 1884 Greek (with English translation)
ff.161-165 Letter to Archbishop Benson on the Crimean memorial church and mission at Constantinople, funded by the SPG. Jun 25th 1887. With (printed) "Memorial church, and mission at Constantinople" and "Crimean Memorial Church, Constantinople".
ff.166-167 Article by Athelstan Riley on the Christians in Armenia, published in "Le Haisdan". Nov 30th 1888. French and Armenian.
ff.168-169 Copy letter to Archbishop Temple from A. Kireeff (?) on the union of the Church of England and Russian Orthodox Church. Dec 11th 1897. The writer describes himself as "the answerable Minister of the Court of the Old Grand Duchess Alexandra", and had been to London for the jubilee celebrations with the Archbishop and the Bishop of London.
ArrangementAn additional volume (61) was added in December 2002. These were papers found among the Archbishops' Assyrian Mission papers, and appear to have been removed from the papers of Archbishops Benson and Temple, possibly by Bishop Wordsworth, and kept separately from the Assyrian Mission and Benson & F. Temple papers. These came to light almost 30 years after the listing of the Benson and F.Temple papers, and have therefore been reunited with the Temple papers but at the end of the sequence.

The original order of the papers, as listed and arranged by W.G.B. and the Bishop of Moray & Ross in 1906, has been retained. Papers which were Assyrian Mission papers have been reunited with the Assyrian Mission Papers.

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NA2272Smith; Robert Payne (1819-1895); Orientalist and theologian1819-1895
17Benson; Edward White (1829-1896); Archbishop of Canterbury1829-1896
NA1363Hubbard; Lord; John Gellibrand (1805-1889); 1st Baron Addington1805-1889
NA2273Nicephorus (fl.1880s-1890s); Archbishop of Patrasfl.1880s-1890s
NA2274Sophronios II (-1900); Archbishop of Cyprus-1900
NA2275Gregorius (fl.1880s); Syrian Jacobite Bishopfl.1880s
NA2276Joachim III (1834-1912); Patriarch of Constantinople1834-1912
18Tait; Archibald Campbell (1811-1882); Archbishop of Canterbury1811-1882
NA2278Syrian Patriarchate Education Society; 1874-1874-
NA2279Syrian Jacobite Church
843Badger; George Percy (1815-1888); Arabic scholar; clergyman1815-1888
NA2280Sophronios IV (-1899); Patriarch of Alexandria-1899
NA2281O'Conor; Sir; Nicholas Roderick (1843-1908); Knight; Diplomat1843-1908
NA2282Petty-Fitzmaurice; Lord; Henry Charles Keith (1845-1927); 5th Marquess of Lansdowne1845-1927
NA1862Gascoyne-Cecil; Lord; Robert Arthur Talbot (1830-1903); 3rd Marquess of Salisbury; Prime Minister1830-1903
226Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts; 1701-19651701-1965
193Riley; (John) Athelstan Laurie (1858-1945); churchman1858-1945
NA2285Nicodemus (fl.1880s-1890s); Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalemfl.1880s-1890s
167Lambeth Conference; 18881888
NA2286Constantine V (-1914); Ecumenical Patriarch-1914
NA2287Nicanor (fl.1894); Bishop of Archangel and Holmagorfl.1894
NA2288Meletius (fl.1893); Bishop of Yakoutsa & Viluyskfl.1893
NA2289Plato (fl.1880s); Metropolitan of Kievfl.1880s
NA2290Thupten Gyatso (1876-1933); 13th Dalai Lama1876-1933
NA2291Lansdell; Henry (1841-1919); Anglican Missionary; Traveller; Author1841-1919
212Blyth; George Francis Popham (-1914); Bishop in Jerusalem-1914
NA2292Azarian; Stephen Peter (fl.1881-1899); Patriarch of Cilicia (Catholicos of Sis)fl.1881-1899
NA2293Dowling; Theodore Edward (1837-1921); Archdeacon in Syria1837-1921
NA2294Megerdich I (-1904); Armenian Catholicos of Cilicia-1904
624Edward VII (1841-1910); King of Great Britain and Ireland1841-1910
NA2295Barnham; Henry Dudley (1854-1936); Diplomat1854-1936
NA2296Khan; Shamaska Knanishu Morat (fl.1880s); Assyrian Christian schoolmasterfl.1880s
163Archbishop's Mission to the Assyrian Christians; -1939-1939
NA2297Worsley; John Henry (c.1814-); Chaplain in Syriac.1814-
NA2298Ruwil Shimun XX (fl. c1860-1903); Patriarch of the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the Eastfl. c1860-1903
NA1232Greek Orthodox Church
NA2299Armenian Apostolic Church; 1st century-1st century-
NA2300Russian Orthodox Church
GB/109/9495Ignatius Peter IV (-1894); Syrian Patriarch of Antioch-1894
GB/109/8974Gerasimos (-1897); Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch-1897
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